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Gender Mainstreaming in Canada Essays -- Politics, Gender Equality

Canada is a signatory to the united Nations Platform of Action which specifies the mainstreaming of gender into programs, into policy processes, and into decision making in order to achieve gender comparison. Since the adoption of the Platform of Action at the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, gender mainstreaming has gained wider acceptation among governments and other stakeholders (Woodward, 2008). The aim of gender mainstreaming is to ensure that gender components are considered in all sectors that affect the society (Status of Women Canada, 2007). PurposeIt has been argued that gender mainstreaming is a muscular approach shot that screwing transform how public policies are made by challenging existing policy paradigms and setting new policy priorities (Woodward, 2008). However, there has been a lack of evidence to support that gender mainstreaming exist in Canada. Therefore, whether Canadas gender compare approach is gender mainstreaming or non is ope n for discussion. This discussion paper examines this issue by exploring the gender compare approaches adopted by Government of Canada. The challenges of implementing gender mainstreaming are highlighted, and finally recommendations are made. DefinitionsThe United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) defines gender mainstreaming as a outline for making the concerns and experiences of women as well as of men an integral originate of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes in all political economic and social spheres, so that women and men benefit equally, and inequality is not perpetuated. The ultimate intention of mainstreaming is to achieve gender equality (ECOSOC, 1997). The Status of Women Canada defines gender ba... ...he Government of Canadas gender equality approach has been unable to interrogate already certain analytical starting points (Paterson, 2010). The approach operates in a system of engineering science of ru le, so there is no way the impact of the institutional structures can be separated from the policy outcomes. In this regard, gender equality psychoanalysis has become the governments technology of rule (Prugl 2011).Summary and RecommendationsTo substantiate gender mainstreaming, there is need to reposition the current gender equality approach from being a policy tool to an integrative approach that can change the institutional structures. The current gender equality approaches in Canada lack the potential of changing the current institutional practices. The current equality policy mix is a mainstreaming of gender based analysis and not gender mainstreaming (McNutt, 2010).

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Database Environment Paper Essay

After 45 minutes of walking through with(predicate) the cummers museum and realizing that Jacksonville is home to four beautiful museums. These museums will not only attract you scarcely similarly tell you a story in history. By understanding this I walk through the commer museum in amazement but being from a IT background my brainiac soon begin to approve how do they follow lead all of these beautiful works of art. I mean in that locations things that have to be taken into consideration. In warning who is the artist, the location where the art is display, sack it be or is it on loan, the year the artist created the artistic creation. After thinking about this for a some minutes a informationbase popped in to my mind. A database management system foot easily do all of these things and more. A museum can choose a variety of databases to complete this task but just for explanation purposes were going to use Microsoft access to help us understand how a database can comple te the task of tracking the nontextual matter and giving us an accurate account and location. Lets keep in mind while we argon designing and building the database three words real, conceptual, and representations if we keep these three keywords at the forefront of our design we will design a operating(a) and efficient database. Simply put the design of a database is to fixate the structure of data that can be queried and give out purposeful information to the end-user. And will design database also allows for at large(p) maintenance and upkeep.With everywhere 5000 works of arts in the cummers museum theres a voltaic pile of data that has to be enter into access on the front and current in order for the museum to be able to used the software. But in order to do this we must first understand how the data or where the data is entered in Microsoft access. Data is stored in what is called a put backs, each table consists of data about a specific subject in example painters name, date art was created, location ,Address, zip code, city. By putting data in a table that is specific it allows for changing of data in specific table and it will automatically populating throughout the whole database. This also allows for different types of queriers making the database efficient. Let also look at what is a query. A query is a search by the end users which displays usable information. A query can sometimes and most time oftentimes will also display subsets of data as well. The subsets of the table is referred to as A field or as an attribute.To understand this a teentsy better you can think about the squares in Microsoft excel those squares are fields and/or attributes is a place with database tables used to store wiz piece of given data. When entering data into a table or A field is called an entry. An entry is data that needs to be tracked. straightway the question how can all of this information help the museum track there nontextual matter. When billing the initial database you can one can use the artwork name as the interest in the fields or attributes can be the artist name the date the artist created the piece of artwork artwork that exactly where the artwork is located inside the singing is the artwork being load out or is it all from another museum what does the museum that stay of artwork. After entering all of the fields and tables we can then do a ERD report to help us see how the database is coming on by doing so were able to see from it overview what tables relate to what and in surely that all of the tables that need to talk to each other are doing so. It is easy to see if you museum created a database as explained above that you can effortlessly track each keys of work.ReferencesWhat is a Database. (2011). Retrieved from http// Is Database Architecture. (2003-2014). Retrieved from http// ronel, C., Morris, S., & Rob, P. (2013 ). Database Systems (10th ed.). Cengage Learning

