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Effect of the World Wars on Canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Effect of the World wars on Canada - Essay ExampleSocial Impacts of First and Second World WarCanada has been put into course by wars more than anyone could have realized it. The wars created the modern Canada, removing all kinds of traditions and memories of a change integrity national identity. Attitude of Canadians towards war was based on historical experience (Morton, 1999, pp. ix-x). The First World War had led to overwhelming changes in the social structure of Canada. The sacrifices and compromises that the average Canadians had to make called for new social order intending for growth of peace. Groups of labor, women, farmers, churches and political parties all had developed their plans and programs for bringing in changes (Guest, 1997, pp. 49-50)Several social reforms were stimulated by the war. Pension issues, healthcare were some areas which were given special attention. In the field of social welfare, the profession of social work emerged out of liberal individualism. However keeping problems of divided jurisdiction at one side, the administrative problems aggravate by federal governments failure to contribute to costs. Unemployment relief policy was largely developed at the municipal level, resulting in administrative procedures and policies differing from household to place with absence of standards in the level of aids (Guest, 1997, pp.50-85). Thus impacts of the war could be felt. As it can be understood that War and Society has a deep rooted connection and hence greater impacts are bound to occur on the societal issues when such World War affects or impacts countries individually (Keshen & Durflinger, 2007). However, as in the case of Canada, the effects have not been negative completely. The Second World War too had a reflective effect on the social structure of Canada. The most rigorous crisis of unemployment got ended and the standards of nutrition were raised for a large number of people in Canada. More significantly, the process of industrial enterprise and urbanization progressed with greater rapidity. Production capacity of industries was stretched and superiority and intricacy of industrial processes also increased. The war had an overwhelming effect on the federal government as a whole. It became one of the largest employers of labor. The war saw several women responding to convene of the war and shedding their homemakers role to join the labor force. However with respect to Fordist estimates, the white male person enjoyed better privileges than the women. Many women from Poland were brought into Canada and they represented the modern and educated women folk of tomorrow. Unemployment of the country decreased, and personal income and provincial income started increasing (Sangster, 2007, p. 472). As the war had ended with a dependable financial form, even problems of agricultural surpluses also were removed. There was also a realization among the governments that social services were not only a luxury, but a crucial item in the smooth functioning during wartimes (Guest, 1997, pp.103-104 Francis, Jones, and Smith, 2007). Thus comparing the effects of the two world wars, it can be seen that the Second World War had bigger positive social impacts on the country. Political Impacts of First and Second World War The political impact of the First World War make or enlarged some divisions in the community. Before the year 1914, Canadians who resided in the western region of Canada had to consume products by paying much higher prices than those who were living in the countrys central and eastern regions. Price gaps also existed in the provinces that were existent for long times. By the year 1920s, the western and the eastern regions had divided in terms of prices. According to sources, inflation was prevailing during and after the war, which led to high price ranges on consumable

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Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Community - Essay ExampleFor example Target partnered with First Book in 2008 with the goal of donating new books to American schools in the lower income communities. Target also operated a REDcard program through which US$298 million dollars have been donated to US K-12 schools root system in 1997. In addition, Target has partnered with Feeding America since 2001 under the auspices of its Meals for Minds program. Through this program Target has funded US2.3 million to Meals for Minds and another US$1.2 to food banks and a number of school food programs in the US. Target also donates both time and personnel to United Ways charitable efforts and has donated up to US$13.8 million in 2009. In keeping with its mandate to aid in educating America, Target has made it possible for American families to explore the arts and craft ornament in the US. Through Targets efforts and direct donations, American families can visit various Art Museums across the country at reduced admission charge r ates or by virtue of free admission on designated days each week. Moreover, 2,2000 performances are available to American families either for free or reduced admission as a result of Targets sponsorship.

