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Nazi Propaganda

This statement can be true on one hand due to various factors during the early years of the state of matteral socialist propaganda regime. There are many things which could be said about the nazi propaganda and the methods which were used. national socialist propaganda provided a crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power, and for the implementation of their policies, including the pursuit of add war and the extermination of millions of people in the Holocaust. German propaganda was extremely important to the course of World War II.By taking control of the media and yet picture or broadcasting Nazi material, the Reich was able to force outively flood Germany with its propaganda. There were many different themes of Nazi propaganda during the early regime, one being Volksgemeinschaft which was the idea of a perfect family. This theme of propaganda was to try and persuade the German families that each family should be perfect with a working mother, four children and a f amily house.This was probably one of the more or less persuasive of the German themes of Nazi propaganda as it was ideal for the German nation to have perfect lives in which will help each family grow to be a part of the process of rebuilding Germany, it called upon each German to show unity throughout the country. Also a major theme of which Nazi propaganda was represent was eugenics. This came under heavy criticism due to the fact that it was against the Catholic Church which at the time was the biggest religion spread over the world.Historian, Welch, has argued the point that he supposes Nazi propaganda was more successful in putting Hitler over with the German people rather than putting the Nazi policies over. This is a case of the Hitler Myth which is what many people believe to be that Hitler was promoted as a saviour to the German nation after all of the disasters of WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles.Things such as the poster on Germans buying only German goods within the c ountry, it also says German Week/German Goods/German Labor, which is a propaganda method to bestow across the point that the Germans work for the goods each workweek and therefore they should buy their own goods as a sign of respect towards the country. It also has a short and catchy slogan which would cause a knockon effect throughout Germany.This Nazi propaganda poster was published during the 1930s and was a great part of Nazi propaganda as the majority of Germans took notice of the slogan and what the poster was trying to get across to the German public. Another poster which was published within the 1930s was a poster which was against handicapped German citizens as the Nazis felt that handicapped people were a waste of German goods and a waste in the community. The poster reads This genetically ill person will cost our peoples community 60,000 marks over his lifetime.Citizens, that i your money. The point that this message is trying to get across to the German society was th at handicaps could not pay back enough sufficient effort to the German nation and were wasting marks. This poster was quite successful as it proved to be another Nazi propaganda method which would make the German people begin to authorize that Nazis were trying to create a better life for the men and women who could work for the country and support the Nazi reign.However as the years progressed and the Nazi propaganda methods began to thudding down during the war, it became clear to alot of Germans that the Nazi propaganda was just infact lies and methods of making them believe that everything about the Nazi Party was for the greater good of the German nation. It became apparent to the Germans that the Nazi propaganda wasnt very putting across the Nazi policies very well to the Germans, more putting Hitlers views across and that Hitler should be supported in whatever he views to be the unspoilt way forward for the German people.During 1941, a novel named Germany Must Perish , wr itten and self-published by Theodore N. Kaufman was released. The Nazis used this book in a piece of propaganda to adduce that the Jews were plotting against Germany. The Nazis reacted to the book by calling it an orgy of Jewish hatred and then accused Roosevelt of having inspired the book. A controversial point of the books effect was on September 8 1941 when the Jews of Hanover were forced from their homes. However the book was claimed not to have had a real impact for propaganda on Nazi genocide policies and was ignored by many Germans.

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The process of digestion

wart also learned from his experiences as a snake that snakes werent deaf at all, they can still hear victimization one/ two ear(s). Wart then met a serpent named T. Natural, a patient and gentle serpent who taught Wart about snakes, history, and legends. T first told Wart about his education being neglected as a snake and how he cant distinguish a T. Natural. Wart was then told about the reptiles history, including the two families Totalitarians manias and the Curators incisors.The capital of Georgia family had very huge descendants, while the Cerate family was about 17 feet long, but razor sharp teeth that were giant. The serpent T told Wart about these two families and how they continuously battled and flee from each other. T then told Wart about how the python lost its venom. The python released his venom in fury after he saw that he transported earth to the 7th heaven. The poison then fell onto trees, water snakes, frogs, and cobras. In order to prevent chaos, the leader Aun t E told the venomous animals to use their poison in self defense.The frog and water snake did not agree, so they lost their poison due to water. Wart learned many things from his experience as a snake talking to other snakes. Annotations 1. In chapter 15, why was Sir Sector so upset that the King sent hunters to kill boars in the forest? Sir Sector argued that he wanted to instead hunt down the boars with his own team and hounds and generate the king. This is unreasonable because the hounds or hunters can be killed in a boar hunt, so Sir Sector should be grateful that he King is sending his own men and dogs to hunt.I think the only reason Sir Sector is angry is because he has to supply and nourish the hunters and their dogs until the goal Is achieved. 2. On the bottom of page 194, what Is the song that is being sung? I dont know how to Interpret this as a song moreover for the rhyming such as puddle and fuddle. There are many slash marks and weird words such as, E could rent alp It, e AD to. This is too confusing and I have no idea to what it may be. 3. On page 185,

Introduction to Marketing Research

Introduction to market Research As to its definition, selling Research is the motion of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information approximately a market, about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service explore into the characteristics, pass habits, location and needs of your businesss target market, the industry as a whole, and the particular competitors you face. It serves marketing management by providing information which is relevant to decision making.The manager or some former(a) individual initiating the inquiry must put up guidance to the looker in the form of a look for brief. This document should state the purpose of the enquiry, its objectives, the beat by which it must be completed, the budget to which the researcher must work in developing the research design and the timing and oftenness of any interim reports which the researcher is expected to thrust. T he Marketing research Process. Marketing research is gathered using a systematic approach. An example of one follows 1. Define the problem. Never tolerate research for things that you would like to know.Make sure that you really need to know something. The problem then becomes the focus of the research. The objective of the research should be defined clearly. To ensure that the true decision problem is addressed, it is useful for the researcher to outline attainable scenarios of the research results and then for the decision maker to formulate plans of action under each scenario. The use of such(prenominal) scenarios apprise ensure that the purpose of the research is agreed upon beforehand it commences. For example, why be sales dropping in New Zealand? 2. How allow you collect the entropy that you bequeath analyze to solve your problem?Do we conduct a telephone survey, or do we arrange a focus group? Marketing research washbowl classified in one of three categories alpha research descriptive research Causal research These classifications are made according to the objective of the research. In some cases the research leave behind fall into one of these categories, but in other cases different phases of the same research project go out fall into different categories. Exploratory research has the goal of formulating problems more precisely, clarifying concepts, gathering explanations, gaining shrewdness, eliminating impractical ideas, and forming hypotheses.Exploratory research so-and-so be performed using a literature search, surveying reliable people about their experiences, focus groups, and case studies. When surveying people, exploratory research studies would not try to acquire a typical standard, but rather, seek to interview those who are knowledgeable and who might be able to provide insight concerning the relationship among variables. Case studies can include contrasting situations or benchmarking against an organization known for it s excellence. Exploratory research may develop hypotheses, but it does not seek to test them.Exploratory research is characterized by its flexibility. Descriptive research is more rigid than exploratory research and seeks to describe users of a product, determine the proportion of the universe that uses a product, or predict future demand for a product. As opposed to exploratory research, descriptive research should define questions, people surveyed, and the method of outline prior to beginning data collection. In other words, the who, what, where, when, why, and how aspects of the research should be defined.Such preparation allows one the opportunity to make any required changes before the costly process of data collection has begun. There are two basic types of descriptive research longitudinal studies and cross-sectional studies. Longitudinal studies are time series analyses that make repeated measurements of the same individuals, frankincense allowing one to monitor behavior s uch as brand-switching. However, longitudinal studies are not necessarily phonation since many people may refuse to participate because of the commitment required. Cross-sectional studies judge the population to make measurements at a specific point in time.A special type of cross-sectional analysis is a cohort analysis, which tracks an aggregate of individuals who experience the same event within the same time separation over time. Cohort analyses are useful for long-term forecasting of product demand. Causal research seeks to let out cause and effect relationships between variables. It accomplishes this goal through laboratory and field experiments. 3. Select a take in method. Do we us a hit-or-miss sample, stratified sample, or cluster sample? The take purge is the pool from which the interviewees are chosen. The telephone book often is used as a sampling frame, but have some shortcomings.Telephone books exclude those households that do not have telephones and those house holds with unlisted numbers. Since a certain percentage of the numbers listed in a phone book are out of service, there are many people who have just moved who are not sampled. Such sampling biases can be overcome by using random digit dialing. Mall intercepts represent another sampling frame, though there are many people who do not tell on at malls and those who shop more often will be over-represented unless their answers are weighted in inverse proportion to their frequency of mall shopping.In designing the research study, one should consider the potential errors. Two sources of errors are random sampling error and non-sampling error. Sampling errors are those due to the fact that there is a non-zero confidence interval of the results because of the sample size being less than the population being studied. Non-sampling errors are those caused by faulty coding, mendacious responses, respondent fatigue, etc. There is a tradeoff between sample size and cost. The larger the sample size, the smaller the sampling error but the higher the cost.After a certain point the smaller sampling error cannot be justified by the additional cost. While a larger sample size may reduce sampling error, it actually may increase the total error. There are two reasons for this effect. First, a larger sample size may reduce the ability to follow up on non-responses. Second, even if there is a sufficient number of interviewers for follow-ups, a larger number of interviewers may result in a less uniform interview process. 4. How will we analyze any data collected? What software will we use? What degree of accuracy is required?Before analysis can be performed, raw data must be transformed into the right format. First, it must be redact so that errors can be corrected or omitted. The data must then be coded this function converts the edited raw data into numbers or symbols. A codebook is created to document how the data was coded. Finally, the data is tabulated to itemise the num ber of samples falling into various categories. 5. Decide upon a budget and a timeframe. 6. Go back and turn to to the managers or clients requesting the research. Make sure that you agree on the problemIf you gain approval, then move on to step seven. 7. Go ahead and collect the data. 8. Conduct the analysis of the data. 9. Check for errors. It is not uncommon to invite errors in sampling, data collection method, or analytic mistakes. 10. Write your final report. This will contain charts, tables, and diagrams that will communicate the results of the research, and hopefully lead to a solution to your problem. Watch out for errors in interpretation. Sources of Data master(a) and Secondary There are two main sources of data primary and secondary. Primary research is conducted from scratch. It is professional and collected to solve the problem in hand. -Secondary research, also known as desk research, already exists since it has been collected for other purposes. Marketing researc h by itself does not arrive at marketing decisions, nor does it guarantee that the organization will be successful in marketing its products. However, when conducted in a systematic, analytical, and objective manner, marketing research can reduce the uncertainty in the decision-making process and increase the probability and magnitude of success.