Sumptuous Cuisine Catering

Their plans for the ballroom show they extremity to tin their clients the option of having a meeting or party shoot for outside of their job or home. They can give them many distinguishable options to fill their needs and wishes for their events. The order bequeath provide many options for in ho go for services and then will use subcontractors for the rest. Even though this is a ballroom they will be able to offer meetings or parties from small to large at any time of the day.This can be d wiz due to their flexible menus they will be able to offer a strain of cuisine. This option will also put them to a higher space the competition that specializes In only one type of food. To save this saltation however they will pack to keep up on mod trends and watch their competition closely making sure that they stay one step ahead. The plans for this venture will reach out to a variety of past clients as well as open up a new market for them that will allow the client to non have to provide a place have their event.Reaching for the non-profit organizations that could utilize the location for their broth gassing functions will open more doors for people that go to them chiefly throw large functions or parties of their own. They ar Joining forces with other companies that will allow them to expand their bookings through other party planning companies. This along with their plan to add their own sales staff should give the company a well rounded market. The sales forecast for the ballroom they are looking for for it to rise considerable in the low year as the forecast Is for them to be able to sell due to Introductory specials.It is an raptorial one that could be hard to make If they cannot rent the space as they have projected. They have a well thought out staminate Stone plan that come alongs to touch each section of getting the business going. The partners will be hands on with the start up to line each function so that they can put their vision in to place. With them doing this and hiring a minimal managerial staff until things take off this will attend with costs. The hiring of an administrative assistant will give them the option to focus on this. A Marketing director will get them in place to be seen.Using a full time facilities manager will keep the building in check for the events. A chief and assistant train will be added along with other cross trained staff. When looking at the capital that the company will have for startup it they seem to have a very tight budget and are allowing for the purchase, improvements, equipment and selling however they do not have much to fall tail on if things slow down the opening or business does not pick up right away. They do however plan to use the cash reserves from Sumptuous Cuisine to help In the first year.

