Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Database Environment Paper Essay

After 45 minutes of walking through with(predicate) the cummers museum and realizing that Jacksonville is home to four beautiful museums. These museums will not only attract you scarcely similarly tell you a story in history. By understanding this I walk through the commer museum in amazement but being from a IT background my brainiac soon begin to approve how do they follow lead all of these beautiful works of art. I mean in that locations things that have to be taken into consideration. In warning who is the artist, the location where the art is display, sack it be or is it on loan, the year the artist created the artistic creation. After thinking about this for a some minutes a informationbase popped in to my mind. A database management system foot easily do all of these things and more. A museum can choose a variety of databases to complete this task but just for explanation purposes were going to use Microsoft access to help us understand how a database can comple te the task of tracking the nontextual matter and giving us an accurate account and location. Lets keep in mind while we argon designing and building the database three words real, conceptual, and representations if we keep these three keywords at the forefront of our design we will design a operating(a) and efficient database. Simply put the design of a database is to fixate the structure of data that can be queried and give out purposeful information to the end-user. And will design database also allows for at large(p) maintenance and upkeep.With everywhere 5000 works of arts in the cummers museum theres a voltaic pile of data that has to be enter into access on the front and current in order for the museum to be able to used the software. But in order to do this we must first understand how the data or where the data is entered in Microsoft access. Data is stored in what is called a put backs, each table consists of data about a specific subject in example painters name, date art was created, location ,Address, zip code, city. By putting data in a table that is specific it allows for changing of data in specific table and it will automatically populating throughout the whole database. This also allows for different types of queriers making the database efficient. Let also look at what is a query. A query is a search by the end users which displays usable information. A query can sometimes and most time oftentimes will also display subsets of data as well. The subsets of the table is referred to as A field or as an attribute.To understand this a teentsy better you can think about the squares in Microsoft excel those squares are fields and/or attributes is a place with database tables used to store wiz piece of given data. When entering data into a table or A field is called an entry. An entry is data that needs to be tracked. straightway the question how can all of this information help the museum track there nontextual matter. When billing the initial database you can one can use the artwork name as the interest in the fields or attributes can be the artist name the date the artist created the piece of artwork artwork that exactly where the artwork is located inside the singing is the artwork being load out or is it all from another museum what does the museum that stay of artwork. After entering all of the fields and tables we can then do a ERD report to help us see how the database is coming on by doing so were able to see from it overview what tables relate to what and in surely that all of the tables that need to talk to each other are doing so. It is easy to see if you museum created a database as explained above that you can effortlessly track each keys of work.ReferencesWhat is a Database. (2011). Retrieved from http// Is Database Architecture. (2003-2014). Retrieved from http// ronel, C., Morris, S., & Rob, P. (2013 ). Database Systems (10th ed.). Cengage Learning

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