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How Does the Benedictine Value of Community Relate?

Eitzen How does the Benedictine evaluate of Community relate to individual isolation? And/or how does the Benedictine value of lever for Persons relate to impoverishment and inequality? According to the Benedictine Rule 4-Respect for Persons you are to Honor everyone and never do to another you do not want done to yourself. Recognizing the image of God in to each one person and honoring each one in their giftedness and limitations.If, in fact, we are practicing excessive individualism then this is directly related to meagreness and inequality today. Poverty in the United States officially refers to people who fall below the official want line. In general, however, distress is a complex subject that depends not only on official definitions only if on the perspectives of people as well. For example, if we were to look at the actual numbers of poor people, we may pass that whites have a lower proportion of people in poverty than other racial groups.But if we looked at poverty solely by age we would find that children under the age of 18 are the around likely to be poor and that many of the elderly live only slightly above the poverty line. By practicing excessive individualism we are promoting inequality. We are keeping one group of people at a particular level by having those who have the most power and money make the rules for those in a less favorable position. Individualism also keeps us from feeling obligated to others and when we feel no obligation we are less likely to help someone in pauperization.In addition when we feel no obligation we also feel no sense of community and this will eventually lead to isolation. We need to realize that we cannot survive on our own, we need others in order to survive and thrive. If we were to follow the Benedicitine rule of Respect for Persons thither would be no poverty because you would not want to be in poverty yourself and there would be no inequality, as you would not want to be unequal.

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Biometrics Term Paper

Biometrics Meredith Thomas Strayer University 1 Biometrics, according to Foster, is the science of using applied science to mechanically identify an individual based on physical, biological, and behavioral characteristics. There atomic number 18 two classification systems in biometrics and they are physiological and behavioral. Physiological characteristics pertain to fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA, hand geometry, the shape of your trunk, pin recognition, and so on Behavioral characteristics pertain to fathom recognition, handwriting, the way that you walk, etc.There are also two categories for the use of this biometric information and they are access control, and remote identification. Access control pertains to the prevention of others from gaining access to information. Remote identification helps to identify a person through fingerprints or hand geometry. According to global protective cover. org (2000-2010) they deport given biometric technologies the following ch aracteristics Universality all person should have the characteristic. People who are mute or without fingerprints will need to be accommodated in some way.Uniqueness Generally, no two people have identical characteristics. However, identical twins are impenetrable to distinguish. Permanence The characteristics should not vary with time. A persons face, for example, may alteration with age. Collectability The characteristics must be slow collectible and measurable. Performance The method must deliver accurate results under varied environmental circumstances. Acceptability The general public must accept the sample collection routines. Nonintrusive methods are more acceptable. Circumvention The technology should be difficult to deceive. Now lets get more into biometrics Fingerprinting is virtuoso of the most popular physiological characteristics in biometrics. No two people on this earth have the exact same fingerprint, which helps in distinguishing where a person has been, and wh at they have touched. Once a criminals fingerprints have been enter in IAFIS (the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System), then they are permanently recorded and easily traced. Another physiological characteristic is facial recognition, which is newer to the scene than fingerprints.While it may be unmatched of the easiest to use, the environment in which it is employ definitely controls it. A mug-shot is the ideal way to capture facial recognition, because it is a controlled environment. One of my pet physiological characteristics is the use of the iris for identification. According to globalsecurity. org (2000-2010), The technology is based upon the fact that no two iris patterns are alike (the probability is higher than that of fingerprints). The iris is a protected organ which makes the identification possibilities lifelong. Criminals may be able to duplicate fingerprints, hardly not irises. Some behavioral characteristics associated with biometrics are, handw riting and voice recognition. Every person has their own unique handwriting, it is measured by the rhythm, pressure, and flow that one applies to the paper plot of ground writing. Voice verification is tough to analyze, because a persons voice changes if they have a cold, or if they are over-excited, anxious, nervous, afraid. Background noise is also a factor. All of the above mentioned characteristics can be used in access control and remote identification.Iris identification is used more and more ofdecade for security purposes in passports, hospitals, high profile building access, etc. 3 There are new and appear technologies in the biometrics field such as vein scan, facial thermography, DNA matching, blood pulse, uncase elements, nailbed identification, gait recognition, and ear shape. Vein scan is a non intrusive scan of the veins on the back of ones hands hand, they are very unique patterns that are formed before birth, and only change in size throughout ones lifetime.Facia l thermography is very similar to facial recognition, except an invisible camera is used. Skin elements are an interesting biometric technology because just like fingerprints or irises everyones scratch up makeup is different. Gait recognition is one technology that I would have never thought of, but it makes a lot of sense. According to globalsecurity. org, A persons musculature essentially limits the variation of motion, and bill requires no contact with the person. One disadvantage to gait recognition could be loose fitting clothing, the body is hidden and you dont have much to compare. Everyday new and different technologies are emerging in the biometrics field. I cant wait to see what happens in the next ten years, and what I will have to look forward to working with in the future. 4 Foster, Raymond E. (2005). Police Technology. Pearson apprentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. http//www. globalsecurity. org/security/systems/biometrics. htm Site monitored by John Pik e.

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Is The British Appeasement In 1930s Defensible History Essay

The quieten in 1930s is delivered by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, to construct up a permanent peace in Europe any bit true(p) as to avoid the war against Nazi Germany. Chamberlain created comfort indemnity based on three aims foremost, to debar the danger of war, 2nd, to make conditions in which dialogues can name topographic point and, 3rd, to charter about the success of those dialogues so that they many strengthen corporate security, farther Germany s return to the group discussion and, in a happier atmosphere, allow those larger dialogues on economic affairs and on affairs of statements to take topographic point 1 However, the eruption of war that followed, proved that the policy has clearly failed and it is besides lock in argued as the one of chief grounds to break out World War II. This essay pull up stakes discourse about the cause of the de unless of calming and why it is untenable in international dealingss. aft(prenominal) World War I, the Grea t Depression that followed forced totalistic governments to emerge around Europe, such as Fascism in Italy, Socialism in Soviet Union and Nazism in Germany. In Germany, it was Hitler who followed a totalitarian province and pursued a revisionist foreign policy after he became a Chancellor of the treasury in January 1933. While UK and France were seeking to avoid a war and heal from the great depression caused by World War I, Hitler strongly believed that another(prenominal) war was needed to break-out from poorness every bit good as Versailles . Hitler so started to denounce Versailles from March 1935 by re-introducing mandatory muster. However, UK and France have exclusively issued formal protests in response, which concluded with weakening of Versailles System in favor of Germany, due to the fright of war.While the procedure of calming was detaining any clear reply, Italy has invaded Abyssinia. This provided Hitler with clip and chance to beef up and remilitarize Rhineland while UK and France dealt with Italy. France was entitled to reoccupy Rhineland, but France did non desire to move unless UK acted. UK did non desire to step in as they thought remilitarization was non a gross misdemeanor. Neither UK nor France wanted to take serious duty that had any opportunity of get downing another war.Munich, 29th September 1938 was the flood tide of this failure of calming. Hitler demanded return of Sudeten. UK sought to intercede, and the parts of Sudeten with German bulge out transferred to the custodies of Germany. In late September Hitler raised his bets, demanding immediate transportation of whole Sudeten to Germany. Chamberlain and Daladier accepted Italian In March 1939.Furthermore, Hitler invaded Czech states of Bohemia and Moravia. Neither France nor UK confronted Hitler1 Anthony Eden in the House of Commons, March 26 1936.The ground UK computer backuped calming is that the populace was non ready for war and UK was still retrieving from the 1929 c risis. Besides, France was un imparting to confront Hitler without UK s support. They merely wanted to get away from war and understate their duty as they sought strong support of another state.This development of calming shows the unorganized allied European states which neer meet with clear sagacity to compact the menace German forces possessed, and the wonder that was brought with the construct of calming gave opportunity for Germany to turn without any peer for to a great extent armed European allied forces e?ie ie?i ?ie ee e-?i-?i ?iz?e iei? i? e? iii? i ii? , e?e?e e?ie eee? ii?e?i i?e?i i?i?eii-?e ieziSi eeii i?e i-?e?e?e?i? ei ?ie?i? policye continuee?e?e . Trying to chance of war or whether Britain and France would hold been better off traveling to war earlier instead than subsequently, loss could be less. The confusion and struggle bought clip for Germany. If the calming was scrapped and the western European states pressured the turning Germany so the face of European fib may hold been changed because of the fact that Germany already lost the First World War was besides needed to be considered.i , iee ieziSe e?i e?ii-? i? ii ii? iZ?e? e?i e?ii i?iSiS?ei/ii? i ?e ?i? eii?iz? i?e ?i? ie iz?eii eei ie/ieziSi e?i e?ie e?ee eii?e? e?i e?ii? e?i ?i?e?ee e?i e?iei i iY?i? i?i?e ee?e . e?ee? , e?i e?ii? ie/ieziSi i?e ?e e?i?i-? ei eiz? e?ii i ii ?i eii ? i?i?i , i i? ii? e?i? i-e? i iY?i? ieYi? i?eS ee?i? ee ee? ieze?e eie ?ie ie?i?e?i? 2i? i?e?e?i i ei-?ie?e .UK and France lost credibleness because UK and France did non maintain their committedness. They warned Hitler that if he attacked Poland, they would declare war on Germany. By this clip, nevertheless, Hitler no long believed their menaces. If an adversary issues a menace that it has the power to transport out, and an involvement in making so, the menace will be believed, even if that state has bluffed in the past. But if it makes a menace that it lacks the power to transport out, or has no invo lvement in making so, the credibleness of that menace will be viewed with great incredulity.Chamberlain believed he could negociate enduring peace with Hitler. It was based on a naA?ve apprehension of Hitler s purposes or on desirous believing about the possibility of set uping a permanent peace with Germany, nor was it an alternate to equilibrating. It was misdirecting policy based on underestimate, and misconstruing that Chamberlain trusted Hitler. The opinion was really emotionally based and this was a error as the remainder of European states readily figured out that Hitler was fixing military invasions over Poland. The calming was hence invalid and forced remainder of European allied forces to confront huge grown and good clever German Armies. calming have to be used under imaginable set of circumstances.Churchill, the ultimate anti-appeaser, presented a more nuanced image Appeasement in itself may be good or bad harmonizing to the fortunes. Winston Churchill ridiculed calmin g as akin to one who feeds a crocodile, trusting it will eat him last Particularly, Adolf Hitler revealed his desire in public to occupy Europe in his life, My StruggleThe primary purpose of calming was to extinguish the danger of a European war, but accordingly it endanger Europe as it gave chance Germany, geographical and clip light credibleness. The grants over German rearmament, the Rhineland, Austria, and Sudeten Czechoslovakia non merely failed to pacify Hitler, but made war even more in all likelihood by quickening his appetency for aggression and by sabotaging the credibleness of Britain and France and the public-service corporation of their subsequent warrant of Poland. many a(prenominal) critics of appeasement contend that a more confrontational scheme of rearmament and reconciliation might hold avoided war, either by discouraging Hitler or by exposing his foolhardiness and thereby triping his overthrow by the more wary German military and its internal Alliess.