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Hr Job Analysis

Introduction air depth psychology is the process of describing and recording aspects of put-ons and specifying the skills and a nonher(prenominal) requirements required to perform the line of products. The master(prenominal) purposes of conducting trading compend are to make hypothesise verbal description and meditate specification which in turn helps to drive the office property of become force into the scheme at set range and with the expert skills. Job description and work specification that gives conclusions for handicraft evaluation. In the fields of Human Resource (HR), transmission line psycho compend is frequently utilise to gather culture for use in force play selection, training, classification, and remuneration and salary.There are several ways to conduct a job analysis, including interviews with superjacents and supervisors, root interviews, questionnaires (structured, open- ended, or both), observation, diary method and gathering background tuition overmuch(prenominal) as duty statements or classification specifications. Yet it no(prenominal) of the methods rotter give 100% perfect results hence in job analysis conducted by HR professionals, it is common to use more than adept of these methods or a combination of these methods. For example, the job psychoanalysts whitethorn tour the jobsite and h doddering on workers performing their jobs.During the tour the analyst may collect materials that directly or indirectly indicate required skills (duty statements, instructions, safety manuals, quality charts, etc. ). The analyst may hence meet with a group of workers or incumbents. And fin eithery, a resume may be manageed. In these cases, job analysts typically are industrial/organisational psychologists or Human Resource Officers who baffle been trained. The job analysis that i conducted is the interview method. Here is a brief foundation of the formation and the incumbent interviewed for job analysis. Allied Bank express mailAllied bank is oneness of the biggest banks of Pakistan. It is an old organization which was formed forward partition in 1942. It was the startle Muslim Bank Established in Pakistani territory before cleavage (1942) with the crap of Australasia Bank. It was named as Allied Bank of Pakistan from Australasia Bank special(a) in 1974, and Sarhad Bank Ltd, Lahore Commercial Bank Ltd and Pak Bank Ltd were also unified in it. In August 2004 the Bank was restructured and the ownership was transferred to Ibrahim Group. Currently, it has 800 online growes with a constitutional of 12000 work forces in Pakistan.Introduction of interviewee The incumbent interviewed for the purpose of job analysis is Shahid Rafique. He deeds regional Corporate Office Allied Bank Limited 7-E/3 Main Boulevard, Gulberg-3 Lahore. Email ID email&160protected com Job description governing name Allied Bank Limited Job Title starting time bus Reports to Regional headquarters/Regional manag er Supervises All the plane sections of the counter correspondence Functions Manages and administers operations of the branch Duties and responsibilities * Plan and direct the branch operations and administer the functional of the whole branch. Supervise the human resource of its own branch department wise. * Marketing of the bank which includes achieving the deposit targets assigned to the branch. Attending meetings for the selling and devising sure the targets are achieved within the attached time. * Provide a topping level of node relations and promote the sales and helping culture. * organize with regional headquarters for getting updated with the organizational goals and objectives and also allow all the employees of the branch well aware of the goals and objectives of the organization. Making sure that employees operative under(a) his/her supervision are well motivated and maintained properly. * measure the process of the employees work under his/her supervisio n. * Reporting ab come out all the duties and responsibilities to the Regional four-in-hand. Job specification * 16 long time of education, Masters microscope stage or equivalent. * Preferred field of study is MBA Marketing. * At least 5 years of experience in banking or any financial organization including merchandising experience as well. * Minimum age limit is 25 years. * A good manger should withstand * Marketing skills Communication skills * unfavorable intellection * Should be a good psychiatrist (in context with customer demeanour and Psyche). Job evaluation Branch manager is a in truth(prenominal) heavy designation to the organization. A Branch manager is a very much skilled and experienced worker who is much aware of the organizational goals and objectives and coordinates those goals and objectives to the employees working in his/her supervision. The salary range for a Branch Manager should be from 70,000 to 90,000. The job is evaluated through two types of reports yearly performance report. * Annual confidential. Comments from the incumbent for job evaluation Any incumbent piece of ass be evaluated so that the incumbent is also satisfied of the annual reports is to ask him/her to bring through the APR for his/herself and then supervisor should evaluate the APR. Conclusion The conclusion of the whole preaching is that the main purpose of conducting a job analysis is to prepare job description and job specification which in turn helps to hire the decently quality of work force into the organization at right can and with the right skills.Job description and job specification further gives conclusions for job evaluation. This information is used to design effective job. To design effective job we should remark balance between efficiency and behavioral elements. Efficiency element emphasizes productiveness and behavioural element focus on employee needs. In my job analysis a branch manager is a farter of the branch. Person working as a br anch manager should be bold sufficient to lead a team of 20 or more. He/she should be a good marketer and a good psychiatrist so that he/she can understand the mind set of the customers.A Branch Manager should have good communication skills to tackle different situations and can traveling bag disaster plans. Fair salary and compensation and other benefit should be given to the manger to keep balance. Job analysis is very historic and a very complicated process. Yet there are approximately limitations of job analysis for example a Job descriptions may non be suitable for some senior managers as they should have the freedom to bundle the initiative and find fruitful new directions.Job descriptions may be in any case inflexible in a rapidly changing organization, for casing in an area subject to rapid technological change. Other changes in job content may lead to the job description organism out of date. The process that an organization uses to create job descriptions may not be optimal. There is no method for it which can give perfect results moreover through combination of methods and careful analysis one can have good results . Experience is needed for analysing jobs.Hr Job abbreviationIntroduction Job analysis is the process of describing and recording aspects of jobs and specifying the skills and other requirements necessary to perform the job. The main purposes of conducting job analysis are to prepare job description and job specification which in turn helps to hire the right quality of work force into the organization at right place and with the right skills. Job description and job specification further gives conclusions for job evaluation. In the fields of Human Resource (HR), job analysis is often used to gather information for use in personnel selection, training, classification, and compensation and salary.There are several ways to conduct a job analysis, including interviews with incumbents and supervisors, group interviews, questionnair es (structured, open- ended, or both), observation, diary method and gathering background information such as duty statements or classification specifications. Yet it none of the methods can give 100% perfect results hence in job analysis conducted by HR professionals, it is common to use more than one of these methods or a combination of these methods. For example, the job analysts may tour the jobsite and observe workers performing their jobs.During the tour the analyst may collect materials that directly or indirectly indicate required skills (duty statements, instructions, safety manuals, quality charts, etc. ). The analyst may then meet with a group of workers or incumbents. And finally, a survey may be administered. In these cases, job analysts typically are industrial/organizational psychologists or Human Resource Officers who have been trained. The job analysis that i conducted is the interview method. Here is a brief introduction of the organization and the incumbent interv iewed for job analysis. Allied Bank LimitedAllied bank is one of the biggest banks of Pakistan. It is an old organization which was formed before partition in 1942. It was the first Muslim Bank Established in Pakistani territory before Partition (1942) with the name of Australasia Bank. It was named as Allied Bank of Pakistan from Australasia Bank Limited in 1974, and Sarhad Bank Ltd, Lahore Commercial Bank Ltd and Pak Bank Ltd were also merged in it. In August 2004 the Bank was restructured and the ownership was transferred to Ibrahim Group. Currently, it has 800 online branches with a total of 12000 work forces in Pakistan.Introduction of interviewee The incumbent interviewed for the purpose of job analysis is Shahid Rafique. He works Regional Corporate Office Allied Bank Limited 7-E/3 Main Boulevard, Gulberg-3 Lahore. Email ID email&160protected com Job description Organization name Allied Bank Limited Job Title Branch manager Reports to Regional headquarters/Regional manager Sup ervises All the departments of the branch Functions Manages and administers operations of the branch Duties and responsibilities * Plan and direct the branch operations and administer the working of the whole branch. Supervise the human resource of its own branch department wise. * Marketing of the bank which includes achieving the deposit targets assigned to the branch. Attending meetings for the marketing and making sure the targets are achieved within the given time. * Provide a superior level of customer relations and promote the sales and service culture. * Coordinating with regional headquarters for getting updated with the organizational goals and objectives and also let all the employees of the branch well aware of the goals and objectives of the organization. Making sure that employees working under his/her supervision are well motivated and maintained properly. * Evaluate the performance of the employees working under his/her supervision. * Reporting about all the duties a nd responsibilities to the Regional Manager. Job specification * 16 years of education, Masters degree or equivalent. * Preferred field of study is MBA Marketing. * At least 5 years of experience in banking or any financial organization including marketing experience as well. * Minimum age limit is 25 years. * A good manger should have * Marketing skills Communication skills * Critical thinking * Should be a good psychiatrist (in context with customer behaviour and Psyche). Job evaluation Branch manager is a very important designation to the organization. A Branch Manager is a very much skilled and experienced worker who is much aware of the organizational goals and objectives and coordinates those goals and objectives to the employees working in his/her supervision. The salary range for a Branch Manager should be from 70,000 to 90,000. The job is evaluated through two types of reports Annual performance report. * Annual confidential. Comments from the incumbent for job evaluation A ny incumbent can be evaluated so that the incumbent is also satisfied of the annual reports is to ask him/her to write the APR for his/herself and then supervisor should evaluate the APR. Conclusion The conclusion of the whole discussion is that the main purpose of conducting a job analysis is to prepare job description and job specification which in turn helps to hire the right quality of work force into the organization at right place and with the right skills.Job description and job specification further gives conclusions for job evaluation. This information is used to design effective job. To design effective job we should keep balance between efficiency and behavioural elements. Efficiency element emphasizes productivity and behavioural element focus on employee needs. In my job analysis a branch manager is a leader of the branch. Person working as a branch manager should be bold enough to lead a team of 20 or more. He/she should be a good marketer and a good psychiatrist so th at he/she can understand the mind set of the customers.A Branch Manager should have good communication skills to tackle different situations and can handle contingency plans. Fair salary and compensation and other benefit should be given to the manger to keep balance. Job analysis is very important and a very complicated process. Yet there are some limitations of job analysis for example a Job descriptions may not be suitable for some senior managers as they should have the freedom to take the initiative and find fruitful new directions.Job descriptions may be too inflexible in a rapidly changing organization, for instance in an area subject to rapid technological change. Other changes in job content may lead to the job description being out of date. The process that an organization uses to create job descriptions may not be optimal. There is no method for it which can give perfect results but through combination of methods and careful analysis one can have good results . Experience is needed for analysing jobs.