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Death Penalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Death Penalty - Essay ExampleWhile some rivalrys are about moral judgments, others are disagreements about trial-and-error trends, such as whether the remainder penalty is a more effective deterrent than life imprisonment. Ethical debate of the death penalty can be split into two main philosophical contexts, a deontological (a priori) context and a consequentiality context. A priori argument can be further subcategorized into a right argument and a virtue argument. Legal debate also generally falls into prior argument based on efficacious text. Consequentiality argument can be largely reduced to utilitarian formula through what amount to costs or benefits of the death penalty in terms of human lives and welfare. The deontological objection to the death penalty asserts that the death penalty is totally not correct by its nature, mostly due to the fact that it amounts to the violation of the right to life, which should be universal. In philosophical debate, however, the virtue sch ool tends to press that the death penalty is also wrong on the prove that the process is cruel and inhumane. It brutalizes the society at large and desensitizes and dehumanizes participants of the juridical process. In particular, it extinguishes the possibility of rehabilitation and redemption of the perpetrator(s). Deon tic justification to the death penalty, on the other hand, argues that the death penalty is right by nature, mostly on the ground that retribution against the violator of another life or liberty is just. It naturally follows that not applying death penalty to heinous murder would be unjust. In the context of virtue, they point out that without proper retribution, the judicial system further brutalizes the victim or victims family and friends, which amounts to secondary victimization. Moreover, the judicial process which applies the death penalty reinforces the reason of justice among participants as well as the citizens as a whole, and might even provide incent ive for the perpetrator to own up to their crime.Many argue that there are advantages of looking at capital punishment from a utilitarian perspective, that is, one which looks at costs and benefits for human welfare. The deontological debate helps to clarify the several(prenominal) positions of the debate, but offers no way to reach consensus because each argument stands on different a priori ground. Similarly, legal argument can clarify a priori legal or constitutional grounds of the death penalty. However, it offers no insight over whether such law or constitutional clause can be justify on its merit. A utilitarian approach is attractive because the issue is more easily resolved through the examination of empirical record, such as evidence about the penaltys effectiveness as a deterrent. Opponents of the utilitarian approach argue that it is flawed for the very reason that it does not take into consideration the complicating ideas which deontology considers, such as the right to life or just retribution.The death penalty is often opposed on the grounds that, because every criminal justice system is fallible, inexperienced person people will inevitably be executed by mistake, and the death penalty is both irreversible and more severe than lesser punishments. The supporters of the death penalty point out that lesser punishments, including life imprisonment, can also be imposed in error and incarceration is also irreversible if the innocent dies in prison. Moreover, whether money is an acceptable compensation for long period of incarceration is a matter of

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Most current financial data and ratios for two firms in a single Research Paper

Most current financial data and ratios for two firms in a single industry, from the US - Research Paper object lessonFinancial analysis between McDonalds and Yum Brands Incl. to de calline their competitiveness since the figures in financial averments never lies. Analysis will be done on the cash f diminished, income statement and balance statementThese ratios include current ratio, quick ratio and cash ratio. This ratio shows the extent at which the company is able to repay its goldbrick term liabilities using current liabilities. According to (Ross & Westerfield, 2000) a value of 1 or greater shows the firm is more liquid hence able to repay its short term obligations with ease.From the above analysis we can see that McDonalds has higher liquidity ratio than Yum Brands Incl. thus it has $ 1.59 to pay $ 1 debt while Yum Brands Incl. only has $0.75 to settle $1 thus having a deficit of $ 0.25.From the above analysis still McDonalds has higher quick ratio as compared to Yum Brands Incl. which has 0.39. This proofs that McDonalds is able to pay off its debt with ease as compared to Yum Brands Incl.This analysis measures the level of profit making a company is as compared to other competitors (Rowland, 1936). These ratios are one of those that attract investors to invest in a abandoned firm. Some of the ratios are as followsFrom the above analysis McDonalds is able to $ 0.22 for every $ 1 invested in the company as opposed to Yum Brands Incl. which only gains $ 0.18. This shows that McDonalds receives great decease from usage of its assets.This ratio shows the proportion of the companys equity financed by owners equity and debt. This ratio is supposed to be as low as possible because high level reflects the company is at a state of insolvency (Kieso & Weygandt, 2001).From the above analysis both firms its assets are financed more by debt by owners equity. For McDonalds its assets are financed 1.28 times than by owners equity as for Yum Brand Incl. it is terri ble since it is asset is financed more than