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Arthur Black

Arthur Black is a very opinionated man. In his strains about Canada, he has many short pieces about the differences between Canadians and Americans. He states how there is never anything bad said about Canada, and that Canada could even be considered a wallflower. In his rise Canadian Passion Not Flagging, Black talks about how the Americans wave their flag and Canadians do not. Americans shake off their flag everywhere hanging inside malls, and even at the gas stations. In his essay Canada Too Polite to Live, it says how the American Declaration of Independence demands life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.Canadians have settled for peace, order, and good government. some other difference between Americans and Canadians according to Arthur Black is that the Americans do it much more about their countries history than Canadians dwell about theirs. Toronto is definitely not integrity of Arthur Blacks favourite places to be. He explains in the essay Toronto Not Quite Rea dy for Prime Time, Black says how it doesnt have the easy beauty of Vancouver, or the joire de vivre of Montreal. It lacks the architectural grace of Ottawa and the mountainscape backdrop of Calgary.Black says it feels fast, brittle, cold, and arrogant, and that it is all about money. He says how Torontonians do not grammatical construction like they be having a good time, and at sporting events the fans are much quieter than other cities in Canada. Arthur Black also says how Toronto people do not really care about the meaning of things they except want it to be productive. Black says how they think The Rock (massive slab of Muskoka granite) is a waste of space in the business district park. It is pointless and they would rather have something there that would make money.Toronto would not be the place Arthur would choose to hold in for the rest of his life. Arthur Black would define Canada as a lot of things. He says how Canadians dont know their own national anthem, and in the article O Cana-a-do (re, mi) Arthur talks about how if a Canadian is accused of being an American, they will fight until it is proven otherwise. also, to be Canadian, it is almost a must to have an interest in ice hockey. Hockey is the one sport Canada can safely say they are the shell at. People from Canada know a different level of cold than places like the USA.In the article A Samaritan with jumper Cables, Black says how this aint a country this is wintertime. Also in that article, he tells some stories about how polite and manikin people from Canada are and how if the car spun off the road or ran out of gas, Canadians would be there to help oneself right away. Arthur Blacks main classification of Canada is polite, and that is most likely the rest of the worlds opinion also. Your Canada Winter in Canada is much different than winter in other countries. For one, it is much longer.Winter lasts about six to eight months, and it can be unbearably cold. The sidereal days are s ignificantly shorter than summer, which makes it that much harder to put forward up for the day at school or at work. Having to shovel the driveway isnt Canadians positron emission tomography pastime at seven in the morning when they are going to be late for work. Also what needs to be taken into account is making sure the car is plugged in during the night. When that is forget in the cold days of winter, it is pretty hard to get anywhere because no car would arrest if it was sitting outside.The season of winter in Canada isnt all bad though, it is very pretty at times. Waking up and looking out the window to a fresh blanket of snow is one of the greatest sights for a Canadian. Also, sitting by the fire place with it white outside, drinking a cranky cup of cocoa is the best on a snowy day. Winter for Canadians also means hockey. Whether it is hockey in a rink or shinny on a frozen pond, Canadians love their hockey. For many Canadians, being active in winter is an important part of enjoying life.There are many other outdoor(prenominal) winter activities, including skiing, ice fishing, walking, skating and tobogganing, amongst others. Winter also means Christmas. Christmas is the longest break for students in school, so it is a much anticipated holiday. It seems like everyone is in a much better mood when Christmas is coming, it magnate be because they get to see family and they get time to put up their feet and relax. Sometimes people from other countries will ask how do you tell people apart when they bundle themselves with a winter hood, but the truth is, thats exactly how to tell people apart.People around the city get to know what jacket others have, and that becomes their identity. It sure saves a lot of time picking out an outfit to wear for the day when a winter jacket ends up covering it up anyways. The cold winter days are also a great time to catch up on the missed TV shows. In the summer, there is always something to do because the days are b right so long. In winter, it gets dark at around six, which leaves plenty of time to catch up on favorite TV seasons. Canadians are winter experts and know how to make it the best it can possibly be.

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Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence UNIT 4 IP Essay

Memory, Thinking, and wisdom social unit 4 IP - Essay ExampleAlthough Spearmans Intelligence exemplification is a useful guide to the wisdom and measurement of the phenomenon of piece intelligence, Gardners Multiple Intelligence Model is both more(prenominal) precise and comprehensive, rendering it more consistent with psychology today.Spearmans Model of Intelligence maintains human intelligence to be comprised of two factors. These are cosmopolitan Intelligence, g, and Specific Intelligence, s (Deary et al., 2004). General Intelligence refers to the general action of individuals across a wide novelty of tasks and is a measurement of their capacity to assimilate and utilise information/knowledge. Specific intelligence, on the other hand, refers to the performance of individuals on specific tasks, as in their gift, or lack thereof, in certain sweeps (Deary et al., 2004). Specific intelligence, as Spearman contends, and as may be inferred from both definitions, is partially p redicated upon general intelligence, with the inference here being that general intelligence supports and promotes specific intelligence. Spearman established the correlation surrounded by the two through mathematical formulae (Deary et al., 2004).Gardners Multiple Intelligence Models can be defined as a step beyond Spearmans Model of Intelligence and place as a more evolved model. ... These are (1) verbal/linguistic (2) musical (3) logical/mathematical (4) opthalmic/spatial (5) bodily kinaesthetic (6) interpersonal (7) intrapersonal and (9) naturalist (Shearer, 2004 Jie-Qi Chen, 2004). A review of Gardners different intelligence types indicates that his opening of intelligence is consistent with Spearmans insofar as he similarly identifies and defines specific intelligences. The primary difference between the two, and as attested to by Jie-Qi Chen (2004) is that Gardner specifies the different types of specific intelligence. It is, thus, that his model can be identify as a prog ression of the Spearman model.The value of Gardners model of intelligence lies in the fact that it recognises the complexity of the human intelligence phenomenon, and concedes to the fact that an individual can display gifted intelligence levels in one area while exhibiting below average intelligence levels in another. Shearer draws attention to this particular aspect of the Gardner Multiple Intelligences Model Shearer (2004) and highlights the fact that it builds upon the Spearman one. Quite simply stated, the Gardner model focuses upon the factor of specific intelligences and identifies and defines them. More importantly, by defining and identifying the motley types of specific intelligences, Gardner furnishes an explanation as to why some individuals are highly gifted in a particular skill set, such as mathematics, while being under-skilled in other areas, such as bodily kinaesthetic.In attempting to determine which of the two models is more consistent with the study of psycholo gy today, one is saltation to, as are Brten and Strms (2005) favour the Gardner model. As Brten and Strms (2005) contend, psychology has,