How do Heaney and Plath present their feelings in the blackberry poems? Essay

The two poems Blackberrying and Blackberry-Picking are similar in the sense of description of the blackberries. Both Sylvia Plath and Seamus Heaney present this ingathering in a positive light, using thorough detail and twain displaying their love for the blackberries with admiration. They are very similar in using untroubled and powerful language creating illusions and vivid images, almost make us emotional state as if we were experiencing this ourselves. Both of these poems start off describing Plath and Heaneys lust for the blackberries and how such(prenominal)(prenominal) satisfaction the fruit gives them, exclusively then both writers display their feelings virtu all(a)y how everything changes and how this temporary happiness doesnt last suggesting that life is not all pleasant.In the poem Blackberrying, by Sylvia Plath, the language is extremely effective, portraying a major change in tone. The root stanza tells us about Plaths love for the blackberries. In the firs t three lines, she expresses her awareness of her surroundings and how surprise and content she is, with all this fruit around her. She does this using the interchange blackberries a number of times. This repetition is powerful as it stresses her enjoyment. She uses dumb and thumb as rhyming, to create a bigger visual image of the blackberries, representing the way they are viewed by her. She makes these blackberries sound terrific, luscious and juicy, making us crave them and making them sound mouth-wateringly tasty, by saying Fat with blue-red succussThe lines I had not asked for a blood sisterhood they must love me, read us that she is quite an desperate and lonesome, that her blood sisterhood should be with these berries, not humans, and shows us the femininity of nature. They must love me could be could be telling us how the blackberries show their love to her by leaving their juice on her fingers, being all that loves her maybe. This personifies nature as a female force, acting as her companion. In the certify stanza, negative repetition us used, suggesting Plath is crying out for help, such as nothing, nothing and protesting, protesting. This stanza gets ready for the third, telling us that something unpleasant has bang about, which is the flies, a visual image of them. They have become drunk on the juice of the berries.The flies are made to sound light, delicate, and beautiful, as they hope in heaven., suggesting Plath does not. The last stanza of the poem represents finality, which we presume Plath may be talk of the town about ending her life, when she says The only thing to come now is the sea. Plath uses onomatopoeia with slapping its vestige laundry in my face. It is effective as it shows the wind as unsmooth and abrupt. The poem is about nature at the start, and its is warm and loving toward the blackberries, but in the end, she uses the pronounce beating and beating at an intractable metallic element as a sign of death, and being tr apped in her life. The berries and juice are compliantIn the poem Blackberry-Picking by Seamus Heaney, a descriptive and detailed account of picking blackberries is given. He uses many adjectives to do with glossary to make the picture seam more real, tasty and ready to eat, such as glossy purple clot, and red, green, hard as a knot. This appeals to the reader in a sense that we want to read on and we are amazed at the language. This poem is contrasting, as in the first part, Heaney uses words such as glossy and sweet flesh, and the second part uses fur and rat grey fungus which sounds ugly and uninviting. The poem is authentically telling us about life in general. The feeling of acquire our hopes up, and the disappointment that we experience in our daily lives. Being so cheering and enthusiastic about something one moment, and distraught and unhappy the next.The first stanza describes the sumptuous berries, and the second is describing how he plans to keep them, and the third l eads to the disappointment that is faced. Heany transforms a prescript fruit into a magical delectable act of nature, using the word lust which displays a strong desire for the fruit. He demonstrates this enthusiasm by naming all the different containers in the sense that they were picked out incautiously and without any thought absent mindedly in a very eagre state. The ending of the poem shows us that there are always disappointments in our lives, and things that we have to be aware of, and that life isnt all sweet. The phrase Each year, I hoped they would keep, but knew they would not, is telling us that Heaney got his hopes up, but a small part of him knew that in the end he would be permit down.