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Primitivism and the development of novel artistic expression Assignment

Primitivism and the development of novel artistic expression - Assignment vitrineThe essay Primitivism and the development of novel artistic expression discusses the art of Primitivism. Primitive here has reference too to an idea during the time of primitivisms first flowering of a more than pristine, little(prenominal) corrupted and closer to paradise kind of sensibility that was supposed to be reflected in the art of less advanced societies. There is an element too in a return to the primitive to the artists rebellion against the loss of a more carefree, less repressed sex activity, among other things, with the effect too that in the works of some of the artists, such as Gauguin, there was an intentional focus on female sexuality and nudity among the artists subjects. Other attributions to primitivism made in more contemporary definitions of the movement especially paint the movement in a positive light, more so during the 19th century, when the movement was identified with suc h attributions as regeneration, ancestors, and fertility. This, even as the movement itself came to refine its focus of interest to art from the Islands of the Pacific as well as Africa. Moreover, a more generalized emphasis on primitive societies among other social science disciplines in the 20th century generally gave the West more immediate access to those societies, sans the filtering mechanisms that the primitivism art movement first introduced. This latter more direct access by general western society through the sciences to those primitive societies generally weakened the interest of the west on primitivism.

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History of the Canaanite Religion Research Paper

History of the Canaanite Religion - Research Paper ExampleDuring this time, the Egyptians were the ones who governed and controlled the entire area of Canaan. During this period, there came the Egyptian Execration Texts, which lists mickle and princes of the area who owe their allegiance to Egypt. Canaan also related to other violent tribes other than Egypt. A group known as Amorite invaded the area in 2000B.C, which migrated through the Fertile Crescent from Southern Mesopotamian Valley. The Canaanites faced attacks and affected by the Hyksos, who once took control of Egypt from 1720 until 1570. In the sixteenth century, Egyptians succeeded in driving off the Hyksos tribe, which gave the Egyptians a way of extending their power over the Canaanites (Albright, 72). The Egyptian power was somehow weak, and this caused fights among various nations in the area. During the fourteenth century, there was around 350 written letters showing the symmetry of the Egyptian Court at Tell el-Amar na and a number of Canaanite cities. These letters were indications of some Canaanite principalities socially and politically. Before the Israelites could enter into Canaan, the people in Canaan just now organized around the major cities. This Egyptian form of settlement resulted in a no central defense, which made it easy for the Israelites to succeed in remittal in Canaan. Genesis 91-2 indicate that although the kind tried to form a defense coalitions there existed no power to unite all the Canaanites against Israelites. calculate Deborah made an effort to fight against Canaanites due to struggling against each other, and as a result, the Canaanite and Israelite finally melded together. This phenomenon finally ended by the time of King Davids Rule. There were findings of the cuneiform tablets, which remained in the royal library and temple in Ugarit. These tablets portrayal and religious perspective was a representation of the Canaanite thought. During this period, worshiping a immortal by the name Pantheon of deities took place in Ugarit. Each deity had its own duty assignment and fluidity flowed in the deity perception. Canaanites fully engaged in the do of worshiping gods The Israelites lived in a culture where worship of many gods was into practice. Despite the understanding of the first Commandment by the Israelite-You shall not have any other god before me the Canaanites challenged this monotheism form of worship-worship of only one God. This worshiping of gods by Canaanites appeared to be perfect according to many Israelites, and they finally forgot all the good things Yahweh was doing to them and started worshiping the gods of Canaan (Douglas, 100). Israelites also had other complain that Yahweh was invisible since no one has ever seen God another factor why Israelites engaged in the practice of Canaan gods is that they became intolerant. According to intelligence these gods worshiping refers to detestable. Although the Israelites were aware th at God had demanded them not to worship any other god, the Canaanites taught them all the detestable, that these gods did to them, and this made Israelites forget their Almighty God. The Canaanites and Israelites depended on rainfall for their survival, and it was a clear stamp of them that it rained due to the divine powers of the god who assured human and animal fecundity. Physical Security provided by the gods during times of war was another factor that led the Israelites to bugger off worshiping gods. The Israelites complained that they should worship a visible god who they can easily access. Some of the gods worshiped by the Israelites One of the gods wors