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Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Assignment - Essay ExampleWith this concern, the report will cost a brief description of the existing problems and their seemly solutions associated with offering quality and evidence based treat facilities. Moreover, the discussion will also include necessary logistics and resources which ar significant to effectively address the problems associated with the nursing facilities for pneumonia patients. Proposed Implementation Plan Method(s) of Obtaining Necessary Approval(s) and Securing Support for Proposal Obtaining effective support from nursing institutions would be the study aspect for the look for which would provide adequate and substantial helpful education to accomplish the look into objectives. The research aims to integrate evidence based practices with clinical awareness to substantiate the proposed plan. In order to accomplish the research objectives the research has incorporated various elements based on statistical evidence as well as to attain substantial supp ort from the management and other associates. The main objective of this proposal is to maintain adequate framework to effectively provide evidence based services for the pneumonia patients. The proposed implementation plan will be presented to the board of directors from various departments as well as to the different management personnel of healthcare facilities. The information will be presented through arranging an assessment program in which experienced board of directors and pertain management personnel will be invited to have a thorough evaluation of the proposed procedural change. verbal description of the Problem Pneumonia can be considered as one of the major and vulnerable diseases, which creates an inflammatory condition in lungs (Leach, 2010). The disease can be considered as one of the most acute ailments which had killed a large issue of children during the year 2008 and there has been considerable number of victims from different age groups across the various natio ns of the world. Effective vaccination along with taking useful antibacterial treatment and care facilities can significantly prevent pneumonia from touch human health (World Health Organization, 2008). A ventilator is recognized as a machine which acquired immune deficiency syndrome a patient to breathe to providing required oxygen by the use of a tube. Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is identify as a kind of lung infection or a pneumonia which grows in an individual while he/she is receiving life-support through a ventilator (CDC, n.d.). It is observed that VAP had resulted in a number of finishs in the US hospitals over the years. For instance, in the year 2002, an anticipated 250,000 healthcare-related pneumonias were reported in the hospitals in the US. Out of which around 36,000 caused death of the person suffering from this critical medical condition. It is also recognized that patients who are being provided with mechanically-assisted ventilation are at greater dang er of getting affected by healthcare-related pneumonia. In the year 2011, National healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) had reported in excess of 3,525 VAPs around different healthcare institutions in the US (CDC, 2013). Description of t

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The impacts of foreign direct investment on host country economies Essay

The impacts of outside direct coronation on host country economies - Essay ExampleThe liberalization of markets worldwide, an effect of globalisation, has led to the elimination of the barriers for development enthronement activities abroad, i.e. to a country different from the country of residence of the investor. Gradually, the foreign direct enthronisation, or else the FDI, as this activity has been characterized, see also the next section, has become a common phenomenon in countries worldwide. It should be notable that the FDI has been related to a series of important benefits but it has been also found to have a series of disadvantages/ drawbacks for the host countries economy. This issue is explored in this paper. A series of examples and case studies argon presented aiming to show the miscellaneous aspects of the affaire of FDI in the economy of host countries. In general, the benefits of FDI be more comp ard to its disadvantages. However, the latter could lead to se vere turbulences if they are not appropriately addressed. In this context, appropriate measures should be taken in advance for the control of such effects either in the short or the long term.The term foreign direct investment is used in order to show the acquisition of assets by the residents of one country for the purpose of haughty the production and other activities of a firm in another country, the host country (Moosa 2002, p.1). FDI, as describe above, can have many forms, including the Greenfield investment (indicating whole ownership of the acquired asset) and the Joint Venture (shared ownership of the acquired asset).... 2006). The endure decades, there is a trend towards the continuous expansion of FDI as a method of financing various projects. This fact is made clear in the Graph 1 below where the balance among the FDI, the bank loans and the portfolio investment as methods of financing, is analytically presented. Graph 1 Forms of capital inflows from 1978 up to 1995 (Source Loungani et al. 2001) The decision of an organization to proceed to FDI is normally based on the potentials for profit. Moreover, it seems that Western organizations are likely to use different criteria when having to decide their entrance in a foreign country through FDI. Bevan et al. (2004) assay to identify the factors that lead organizations in Western countries to constrict involved in FDI. The above researchers found that factors like labour costs, market size and proximity (Bevan et al. 2004, p.775) are likely to have a decisive role for Western organizations to invest on a foreign economy in the form of FDI. On the other hand, it has been revealed that the potential risks of the host country economy are not expected to discourage Western organizations from proceeding to FDI. However, it seems that the documents and the commentaries published by international bodies can exercise the decision of Western organizations on FDI. In the study of Bevan et al. (2004) refer ence is made to the work of the announcements of the European authorities on the level of FDI outflows from countries of EU to third countries worldwide. Similar findings have been revealed through the research of Globerman et al. (2002). The above researchers tried to identify the level at which the political and legal environment of a country can influence the level of FDI towards

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Apple's climb back from the depths of bankruptcy Essay

apples grow back from the depths of bankruptcy - Essay ExampleTo rescue the caller-up from this mess, the tradeing manager ought to cast off apply marketing mix appropriately as follow-Apple should have used the correct promotional mix for their product. This mix concerns how the Apple should have made their product known to the market. This involves the use of advertisements, direct selling, popular relations and sales promotion. When an appropriate promotion is used to make the product to be known to the market, it creates a big reach on the sales since customers get out be alive(predicate) of the existence of the product and they bequeath not only buy it but also recommend it to their friends and relatives.The kind of a product that will be produced by Apple creates a very big impact on the sales. For this case, product proviso and marketing for Apple should be done appropriately to ensure the concern of the market is addressed.Apple alliance should have ensured their products are distributed on time to the market so that they are available at the market when they are needed by the customers. For this case, the distribution channel to be used by the company constitutes a big impact on the success of the company. Apple Company must have ensured their products were distributed to a tolerant geographical location to increase the market share.Why do you think companies like Sony, which were already hearty known for Walkman and Discman technologies did not move into the MP3 actor market more quickly Why was it left to Apple to aggressively move into the digital music player and distribution marketBefore a company can move to a new technology, they must weigh a number of options like the impact the technology would have on the industry. For this case, companies such as Sony which was well known for Walkman and Discman technologies could not move into the MP3 player market without first of all knowing the impact the technology would have on the mus ic industry.By conducting a feasibility study on the impact the new technology would have in the market, it ensured that they were aware what the market needs and wants were and it would also have given them a chance to clear out the memory of their old products. If Sony just moved into the MP3 player market without being sure of the impact, it would have been risky for them since forwards a technology is accepted in the market, it might take some time and sales would have been low. Having waited for the technology to be accepted in the market, it ensured that their market share and sales would remained utmost.Question 3 The ordinary cost of an iPOd nano with 8MB memory is 125. The average cost of a Creative Zen Micro with 8MB is 85. Both play digital music and both are equally rated on sound quality and battery duration. So what explains a huge bell premium The prices that have been set for the two products seem to be disparate with a difference of 40 whereas they have the sa me capacity. For a company to have a high market share for their product, they must ensure that they have a number of brands each having different price with the other.There are customers who associate prices with quality. They believe that the high the price,

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Managing the Hospitality Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managing the Hospitality Experience - Essay ExampleThis is achieved through an effort to hold dear guests (Jones 2002). According to Jones (2002), hospitality should be an experience rather than a ser ungodliness. Guests experiences should be attractive to both their families and fri annihilates. Guests ar craving for authentic local experiences that will establish an emotional connection (Hemming ton 2007). An excellent utilisation is the Andaz5th Avenue Hotel. According to the general manager of Andaz5th Avenue Hotel, the experiences include fashion, events and food. According to USA today worthful and rare experiences are significant driving factors in the hospitality sector. 31 per cent of customers said destination hotels are perceived to be a hidden gem. 26 per cent of the interviewed customers said they loved to get by photos of the hotels they stayed. Creating the elusive guest experiences to different customers is achievable but demanding. The expectations of guests are divergent and differ with times and seasons. another(prenominal) compelling example is the Renaissance Hotel. Renaissance hotel discoloration has introduced an ad targeting both leisure and business travelers. The brand insists that business guests who insist on free Wi-Fi and breakfast must have an experience, as well. Dan Vinh, Renaissance vice president, said the hotel hopes to offer a unique experience. He believes guests are stimulated by the environment in order to be productive. Q2. According to Visser, hospitality entails sharing of security, food and shelter with a stranger at heart the community who has no friend or relatives. The act of providing and receiving generosity creates mutual trust. According to Doud, generosity is a gracious act. He argues that, the use of the word stranger in the definition of generosity tends to imply that the manslayer of the generous act does not deserve it because they are not acquainted to each other. The word boon implies a respectf ul attitude given towards people who do not deserve or attain a worm consideration. Hospitality is also hereditary. Once an act of hospitality has been done to a soul or household, the same is extended to the descendants and passed on from generation to generation. This establishes a long term hold fast (Kandampully & Sparks 2001). Bonds established through hospitality were supposed to be temporal. The agreed period was three days, and the guests were expected to recompense by not overstaying. Hospitality had territorial limitations. Protection was offered within the period of stay and the boundaries of territorial influence. For instance, Arabs only(prenominal) offered protection as long as the guest was in within their home. Beyond that, the guest could end up become a victim of the host. Therefore, the guests used to leave at night and without any parting to the host for fear of being pursued by the host. According to Pitt-Rivers, hospitality was not necessarily a mark of fr iendship. Providing hospitality, according to Pitt-Rivers, was an act of sanctity where a hostile stranger and a host were unbiassed to each other. Hospitality was an act of self interest because certain gains were expected. According to Selwyn, hospitality gave way to a transformation where the aggrieved regained their trust and friendship in the course of exchange of services. Hospitality is known to transform friends into proximate friends. Hospitality is an act of selfless will where acceptance and trust are propagated. This causes hospitality to be a source of symbolic ties that create unique connections between people.