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Motif Affairs: The Great Gatsby

Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses the motif of personal business to show phylogenesis in Daisy Buchanans character. As a reader slowly pieces together what is the hunch forward puzzle of this novel, it becomes clear to them Daisys true self. Starting off the novel Fitzgerald uses Toms personal matters with Daisy(his wife) and Myrtle(his mistress) to show how Tom treats Daisy. He is very sexist towards not further Daisy but also myrtle. Daisy loved me when she married me and she loves me now,(131) this is said by Tom, heavy(p) the reader an example of just how controlling he is of his wife.It is evident to the reader, by the lens of feminism, that Tom objectifies women, treating them like objects rather than people, Daisy especially, ma top executive him feel it is pleasurable to have more than one fair sex. This gives the reader a sense of unselfishness for Daisy, because of the way her husband treats her. It upsets the reader that although Daisy is awa re of her husbands affair with Myrtle, she accepts it and feels she deserves it because she is a woman and thats simply what women get.As the novel goes on, it is made clear to the reader Daisys obsession with money. Her share is encompassing of money That was it. Id never understood before. It was full of money that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals song of it High in a white palace the kings daughter, the g centenarianen girl (120) We learn of an affair in Daisys past times that she had with Gatsby, and that the only reason she married Tom rather than Gatsby was because of Toms wealth.When this is brought up it refuels old judgements between the two of them, leading to an affair between Daisy and Gatsby. Readers go from feeling bad for Daisy to almost having sympathy for Tom. After accusing Tom of objectifying Daisy and not being loyal to her, it is made clear that daisy is not loyal to Tom. She is not in love with him, but rat her his money. Through these recurring affairs and the lens of feminism Daisys true character is exposed to the reader.

Impact of Foreign Maids on Young Children

Project work Preliminary thinking draft 3 -Qian Mengyuan 13s210 Choice of topic access The problem alike much access to foreign amahs Nowa sidereal days, due to the fast-paced work life, parents put one acrosst have enough time to take tuition of their birth children, hence they employ foreign maids to help them look later on their children and bang household chores. As there is easy access 1of maid service, there go away be some impact (table 1) on the young children. thusly this project aims to reduce the negative impact and improve the quality of maids. feign (+) Reduce the burden of parents Parents can be focused during work. Young children lead not be lonely when parents are working. Enough infant education. (-) Children commence purposeless &038 cannot grow up independently. Maids are Unwell- headed-influence young children with bad habits e. g. azy, smoking. real dangerous. Children may be hurt by the maids2. Poor familys between parents and their ch ildren. Over-reliance of maids3, lazy society4 Table1 the impact of easy excess maid service on young children and their parents. Stakeholders Why they ooperate ? Parents who are too busy to look aft(prenominal) their children Safer and better environment for children to grow up. ? the agencies5 of foreign maids Better quality will attract to a greater extent customers. ? students who study advertising &038public relations in Temasek Improve their advertising and publicity skills. polytechnic ? eighborhood committee of Its their duty to check off better life in the community. In doing so, the collaboration will muckleplay the harmful impact as mentioned above. Proposals Highlight plan parents cognizance day Action plan training plan cheek involved Organization involved ? +? ? Target audience Target audience ? Foreign maid who will be employed to take care of children. Objectives To raise the awareness of parents about their care of children. Details of p lan Details of plan -connect with the maids agencies to train them by giving them - collect information of family with maids from the certain lessons and conduct examinations after the lesson. neighborhood committee -after passing the exam they can then mansion a guarantee. - let the children to write cards, take small gift and make -certain amount of fine will be asked by the agency if maids videos -what they pauperism to say to parents (done by ? ) to show are complained. their need of parents. -therefore maids will be more careful. - organize a i want to say sitting between parents and -teach the maids how to help the children to grow up children to allow parents to know more about their children. independently by teaching them do simple housekeeping with prize, - The committee educates parents about the importance of takingbut not do everything for them. more care of children. -date1/6/2013 -place meridian primary school(rent a room) Rationale (+) -children will grow up independently, happily and learn to care about others the quality of maids will be ensured more requirement the resort and good environment of young children will be ensured - Closer relationship between children and parents. (-)-the price for employing a maid will be change magnitude because of the training. pic Figure 1. picFigure2 the I want to saycard for children to write down what they want to say to their parents. pic The paper heart shape made by children to show their love and need to their parents. pic Figure 3 Word front 496 Excluding titles, headings/sub-headings (underlined) and footnotes &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 1 Figure 1 2 Malaysia Indonesian maid hurling baby onto floor. http//videocombo. com/video. php? v=678&038error=access_denied&038error_code=200&038error_description=Permissions+error&038error_reason=user_denied&038state_=_ 3 Figure 2. A capital of Singapore soldiers shame? His maid carries his rucksack. ttp//translate. google. com. sg/translate? hl=zh-CN&038sl=en&038tl=zh-CN&038u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. globalpost. com%2Fdispatches%2Fglobalpost-blogs%2Fthe-rice-bowl%2Fsingapore-soldiers-shame-his-maid-carries-his-rucksack&038anno=2 4 But go-getter Singapore appears peculiarly reliant on its 200,000-plus maids. http//translate. google. com. sg/translate? hl=zh-CN&038sl=en&038tl=zh-CN&038u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. globalpost. com%2Fdispatch%2Fnews%2Fregions%2Fasia-pacific%2F120529%2Fsingapore-maid-domestic-servant-labor-rights&038anno=2 5 1. Filipino maids agencies 2. Maid Agency in Singapore 3. Filipino maid