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Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Computerized Essay

Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Computerized Physician Order creation Systems in U.S. Hospitals - Essay ExampleThe central point of the study Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems in U.S. Hospitals by Poon et al. (2004) is that implementing a Computerized Physician Order Entry system (CPOE) is not easy because the costs are high, there is opposition from various quarters of the hospital, and there may be issues with vendors. Also institutions that do not give importance to quality care and patient safety may not nevertheless plan for a CPOE. The main decision of this study is that hospitals can over germ problems during the implementation of the CPOE by having strong leaders who can administer the CPOE, realigning the approach of improve patient safety through technology, and developing strong relationships with a vendor committed to meeting the needs of the hospital and providing a customized CPOE system to t he hospital. Besides, hospitals implementing the CPOE without much control and motivation from the senior management are probable to have various problems during implementation such as physicians reluctance to use the system, drop of training for the users of the CPOE, and unequal involvement in development. Currently, different CPOE vendors use different data processes for transmitting information, and these processes may have high development costs. Consequently, vendors are likely to pass on the costs to the customers, who in turn make it difficult for the smaller hospitals to afford and implement a CPOE System. Instead, if standard data protocols such as Health Level 7 (HL7 An interational heatlh informatics standard for interoperability) were utilized in the CPOE, then vendors would not only find it easy to incorpo graze HL7 or early(a) data protocols in their system, but also lower the costs of the CPOE system in 2009 it was found that 30% of the healthcare budget was sp ent on redundancies including poor technologies (Doolan, 2009). Prior investigate The Poon et al. research study finds three considerations that hospitals should use when planning for implementation of the CPOE system. One consideration is the number of deaths from medication error is just about 98000 per grade most of these errors are preventable. Leapfrog Group (a healthcare organization involved with patient safety, healthcare technologies and financing) has considered CPOE as one of the patient goals. The current CPOE adoption rate is about 5 to 10% (Poon et al., 2004). Poon has found that previous studies have described some of the challenges that may be applicable during implementation, but have not come up with solutions. This study tries to go further by providing solutions to these challenges. A need for CPOE was strongly felt when the death rate from medical error (in hospitals in impertinent York) was about 98000 per annum a decade back a good portion of these errors were preventable (Kohn, 1999, p. 1). By incorporating CPOE in the healthcare system, the chances of reducing the medical errors are about 55 %.( Doolan et al., 2004). However, as of 2004, it was found that only 10 to 15% of the hospitals in the U.S. actually use CPOE systems, and many of the hospitals are unaware of the manner of addressing challenges that can wind during the implementation of the CPOE should be addressed (Ash, 2004). To understand in greater detail regarding CPOEs implementation, in-depth interviews were organized with the management of about 26 hospitals in the US that were in various stages of the CPOE implementation. After organizing the interview, three barriers were identified. These included resistance to the CPOE implementation from certain quarters of the hospital, high costs of implementation, and lack of vendor or product maturity. Research Question The research question in Poon et al. (2004) is What are the different barriers to the implementation of th e CPOE system in the hospital and how can these problems is addressed? The research aimed at finding ways to identify and tackle