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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S Article

Pros and Cons of Legalizing marijuana in the U.S - hold ExampleThe legalization of marijuana or otherwise known as cannabis could yield exacting effects since it can be habituated to aid in treating some medical diseases. Marijuana is effective to cancer patients to reduce nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy. It is more reasonable than using conventional drugs to treat these positioning effects for those patients whose health does not improve even after being subjected to them. In some cases, searchers start out found some drugs used during the treatment, for example, promethazine cause dizziness, hallucinations or dysphoria (Harman, 2000).Cannabis has been used since the 19th century to relieve pain. Researchers have published numerous articles recommending the use of cannabis as an alternative medicine for solidifying disorders and other ailments. This narcotic is useful to patients with nerve damage, spasticity, nausea, and even glaucoma since it is an excell ent pain and stress reliever. People despicable from HIV/AIDS and Dementia could also benefit from marijuana since it has proven to be an appetite stimulant drug (Harman, 2000). These are among the many diseases that the patients health could be greatly improved by the use of marijuana. The American Research Society and the American Medical Association support the view that clinics used for research should be granted access to more cannabis for better potential medical health improvement. Marijuana has no proven research to show that it is addictive. The anti-legalization of Marijuana group does not give facts that it is bad for unrivaleds health. It is an assumption based on the bad image people have about it.

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Proportional Representation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Proportional Re consecrateation - Essay ExampleIt took antithetical shapes in different countries. While examining its relevance in Canada, one must analyze its nature in some countries like United Kingdom and Germany. MMP is partially implemented in United Kingdom and is ordinarily known as the additional extremity musical arrangement (AMS). Similarly, in Germany it is called as personalized proportional representation. antithetic theories emerged during last five years regarding the pros and cons of mixed member proportional voting system. However, it is relevant in the present context to examine the views of some authors like John L. Hiemstra, Harold J. Jensen, Christopher Kam, Mark Charlton and Paul Barker regarding the prospects of implementing mixed member proportional representation in Canada (Mark Charlton and Paul Barker. 2005). John L. Hiemstra and Harold J. Jensen opined that the implementation of mixed member representation system certainly benefits the democratic set up of Canada as it allows better representation of higher number of commonwealth while progressing towards peoples development. However, they felt that the minor modifications in the existing MMP by taking the make of some countries like S knocked out(p)h Africa, Venezuela, New Zealand and Bolivia where MMP is already in practice. By implementing the positive aspects of MMP, Canada would certainly exit benefited significantly and the voters would be in a position to derive maximum benefit from democracy.At the uniform time, more favoring comments from Christopher Kam (2006) encourages the government functionaries of Canada to implement this MMP system instantaneously with out any second thought. They further pointed out the limitations of the existing voting system in the form of non-uniform representation and hence favored electoral reforms immediately in the form of MMP. However, they cautioned that the peoples awareness regarding the structure of MMP should be enhanced,

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UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UNESCO WORLD hereditary pattern SITES - Essay ExampleIn growth to its aesthetic beauty of multicoloured carbonate roofs and floors dark-coloured lava walls, fortress-like Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone, move up out of the ocean and a dramatic landscape, is Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes contains an unequalled quality of Geomunoreum lava tube system. In addition the magnificent exhibition of diverse and accessible volcanic features is an excellent tourism attraction as it provides exhilarate beauty as well as understanding of global volcanism.Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes is decl ared to be a Unesco World Heritage site in June 27, 2007and is therefore protected by the convention on macrocosm heritage. Being such, the Tourism Organization controls it under cultural heritage administration.The issues that confront Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tube are management and administration issues of avoiding the potential impact of agriculture on the underground environment of t he Lava Tube. Another refer is also to limit the number of visitors to the property to avoid its degradation. The property might also be elongate to include other significant lava tube systems and volcanic features of Jeju that may be discovered in the future.I will visit this site. I am intrigue how could a volcano has a beautiful landscape with matching waterfalls. It may be a nice place to relax because it is nature at its finest. perchance it will also be a good place to understand volcanoes as it will memorialize the most intricate lava system in the

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WWII, Holocaust, Cold War, and Postmodernism Coursework - 1

WWII, Holocaust, Cold War, and Postmodernism - Coursework ExampleThe paper WWII, Holocaust, Cold War, and Postmodernism analyzes the holocaust, the cold war, and world war II and their friendship with postmodernism. The United States did not get on board with World War II unless it absolutely had to foment back against one of the Axis Powers, which was Japan. During the Holocaust, this atrocity might not permit occurred if more people would have defended the rights of human beings to live and coexist peacefully with people from other religious backgrounds, faith traditions, ethnicities, and ability levels. on that point were numerous people that were murdered due to the fact that the Germans considered them undesirable. The groups included in the undesirable category edit out through a wide swath of people, not just limited to the Jewish people merely also extended to the Gypsies (also known as the Roma or Romani), disabled individuals, individuals with birth defects, homosexual s, Communists, artists, poets, musicians, writers, and anyone else who was considered subhuman. It is very earthy knowledge that the Germans were ruthless in their treatment of the concentration camp prisoners, for the most part. Elie Wiesel, in his book Night, describes how the high smoke of the children rose up from the crematories. He describes how he will never forget that night, not as long as he lived, and basically until the death of God himself he promised never to forget. In a way, his writing symbolized a kind of spiritual death as one sees his hopes and dreams turned to dust.

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Migration Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Migration - Coursework ExampleThe elimination of absorb differentials will bring the movement of labour and migration will not occur in the in the absence seizure of such differentials. This problem only needs to be sorted out in each and every(prenominal) event. This theoretical view varies in different countries and governments must seek to understand different variables that will assist in eliminating wage differences that cause migration.International flows of human capital in the case of highly adept workers who seek diversity and would wish to work in countries whose estimates are slowly rising. This is usually done with an tendency of establishing various circumstanceors of migration that may be difficult than that of unskilled workers.Labour markets are a limited signifier of markets where the primary mechanisms through the international flows of labour are induced (Massey et al 437). Other markets lack this special and accommodating feature. Lastly, a lasting solution to this foreign migration is for the Governments in charge to influence the labour markets by sending or receiving countries.Dual Labour market supposition - Although neoclassical human capital theory and the new economics of migration can direct one to a divergent conclusion about the rootage and nature of international migration, both are essentially micro-level decision models. Causation is cumulative in the fact that each act of migration alters the social context in which subsequent migration decisions are made, typically in slipway that make additional movement more likely.This ruler was proposed by Herbert A. Simon, who posited that bounded rationality is an alternative butt for the mathematical modelling of decision-making, as used in economics, political science and other related disciplines. This principle complements rationality as optimization that views decision making as a fully rational offset of finding an optimal choice given the information is availed at the right time (Massey

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Critical Evaluation Of Ifrs 3 In Relation To Clear Reporting Essay

fine Evaluation Of Ifrs 3 In Relation To Clear Reporting Requirements For Business Combinations - Essay ExampleWith commerce combination, the surviving company is provided with the immediate availability of the resources of an established enterprise. Further much than, the union of businesses often results in better custom of management, in addition to eruditeness of new management strength and improved capital bargaining position. In addition, a business combination may be undertaken for the income tax advantages available to one or more parties to the combination.However, business combinations involve certain limitations and risks. Corporate objectives must be taken into esteem. Only those companies which have the aforementioned(prenominal) or compatible sets of objectives should combine. On the other hand, successful firms ar usually not willing to combine. The getting enterprise may also inherit the acquired firms inefficiencies and problems together with its inadequate resources.The objective of IFRS 3 is to specify the monetary reporting by an entity when it undertakes a business combination. In particular, it specifies that all business combinations should be accounted for by applying the bargain for manner. in that respectfore, the merchant bank necks the acquirees identifiable assets. Liabilities and contingent liabilities at their fair values at the acquisition date, and also recognize goodwill, which is subsequently tested for impairment rather than mortised. (ASC, 2005) Notable words that one must take into consideration when understanding issues of business combinations are purchase method, fair values, acquisition date and goodwill. Under purchase method of accounting the acquirees identifiable assets and liabilities must be measured at their fair values at acquisition date. Fair value then is defined as the amount for which an asset could be change overd, or a liability settled, between knowledgeable, willing partied in an arms len gth transaction. Acquisition date is the date on which the acquirer effectively obtains control of the acquiree. Control is the power to govern the financial and operating policies of an entity or business so as to obtain benefits from its activities. Goodwill is a future economic benefits arising from assets that are not capable of organism individually identified and separately recognized. SCOPEThis IFRS does not apply to business combinations in which separate entities or businesses are brought together to form a joint venture. Joint venture is defined in IAS 31 Interest in Joint Ventures, as a contractual agreement whereby two or more parties undertake an economic activity that is subject to joint control. This IFRS does not also apply to combinations involving entities under everyday control, or businesses involving two or more mutual entities and a combination in which separate entities are brought together by contract alone to form a dual listed corporation. METHOD OF ACCOUN TINGThere are two methods for carrying out a business combination, the acquisition and the uniting of interest. Business combination is achieved by acquisition when one of the enterprises, the acquirer, obtains control over the net assets and operations of another enterprise which is the acquiree, in exchange for the transfer of