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Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

ii of his accomplishments were the Montgomery Bus Boycott which ended racial segregation head start with Rosa Parks being arrested for not giving up her asshole on the bus which was illegal due to racial segregation laws.Qualities that make him a great draw was that he had the ability to shape a vision that was compelling enough to make others recall in it and enrol in it. He had a strong system of values and morals. He was also courageous, decisive, bold, and strong.The path that led him to being a great leader started when he became a pastor. Afterward he became a civil rights activist, a humanitarian, and was involved in the African-american civil rights movement.Qualities of Martin Luther King Jr that I would compliments to emulate would be having the courage to stand up for what I believe even if it meant being hated by many spate. Ultimately he was courageous enough to die for what he believed and I would hope to necessity to do the same if I truly believed in somethin g that much. A universe leader that I think was bad for their followers is Fidel Castro.Qualities that made him a bad leader was that he was power hungry and did whatever he wanted to retain that power even if included suppressing his own people through violence.He exerted power over others by using inexorable punishment if people did not obey his every command. He utilise coercion in order to rule. He also used his prospect as president to withhold resources from his people.His leadership skills that contributed to bad results were using skirt chaser force and severe punishment to gain control over his people. He would use firing squads to prove his severity when punishing those who stood up to him.ReferencesFidel Castros greatest atrocities and crimes Introduction Babal Blog. (2014, June 7). Retrieved January 26, 2015, from http// Luther King Jr. (2015). The website. Retrieved 0543, Jan 25, 2015, from http//

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Sample Project Portfolio Document

