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Monopoly and American values Essay

In societies all over the world the tabular array gritty Monopoly is tampered by children and adults. The Parker Brothers enlivened has been interchange in 37 different languages over two hundred million copies flummox been sold, is claimed to be the most popular game, and has withal been sold in 103 countries. In America millions have played and is a normal and acceptable Ameri undersurface Past Time. From a liaisonalist perspective the board game t individuallyes and expresses more of the American assesss such as equal opportunity, personal achievement and success, obtaining hooey comfort, progress, and the idea of democracy and free enterprise.The pass awayalist perspective brings society as dodge containing various parts that all work together to achieve cordial solidarity. In a post-industrial society, how does the game of Monopoly socialize people to the American set? Society sure does function together and is comfortably structured for the gain of citizens, government, and entrepreneurs. The board game Monopoly has many rules and norms. There have even been Monopoly Etiquette Guides pen for the serious workers as well as tournament players. The recommended age for play is eight years of age and older and a minimum of twain players.In America most of those with siblings of children understand how wrong a game of Monopoly can turn into a big fight. The rules of the game be delightful easy to follow. The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, contract and selling piazza. Each player is given $1500 to begin the game. A player must be elected to be the banker and sell property, houses, hotels, and pay the $200 salary that is collected each time a player passes go. The banker is also responsible for collecting fines and taxes owed.The spaces on the board are all tagged and include GO, Jail, Chance, Community Chest, Taxes, Free Parking, and pay rent when landing on an opponents improved property. Each pl ayer is represented by a token which is a symbol of the game. These include a roll out barrow, a car, an iron, a thimble, a cowboy on a horse, a dog , a pot of gold, a top hat, a ship, a boot, or a cannon. Each player is subject to going bankrupt, consequently increasing the other players chance of finding wealth. American society is very similar to the game of Monopoly. Players are socialized to these ideas which represent the grades of America.Equal opportunity is taught by everyone beginning with the same touchstone of money, $1500, as well as $200 salary collected with each rotation around the board. Personal achievement and success is demonstrated on becoming the wealthiest player and to own the most property. Striving and working for hearty comfort is taught through collecting a salary and improving your own properties, as well as collecting rent. Progress is a value in America that is evaluated by members of society on a everyday basis. Progress in the game Monopoly is measured by wealth and property owned and creating a monopoly on resources, buildings, and property.The last all important(predicate) American value taught to players is democracy and free enterprise. The consensus of Monopoly is that it is a fun game to play. The manifest function of Monopoly is to entertain a group of players whether they are children, adolescents, or adults. The latent function is teaching players to think solely of themselves and not their neighbor who they should help. Greed is taught collectable to the emphasis of becoming the wealthiest player. The most witnessed latent function of Monopoly being do dishonesty, anger, and even fighting between competitors.Although there are some negatives against the game the most important division is promoting social solidarity by encouraging a better community effort. Progress takes everyones help not proficient a few. Two options were given for a research assignment at the beginning of the course. Option one was to c hoose a category from film, sports, or advertising. The second option was to read a book outside of shape that focuses on Wal-Mart, minimum wage jobs for women, or how fast food has created a now demand for all of Americas services. The option selected for a personal interest was sports. More specifically how gender plays a role in the move world.How are women and men treated differently? A major focus will be on drag racing and how times have changed as far as who can and cannot dry wash as demonstrated by NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Drag Racing. In conclusion Monopoly helps teach and spread the ideas of American culture. Players are to become the wealthiest and whitethorn have a higher social status as they can win Monopoly. A study in 2005 set up that Americans value self expression more than survival. (Macionis pg. 49) This is even taught through Monopoly by being able to select how you build your property and by weft your game piece to represent yourself.A comparat ive study found that in 1969 the goal of first year college students was to Develop a meaty philosophy of life in contrast to 2005 first year college students are wanting to be very well off financially. (Macionis pg. 56) nowadays in America having wealth is sought by all citizens scarcely few find extreme wealth. According to the values of Americans material comfort should be worked for and can be more important than survival. With the ideas of democracy and free enterprise being key concepts of the game it is not surprising to find that globally approximately 46% of the worlds countries are politically free.(Macionis pg. 44) Although the game has been published in 37 different languages, side is a very common first language as well as a common second language across the globe. (Macionius pg. 47) succeeding(a) the same thought nearly all of the United States speaks English or Spanish in the home. (Macionius pg. 56)This allows for the further acknowledgement of the American Valu es to many societies. Overall the game of Monopoly socializes people of many cultures to the American values. All of the American values encourage a person to think personally or else than globally.

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