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Work on Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Work on Economics - Essay practiceIt therefore, gives a measure of responsiveness of step demanded depending on the changes of prices of the while the other factors are held constant. monetary value picnic of the demand = Proportionate change in quantity demanded Proportionate change in price Price press stud of the demand = Q1 Q2 (Q1 + Q2)/ 2 P1 P2 (P1 +P2)/ 2 Price elasticity of the demand = -305,000 +215,000 (-305,000 + 215,000)/ 2 Price elasticity of the demand = 35 25 (35 25)/ 2 Price elasticity of the demand = 2/2 = 1 Since, the price elasticity of the demand is equal to one, the demand for the online have a unitary elasticity. This is because small changes in price undertaken do not affect the total revenue generated from the books demanded. As a result, an increase in the price further than the price of $ 35 willing not affect the demand for the books. With a unitary elasticity, it is not business worth to undertake the business fr om its current state as the price increases will not affect the revenues generated (Mankiw, 2012). ... + 16,000 = $456,000 Marginal Cost More than often, the marginal court is calculated, as the additional approach incurred when an extra one more unit of the is produced (Mankiw, 2012). With the equation total cost = 20 Q + 16000, the total cost goes up by $20 each and every duration an additional good is sold. Therefore, we take the coefficient of Q which indicates the quantity demanded that gives a constant marginal cost is $20 per unit sold. Implications of Long overtake and Short Run Period In most cases, companies face a lot of challenges while carrying out its operations in both the long run and short run period. This is because in the short run, one factor of doing remains constant as it is always assumed to be in fixed supply. Therefore, the essential nifty inputs for example, the cost of equipment remains fixed while the other costs incurred remain v aried over time (Mankiw, 2012). More than often, the rectitude of diminishing returns applies in the short run period, as more units of a inconstant input is added to the fixed amounts of equipment, which brings about the change in total output that rises at first and thereafter falls with time. Nonetheless, in the long run, all factors of production are considered to vary with the quantity of goods sold over time. In the long run, the output of the business will respond to changes in factors of production inputs that are usually referred to as returns to photographic plate. This ranges from increasing, constant and diminishing returns to scale. Diminishing Marginal Returns and Economies of Scale Both the diminishing marginal returns and economies of scale are phases under which a product in the market has to undergo over time. Under the law of diminishing returns, an addition of one type of production input while the other

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Information Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Information Policy - Essay ExampleSuch learning does non hold the in the public domain, until it is communicated by unauthorized means, or unless by the organization s policy permits such(prenominal) disclosure which is stated in the Public Disclosures Act 1998 (Anderman 1998 p15).All report, documents and information that argon mystic that are made or gained during employment will be the sole property of the organization and has to be submitted endure to the organization at the time of termination or resignation.Employee ought to realize that in during his/her employment with the organization the Employee world power loll around authorized access to or unintentionally come across private information. As employ in the Confidentiality Agreement, confidential information is the similar to protected health information. These are even known as the Trade Secrets.Employee has an obligation to detain the confidential information of the organization in strict confidence as surface as not to break up or otherwise use this confidential information away from when this information plays an essential bureau in the Employees regular job responsibilities. This indicates, amongst all things, thatEmployee has an obligation to not disclose, reveal, copy, nonplus public, trade, lend, assess, change or wipe out any confidential information of the organization only when the employee tout ensemble authorized by the organization and Employee has an obligation not to misuse or steal the accessed ... Employee has an obligation to withhold the confidential information of the organization in strict confidence as well as not to reveal or otherwise use this confidential information apart from when this information plays an essential role in the Employees regular job responsibilities. This indicates, amongst all things, that Employee will have an obligation only to access confidential information only when he needs it for legitimate business.Employee has an obligation to not disclose, reveal, copy, make public, trade, lend, assess, change or wipe out any confidential information of the organization only when the employee completely authorized by the organization and Employee has an obligation not to misuse or steal the accessed confidential information. Employees further obligation is to suss out unauthorized utilization of confidential information and he is also obligated to the policy to complain intimately any unauthorized utilization of confidential information to the Privacy Officer of the organization.The Employee has an obligation not to get rid of any take down of clients (as well as the copies of the records ), or any other kind of confidential information, thus the Employee is obligated to the policy by not getting rid of any original record s of clients from property of the organizations if he has no past permission by the supervisor. Employee has an obligation not reveal his or her network computer password to anybody, or permit anybody to access or change information in the Employees identity. Employee realizes that the trade secrets have to be kept confidential both in as well as outside the organization where he works and so he must talk near the trade secrets with every individual or organization as

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Research proposal in CSR Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Proposal in CSR - Research Paper Example literature Review Summary 15 III. Research Objectives and Questions 15 IV. Research Design and Methodology 17 A. second-string Data Collection 17 B. Scope and Limitation 18 V. Proposed Time Table 18 References 19 I. Introduction The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a haven of economic and political strength in a region that is ravaged by political disorder and wars. This strength, alongside other factors, has helped the Kingdom establish its guide as one of the major occupation hubs in the world, with giant multinational corporations basing their operations in the country. These multinational corporations, such as the banking celestial sphere, will ride out to proliferate and dominate if present trends in the country continue (Shoult 2006). With local and global companies manoeuvring simultaneously in a fast moving economy, one of the major business concerns in Saudi Arabia in the recent decade is corporate social responsibility (CSR) as sani tary as its function and direction in the business environment of the Kingdom. The opposite is true for the United Kingdom. The introduction of corporate social responsibility in the UKs banking industry does not present entirely approximate opportunities. There argon constraints in the voluntary programmes to deal with the unfavourable environmental and social effects produced by the banking industry in developing and developed nations (Solomon 2007). The political system of the UK have failed to challenge the influence of the banking area beyond advocating gradual voluntary attempts to advance CSR, all of which have fell short of resolving successfully the major problems of sustainable development, poverty, climate change, and human rights (Ward & Smith 2006). Despite of the vast evidence, the programme of Investing in the Future a European conference on CSR and the finance domain, (ibid, p. 93) disproves the fact that the UK banking sector has yet failed to establish outside mainly unsuccessful efforts at self-regulation. The banking industry has a corporate social responsibility to adequately cater to the intricate groups of customers a bank operates to maximize shareholders profit. It should sustain the most favourable liquidity to punish the demands of depositors. It is mandated to fit out the official deficit sector demand for credits (The National Commercial Bank 2009, p. 3). The banking sector should satisfy the provisions established by supervisory bodies to continue operations. Most of all, for the bank to be viewed as a responsible corporate entity, it has to provide substantial input to the economys highest development and meet the demands of its immediate vicinity (The National Commercial Bank 2009). Hence, the aim of this study is to comparatively study the challenges of CSR that the banking sector in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom confront nowadays. Two major banks for each country are studied and compared, namely Aljazeera and the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia, and HSBC Bank and Barclays Bank in the UK. II. Literature Review A. Definition of CSR There appears to be countless definitions of corporate social responsibility, running the gamut of the prefatorial to the complex, and an array of related concepts and assumptions, such as corporate sustainability, corporate citizenship, corporate social investment, the triple cornerstone line, socially responsible investment, business sustainability and corporate governance (Thomas 2006, 3). Singh and colleagues (2009) defines CSR as

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A borderless world has resulted in an improved global economy Essay

A shoreless earthly concern has resulted in an improved global economy - Essay ExampleTo that extent, the world may be seen as borderless since ideas and information pass from country to the next (Fung and Fung, 2007). Besides, there have been m both improvements in the global economy, which came around because of establishing a borderless world. Such concept of a borderless world may also be seen through the prism of free ports. Goods and services flow freely through the porous borders and labour can be sourced from any corner of the world. Global financial institutions have facilitated millions of transactions over the years. The once huge gap mingled with developed and developing countries is quite narrow today.Conducting business is increasingly becoming global as mobility, engineering and revenue opportunities are witnessed in emerging markets hence tempting firms to expand their operations into these markets to reach tender consumers. Despite the recorded economic challe nges of the world, going borderless could offer a new prosperity avenue. World apportion is projected to rise by 86% in the coming 15 years as the take for traded goods increase in global markets (Fung & Fung, 2007). A borderless world has presented immense investment and commerce opportunities. Businesses can chase in the borderless world with commitment and right focus. New technology enables regulatory best practices globally. As emerging markets advance their technological infrastructure, they become revenue opportunity markets. The excellent talent pool available in global markets is another critical driver of globalization thanks to a borderless world. In addition, business regulations, permits and task compliance have improved tremendously.The borderless world has brought more positive than negative effects to UAE economy. Firstly, creating free border is responsible for improved foreign investment. A survey conducted in the year 2005 revealed that the inflow into UAE of foreign pose investment achieved a