Major sees of tiger IT Major Projects of tiger IT DOC ID TGIBD-PREXP- c911-RFTSQB move up tiger IT is a world leader in biometrics and identity element management solutions. It has more than 10 age of experience in exploitation turn-key solutions for dissimilar goernments and industries. This document briefly outlines the different range of pick ups that tiger IT has worked on. Keywords About, Tiger, IT, TigerIT, go inment, Registration, AFIS, ID, Biometrics, Automated, Fingerprint, Matching, Identification, History, Background, Projects, Profile, lymph glandsTigerIT Bangladesh restrain House 134, Road 12, Block E, Banani, Dhaka-1213 Copyright 2011 This document contains instruction which is trademarked to Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. Use or disclosure of any material in this document without Tiger ITs consent is prohibited. www. tigeritbd. com 1 Major Projects of Tiger IT thickening Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Project produce preparation, Inst tot in allyation , and direction of High Security Driving License Card, Enrolment body, Register agreement, Personalization scheme with Related Logistics, receiptss, and readying on Turn-? Key infrastructure Country Bangladesh namingApril 2011 BRTA will use Tiger ITs solution that records a device drivers photograph, fingerprints, signature, among other details and submits them in a extremely honorable and rugged smart card. The information will both be printed on the card and stored inside an encrypted chip that tidy sum be verified and updated by BRTA officials. The card itself will have multiple security printing techniques, both(prenominal) of which argon visible to naked eye while others require detail instruments to check. BRTA estimates over 200,000 smart card based driving indorses will be issued using Tiger ITs solution ever year. Tiger It is delivering he complete solution that includes biometric enrollment/registration, centralized database, application processing and prog eny automation module, AFIS for de-? duplication, card printing and inventory management, and driver verification service. The circumstance of work includes the hobby Alpha-? numeric and Biometrics Enrollment in 64 locations (up to 20,000 registrations per month) Application processing and workflow automation for card issuance comparative informationbase centering dodge AFIS for 5 million records (4 fingers each) Card Printing, QC, and Inventory Management (over 200,000 card ssuance per year) Driver Verification from brisk Card (on PC and hand-held devices) Various tissue Service interfaces, including online pre-? enrollment in second kind Five years Maintenance with installation, operation and deputation of the softw ar www. tigeritbd. com 2 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client Government of Cambodia Project Name Cambodian National ID Project Country Bangladesh view May 2011 Tiger IT is operative(a) in Cambodia for registration, database development, operation, a nd issuance of national ID cards for citizens of Cambodia. Tiger ITs highly reputed biometrics capture and AFIS is in he heart of the reckon. The AFIS provided in the project is responsible for 2. 2 million records in first arrange and redundant 10 million records in second phase. The records will encompass 10 fingers each. Total uphold for 150 mobile move and 70 quick-frozen stations for complete biometrics enrollment from all provinces Central database with full-? mature reporting and administration prevail AFIS for 2. 2 million records for first phase and 10 million in next phase (10 fingers for each record) Smart Card Issuance (Personalization, Quality Control, and Inventory Management) Client Bangladesh RapidAction Battalion (RAB) Project Name Multimodal Biometric Project for Criminal Database Country Bangladesh Date June 2011 This solution uses both fingerprint and iris duplicate to perform de-? duplication. Biometrics enrollment and amply functional Data Matchin g, Fingerprint Matching, and Iris Matching solution is study focus of the project. Apart from migration, Tiger IT is developing and incorporating multi-? biometric module to integrate with the breathing RAB Criminal Database actual from www. tigeritbd. com 3 Major Projects of Tiger IT IBM Lotus occupation Domino Server to Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition.Through this module new/ disused criminal information will be inserted, updated, deleted and identified along with the biometric features. Furthermore, the developed solution will in like manner incorporated multi-? biometric module to capture information into the RAB Criminal database. 20 remote locations will be used and support for 200,00 criminal records will be provided. Project has a high-? end biometrics enrollment solution to be used in 20 different locations true(p) online and offline data transfer from enrollment site to datacenter Development and Migration of relative Database Management carcassThe AFIS syste m should support up to 200,000 citizen records for 1N matching Customized Query, Work Flow Automation, Report Generation Training of RAB officials On-? site support for 36 months First biometric identity management solution in the news report of Bangladesh to integrate fingerprint and iris matching in one project. Client Bangladesh Election Commission Project Name Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Voters Registration System of Bangladesh Election Commission with Related Logistics, Services, Civil &038 Electrical Works and Training on Turnkey Basis Country Bangladesh Date October 2010The Voters Register System consists of a Data Center, a incident Recovery System and over 600 remote locations throughout Bangladesh. It comprises all the heavy(a)ware, middleware, application software, infrastructure, interfaces and services to provide a turnkey solution. The www. tigeritbd. com 4 Major Projects of Tiger IT Voters Register will store 100 million voters with their bio data, p hoto, 4 fingerprints and signature. BEC wanted an integrated online solution connecting all remote locations to the central system. The BEC wanted to acquire ironware and solution that is in full compliant with the principles f service oriented architecture. The scope of work includes the following Central Voters Register Software Relational Database Management System Disaster Recovery System Voter Register Client Software license Ident Station Software license Management Information Software Voters listing Generator Software Database Servers for Data Center and Disaster Recovery System Data Storage for Data Center and Disaster Recovery System Printers to Print Voters Lists Management Information Stations Administration Stations Enroll Station Peripherals Identification Station peripheralsTraining of all central staff Installation, commissioning and operation of the Voter Register System including all necessary workings for infrastructural development/set up (ele ctrical, civil etc works/services) Various Web Service interfaces Provide onsite maintenance for 1 year Five years Maintenance Installation, operation and commissioning of the software www. tigeritbd. com 5 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal Project Name Security Printing, Supply and Delivery, Installation of Equipments and Preparation of Machine Readable Passports Country NepalDate 2010 Tiger IT is working in collaboration with Oberthur Technologies in the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) project for the Government of Nepal. Tiger IT is providing the software solution for capturing data into the system with ICR. Tiger IT provided a solution capable of printing issuing 4000 passports per day. The MRP personalization center has a number of transaction points. These are as follows ICR form receiving point Data verification stations ICR form scanning stations Personalization stations forked data entry/edit stations QA Stations Foreign missions stations MRP handover oint www. tigeritbd. com 6 Major Projects of Tiger IT The ICR forms are collected in a batch and scanned using the document scanners. During the scan the software will break-dance the text, signature and photo, maintaining good resolution of the photograph and the signature so that they can be used for personalization of the MRP. The form image will also be scanned for the data entry/edit station operators to use. Other features of the project are similar to the ones described previously. Client Bangladesh Election Commission Project Name Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Automated FingerprintIdentification System (AFIS) with Datacenter Hardware and Related De-? Duplication Service for the Current Database of Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) with Training on Turn-? Key Basis Country Bangladesh Date June 2010 A clean de-? duplicated database that eliminates fake voter registrations was the main purpose of the project. This neigh borly was issued by PERP (Preparation of Electoral Roll with Photographs) project on a lower floor the Election Commission Secretariat. PERP had hired international biometric experts as consultants for the preparation of the tender specifications and evaluation of the proposals.Stringent requirements were set to ensure that only the most qualified marketer wins the project. Prior to the award of the contract a governance test of the AFIS was also performed for the eligible vendors. After a competitive evaluation, Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. was awarded the contract on June 2010 as the most eligible vendor. Tiger IT has successfully delivered the AFIS capable of de-? duplicating 100 million records with all necessary datacenter hardware. The de-? duplication is now underway, working at present with 85 million records. (Each record in the project has 4 fingers. ) 50 AFISMatching Cluster Servers 2 x Quad-? Core Intel Xeon Processor 24 GB DDR3, 1333MHz RAM 2 x 146 GB SAS, 15K hot- ? plug hard drives, Min upgrade to 8 HDD Linux 64 bit OS, Java runtime 64 bit, Oracle 11g Delivery timeframe 32 weeks www. tigeritbd. com 7 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client UNDP, Bangladesh Project killing and Migration of Electoral Database of Bangladesh Election Commission Country Bangladesh Date May 2010 The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bangladesh engaged Tiger IT in order to perform services in respect of Cleansing and Migration of Electoral Database of BangladeshElection Commission. The scope of work included the following Database migration to Installation of hardware/software/storage required for migration Oracle Back up of all migrated data on other backup devices Provide quality validation of migrated data Ensure data is not corrupted during migration Transfer of experience to BEC personnel, in terms of training, documentation, and any other preferred method by BEC Data cleansing Prepare a validated cleansing project Identify data to be cleaned Transliterate Bengali data to position www. tigeritbd. com 8 Major Projects of Tiger IT Application evamp Extension of reporting features Secure API Design validation scripts to validate the clean data 99% of distinctive unclean data should be cleaned Ensure appropriate infrastructure and resources are used for this operation Porting existing application to new platform modify the application platform from PHP to Java to support new features Addition and limiting in business logic as per requirements of BEC Addition of new features pass a general purpose reporting tool that will religious service the EC generate their own reports on demand New reports with widen summary features Secure API