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Market analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Market analysis - Essay ExampleThe only company that did not shoot down any of the money was Ford. Ford is the only company that is stable economically even though it has suffered a decline in the demand for its products due to the global economic recession. The most profitable company in the auto industry is Honda. Its gross margin in 2009 was 25.88% (Hoovers).The Ameri rat auto industry has been giving farming to the top Japanese automakers, Toyota and Honda, for years. The American auto industry dates back over 100 years. Despite their fuck the Japanese since the 1980s have been dominating the four-cylinder economy car marketplace. They utilized lean manufacturing processes and superb case standards which increased their productivity. The American auto industry due to its longevity and slow reaction to market changes had many a(prenominal) structural cost problems. The cost of labor and labor cost are much higher than otherwise foreign marketplaces. The American auto unions are very powerful and influence which forces the auto makers to pay agio labor prices for direct labor. Outsourcing is a market tendency in the domestic market. There is an opportunity in the domestic auto market for new entrants that want to participate in the supply chain of automakers because American automakers are looking for ways to reduce cost by streamlining their operations. Traditionally American automakers produced the majority of their move in-house. The business environment has changed and the automaker no longer desire to participate in the market for use car parts. A new entrant in the marketplace for used auto parts can penetrate and achieve market share growth faster than normal.The auto industry is going through some harsh times. To stimulate the demand for new cars the US government in crapd the Cash for Clunkers schedule which took off the streets nearly 690,000 gas wasting vehicles. In the auto industry companies are consolidating their auto models to creat e

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Tragedy of Mariam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Tragedy of Mariam - Essay ExampleToday many wives ever necessity to have same position with their husband, so that they al slipway have conflict with each other. Why they always have conflict? There are number of answers for this question, but it very difficult for us to mystify on a final conclusion. When we look towards sixteenth centurys society or even before that measure it is seen wife and husband lived together very salubrious. They had lesser conflicts. Many wives would obey their husband when their husbands order them to do everything. What different images of the wife between sixteenth centuries and today? In most societies during the twentieth Century, new ways of analyzing traditional gender roles have begun to evolve out of a mix of movements both deep down machination and culture studies and communications. Semiotics, or the study of signs has emerged as one of the most powerful cultural analysis tools of the twentieth Century. Semiotics has been used to documen t and support traditional gender roles within a variety of cultures. The signs of Husband and Wife respectively, have undergone huge ideological shifts in some parts of the world, however within American society they still often used to represent a system of values and a distribution of power that have remained relatively unchanged despite recent eras of social progress. This is illustrated fairly well in the image Amores Perros as the terms Husband and Wife are utilized throughout the movie as signs that represent and suggest traditional values and gender roles that are still based on signified characteristics from the time of the Conquistadors.

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Community Impact And Practice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Community Impact And reading - Research cover ExampleReflective arrange as a concept has been extensively used as utilize to education for a considerable amount of time. Its success in education has seen it being adopted by health workers and other professionals over time. This has played a pivotal role in causing pensive practice to become widely regarded as being one of the key defining features marking competence. in that respect are a number of different Reflective Practice models available and their use and applicability is seen to be largely varied from one organization or writer to the next one (Smith and Roberts, 2011). The different models of thoughtful practice in use have caused what is understood to be pondering practice to be rather different within a number of different disciplines and intellectual traditions. It is now quite common to uncovering a number of multiple and contradictory understandings of what exactly are reflective practice within the genuinely same discipline. ... In addition to the examination of the assumptions made in everyday practice, Eng ripening in reflective practice is also seen to superior generally involve causing the individual practitioner to become self-aware and touch on to critically evaluating their very own responses to the practice situations. The main objective of this is to attempt to recapture practice experiences and by and by mull them over so as to be able to gain relevant new understandings and thence be in a general position to improve future practice. 1.1.1 Importance of Reflective Practice Reflective practice is generally promoted as being a key element in the general delivery of effective services to the rather diverse cosmoss of children, infants and families. Reflective practice has been touted as improving the elaborateness with clients as well as aiding practitioners in seeing a number of strengths and differences that they might normally not be able to perceive ( 2 013). It helps individuals access the how of how things are supposed to be done and includes both the unarticulate and spoken processes. Reflective practice has been variously described as being the bridge from theory to practice (Hirst, 2005) as it offers processes that aid its various practitioners in taking concepts that they happen to believe and know and effectively confine them to the myriad real-life situations that are normally seen to be fraught with complexity. 1.1.2 Reflective Practice in the Enhancement of CPD and PDP The population changes seen to be affecting most of Europe and the United States that have mainly resulted in an increasingly aging workforce and ever decreasing pool of highly qualified professional talent is seen to be critically affecting the modern day workforce. It is

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Strategic Initiatives Required of easyJet plc to maintain its Dominant Dissertation

Strategic Initiatives indispensable of easyJet plc to maintain its Dominant Market Share in the United country - Dissertation ExampleThe impale failed, being squeezed out by the established airlines, but the concept remained and was revived in the 1980s, when deregulation in the airline industry in the U.S.A. witnessed Southwest airlines using this strategy to gain dominance in the internal mart. Liberalization in the airline foodstuff by the European Commission resulted in this concept recuperative in the European sector in the 1990s. Consequently, no frills airlines sprung up by the mid-1990s in the United Kingdom and began dominating the European Market. easyJet came into being in 1995 as the brainchild of the Cypriot barterman Stelios Haji Ioannou, having a background steeped in the shipping industry. The early days of easyJet did not witness much success in proving to be a take inable venture. However, between the period 1998 to 2002 easyJet demonstrate the hunger and d rive for larger grocery store administer and profitability through an impressive record of raising its 77 million pound disturbance and 5.9 million pound profitability to 582 million pound turn over and 71.6 million pound profitability over this period. Strategic initiatives in the form of mergers and acquisitions of competitors and brand extension resulted in easyJet rising to a dominant market position in the United Kingdom market (Homer & Swarbrooke, 2004). ... Such a study would add to the corpse of knowledge of strategic management, providing insight into sustaining competitive advantage. 3. Literature Review easyJet has its headquarters in Luton England, providing direct craft to 7,300 people that include 1,900 pilots and 4,300 cabin crew. It has revolutionized the manner in which people in Europe travel for business or for pleasure. It has led the way in utilizing the Internet as means of providing convenience in ticketing and readily dissemination of information. It op erates on more than 540 routes in Europe with its 196 aircraft. In 2010 it carried fifty million passengers. It has strong market positions in key markets in Europe. It holds the dominant position at Gatwick, Milan and Geneva and is a strong contender in Paris (easyJet plc, 2011). The business and financial highlights of easyJet for the year 2010 shows a total revenue of 2,973.1 million pounds, profit before tax of 154.0 million pounds, return on equity of 8.6% and return on capital of 8.8%. easyJet has demonstrated continuing growth, with passenger numbers up by 7.9% and total revenue per seat up by 5.1% (easyJet plc, 2011). With the passing of each year easyJets market position in the European short force aviation sector has only grown stronger. In the first half of 2010 it increased its market share from 6.5% to 7.6% (easyJet plc, 2010). easyJet has demonstrated how to use the resource based model to attain competitive edge and success in the business world. In its initial days it imitated this business model used by Southwest Airlines of U.S.A. which was characterized by use of one type of aircraft, the Boeing 737 catering to short haul needs no

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Networks and System Administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Networks and System Administration - test Example participation entanglements serve to facilitate communication processes in the ships comp whatsoever and facilitate centering processes done the use frameworks such as the company intranet. In addition, connectivity to the internet comes with added advantages through which the company can hap with the outside world. This implies that the implementation and the configuration of a computer network depend on the needs of that particular proposition organization (Bagad 2009). For example, desktop layout is primarily determined by the office arrangement and the need to host a web site warrants the use of a web server in the overall network substructure of the company. This paper provided a description of the computer network implemented and management for Target Company (will crab it X Company). 2. Part 1 Network Evaluation of the business needs is the initial step of the convention methodology focusing on business needs, goals a nd objectives provides an avenue for the purposeing of a network that will stupefy the business meet its requirements. The steps of the foundation methodology argon outlined below. 2.1 Business requirements For a network design methodology to be effective, it must put into consideration the business needs. Business needs are the key drivers towards the implementation of any project. Understanding the organizational and corporate culture and the business processes of the X Company will play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of the design methodology. The design should be tailored so as to facilitate the realization of the business needs of the company (Barnick 2006). whatsoever of the business needs of the X Company are outlined below. Enhancing employee productivity the present IT infrastructure at the X Company does maximize on the potential of its employees. Reduction in overhead costs currently, the company incurs a lot of expenses due to lack of proper comm unication and network infrastructure. To establish effective management strategies. To enhance customer satisfaction through increased employee productivity and increased efficiency in the performance of business processes. To enhance profitability through increased market share. 2.2 Design requirements The network design requirements are based on the business needs. The network design should facilitate the realization of the business requirements. Specific design standards are implemented basing on the design in accordance with the network and information needs of the X Company. The business needs and technical needs of the network play a significant role in determining the network infrastructure to be implemented (McCabe 2007). The X network rational is designed to bring home the bacon the following design requirements management & security, scalability, performance and availability. 2.3 Analysis of network design The network design of any company cannot be effectively accomplis hed without proper security design if it is public as closely as Intranet. Certifications on audit and certifications were written by the company and they are reviewed on regular solid ground to make sure that at all times altogether genuine employees with authority are the only ones being allowed to have access to their respective applications at any particular time (Caslow 1998). The first atom of the network at X is a

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The Cold Fusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Cold Fusion - strain ExampleThe assumption was that the environment of transitional metal deuterides makes fusions of two deuterons realistic, increasing their probabilities by a original magnitude. The research drew a lot of criticism about its reality making some(prenominal) cypher researchers and engineers around the world dive into the issue. The future of energy resources had been a bother among the industrial nations on how to strike energy for industries and households. If Fleischmann and Pons hypothesis was true, it could solve the energy issues. Cold fusion is hence a proposed role of nuclear reception that is believed to occur at relatively low temperatures un analogous hot fusion. However, its destiny is unreadable (Kozima 11-16). Nuclear fusion occurs at super high temperatures, super high environment and requires big sets of weapon which are extremely expensive. As a new type of nuclear reaction, common cold fusion was proposed to pardon reports by experimen ts of unusually high generation of energy under specific laboratory conditions. Researchers have proceed to conduct investigations of cold fusion and have found out that the interaction of hydrogen or heavy hydrogen with Palladium, Nickel or Platinum produces excess heat effects under extreme conditions. The original reports failed to double up consistently and reliably causing the rejection by mainstream media. Fleishmann and Pons discovery eventually became invalid as it had not actually detect the by products of nuclear reactions (Fleishmann, and Pons 301-308). Trombay initiated experiments in 1989 to verify the claims of cold fusion. Large busts of neutrons were detected with a Pd-Ni electrolyte cell. Significant amount of neutrons and tritium were found to be produced in gas pixilated Ti and Pd samples. D2 loaded Ti disc targets have also revealed some hot spots indicating an uneven scattering of tritium production in the near surface region. Trombay experiments have confi rmed the occurrence of cold fusion reaction in both Pd and Ti metallic lattices loaded with deuterium at certain temperatures. Neutron emission has also been observed even when the electrolytic cell is switched off or when there are no externally induced processes like heating, cooling and evacuation are effected (Kozima 11-16). Findings The main product of cold fusion reactions is Tritium. However, its presence inside the palladium electrodes has not been quantitatively evaluated. Cold fusion can be characterised as being aneutronic with a neutron to tritium channel branching ratio of less than 10-8. Neutrons from electronically loaded Pd and gas loaded Ti are emitted one at a time. It is hence unclear whether the neutrons are generated in the D-D fusion itself or produced in a secondary reaction involving energetic protons or tritons. Autoradiography of loaded gas loaded Ti targets demonstrates both the occurrence of cold fusion and tritium production. The estimated tritium to de uterium isotopic ratios is several orders of magnitude higher in the initial stock D2O. There is a high concentration of tritium on localised regions or hot spots on the target surface as well as along the periphery of the disc. The high probability of tritium branch in cold D-D fusion reactions indicate processes of neutron maneuver across the potential barrier (Report on the workshop on cold fusion, June 3). Some departments of energy like the U.S Department have reported on the inadequate conviction of experiments done by earlier scholars. base on the review of published reports, reprints, journals and many communications, the results of the experiments of excess heat with the calorimetric cells do not donation convincing evidence that useful source of energy would result from the results attributed from cold fusion. Similar

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The Financial Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Financial Crisis - Essay ExampleBankers blame the public for their sufficient enthusiasm that created the fragile real estate bubble that was destined to burst. The people blamed the Congress for their inaction, darn Democrats blamed Republicans and Republicans blamed the Democrats. No matter where the weakness in the system was, it was the governments failure to act in a prudent and timely fashion to stem the rising tide of waste, abuse, and corruption.At the core of the stinting problems that are facing the US today is the weakness caused by an escalating national debt and the political reality of a public that has a growing concern over their scarce tax dollars. Had the government implemented a balanced budget in the recent years, or if money had been wisely invested to create jobs in the economy, taxpayers and conservatives aptitude be more willing to manage a multi-billion dollar loan to the auto industry. However, a failed policy in Iraq has left the people with a bill t hat could top $3 trillion in the rise future (Bilmes and Stiglitz B06). This is money that cant be used for building infrastructure or investing in much(prenominal) needed education. The government has failed by squandering trillions of dollars on what amounts to a handful of magic beans.The government merely allowed the economic system to go into decline by failing to adequately regulate the banking and insurance systems that had operate rife with abuse and

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It has been said that modern developments such as ABC are sometimes Essay - 1

It has been said that novel developments such as ABC are sometimes implemented beca social occasion they are fashionable and not because they fork up extra information to perplexity. (Discuss the above statement) - Essay ExampleJob costing is another modern development, where the guidance gets information concerning the cost for each job order, their specifications and scope. Contract costing is yet another development that provides the management with information concerning heavy expenditure which takes a long period of time (Brimson, J. A. 1991).Historically, most of the companies placed their concentrate on the creation of value rather than investing in assets and organization. The dramatic development of companies led to the recognition of the need to have practical accounting governing bodys. The development of the ABC system has led to a validating change in productivity by espousing the identification of inefficient products, the tryst of more profits on resources, an d cost reduction (Gosselin, M. 2005). However, most firms are experiencing problems ascribed to the implementation of ABC and in extreme cases the implementation of the system fails to work out. For instance, in highly developed countries, some of the companies fail to grow and became stagnant owing to the use of ABC. Most companies that carry out a cost-benefit analysis on the use of ABC discontinue the implementation of the system since it is costly. The management should get constant updates on a companys cost carrying out (Grieco, P. L., & Pilachowski, M. 1995). In using ABC system, some of the overhead costs are difficult to separate and the allocation of the cost on a product unit poses difficulties. An example of such an overhead cost is the pass Executive Officers salary this does not provide the management with appropriate reports on costs (Hansen, D. R., & Mowen, M. M. 2000). The ABC method allocates business costs to its products on a proportionate basis or found on a ssumptions. This translates into the generation of inaccurate reports on costs by the management. Affording the management accurate information

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A health needs assessment of a community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

A health needs assessment of a community - Essay specimenHounslow is the ninth largest borough in London with an area of twenty two square miles. Chiswick lies to the east and Bedfont to the west. The borough has one meter two hundred and thirty eight hectares of open space in the form of seventy quatern parks and recreation centres. The rivers Thames, Brent, Crane, Longford and Duke of Northumberland run through the borough. Hounslow has been historically related to transportation and related services. Hounslow has hotels and guest houses that action passengers travelling via the Heathrow Airport, located nearby. The Hounslow residential area caters to diverse tastes. It has parks, nature reserves, leisure centres, a pedestrianised high street, facilities for obtain and entertainment, and theatres for lovers of drama, music and comedy. The town centre offers amenities such as the Treaty Center, cafes and the local library approximately the high street. The economy of Hounslow has been benefited by redevelopment around the region, especially by the creation of new wrinkle parks in Chiswick and Bedfont. This has attracted media, pharmaceuticals and technology companies to the borough, besides existing businesses such as GlaxoSmithKline and BSkyB. Residents are employed in the airport supply chain, in industries such as retail, catering, freight, transport, logistics and security.212,341 people were living in Hounslow in 2001. 104,239 were males and 108,102 were females. The race density (per person hectares) was 37.93. 99.14 percent of the people were living in households. 6.71 percent of the people were less than 4 years old. 12.6 percent of the people were in the climb on group 10-19. 58.88 percent of the people were in the age group 20-59. The mean age of the population was 35.42 years. The median age of the population was 33 years. 166,863 people aged 16 and over in households. 53.2 percent of these were living in a couple. Among 168,609 people aged 16 and over, 37.7

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Bank of America Acquisition of Merrill Lynch Essay

shore of the States Acquisition of Merrill lynch - Essay ExampleThe investing and securities perseverance in the United States is quite successful with its level of harvest-festival before the recession being astronomic over the past couple of years. The country maintained a distinct difference between commercial and investment banks before 1999. This in effect means that the industry enjoyed massive benefits as the banks concentrated only on certain banking activities without competing much with the players in the investment banking industry.On the other hand, the industry accommodates approximately 3000 companies which have total revenue of close to 200 billion dollars (Hoovers comparison 1). The investment banking industry is much concentrated with the first 50 major players accounting for close to 90% of the industrys earnings according to Hoovers (par 1). The investment banks commonly target those who have property which include land, buildings and other fixed assets the ma in customers being the middle class (Perkins 14). Some of the main competitors of Bank of the States in its acquisition of Merrill Lynch include Wells Fargo and Company, The Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated and JP Morgan Chase and Corporation, and Citigroup.Bank of America Merrill Lynch is considered the worlds largest brokerage having at least 15000 brokers and a client asset tie-up of about 2.2 billion dollars. In this regard, it fairs competitively compared to its main competitors both in the investment and brokerage ventures. Bank of America in itself has remained for long the second most capitalized bank in the United States. The bank serves much than 150 countries and has relationships with many Fortune 500 companies (Matthew, Carrick and Dan 14). In terms of total revenue, the Bank of America is fifth largest in the USA. There are several small brokerage firms that are far less capitalized in the US which little threaten the establishment of the Acquisition.The main competi tors in the market including Wells Fargo

Principles and strategies that apply to the limousine business and Assignment

Principles and strategies that feed to the limousine caper and that can apply to each members business - Assignment ExampleThe Landslide Limousine Company go away have to kindle knowledgeable and innovative employees and provide incentives to them. Hence, it will be significant to utilize the performance incentives to stimulate appendage and remain competitive in the competitive limousine service.Limousine service entails offering the customer the outdo service. The employees are important in service delivery, and the employers should accord them the privileges such as rest as contained in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety. In order to avoid the high employee turnover, the Landslide Limousine Company will have to utilize merit have to motivate employees. The company can utilize the number of referrals, as well as, customers surveys as a basis for offering the workers pay on merit package. It is noteworthy that the captious goal of merit pay entails linking the pay to the perf ormance in a way, which is reliable with the operations of the business (2011). The compensation of the workforce will encourage the individual employee to work to attain greater performance. In essence, the pay on merit will stimulate the engagement levels of the employees, as well as, keep them satisfied with the