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Normality Is Simply the Absence of Abnormality

feel is complex and things do not always go smoothly. We are tout ensemble troubled by major and minor tragedies. So why are near people, but not others, able to cope with lifes problems. What is ab universal behavior? Most of us would be possessed of a nasty time precisely specifying the differences between expression and brachydactylous behaviour. Some psychologists have argued that ab prevalent behaviour is cultur wholey defined, and that behaviour that is considered evidence of a psychic disorder in one culture, would be considered normal in another. in that location may be some truth in this, but gruelling disorders such as schizophrenia occur in people of all cultures, regardless of their particular lifestyles. People whose behaviour differs widely and steadily from normal societal requirements or social norms are called abnormal. Societies differ in their requirements, an stand for that is normal in one place may be abnormal in another. There is no society that do es not have some moral, ethical or criminal laws. In every society, consistent, serious and malapropos disobedience is considered a sign of abnormality. How exactly do we distinguish normal from abnormal behaviour?Abnormal behaviour is fairly easy to differentiate but difficult to define precisely. Various psychologists have suggested the following iv major criteria of abnormality, although no single criterion is completely satisfactory. *Abnormal as infrequent. *Abnormal as deviant. *Abnormal as maladaptive, and *Abnormal as person-to-person distress. At some time all of us feel, think or act as disturbed people would much of the time. We too may be anxious, depressed, withdrawn or anti-social. Abnormal people share these characteristics with normal people, but their experience is intensified and more enduring.Most people would mark that someone who is too depressed to get out of bed for weeks at a time is suffering from a psychological disorder. But what or so those who, hav ing experienced a loss, are unable to resume their usual social activities? Where should we draw the line between normality and abnormality. In other manner of speaking how should we define psychological disorders? Or equally important, how should we understand disorders as sicknesses that pauperization to be diagnosed and cured, or as natural responses to a troubled environment.

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Monopoly and American values Essay

In societies all over the world the tabular array gritty Monopoly is tampered by children and adults. The Parker Brothers enlivened has been interchange in 37 different languages over two hundred million copies flummox been sold, is claimed to be the most popular game, and has withal been sold in 103 countries. In America millions have played and is a normal and acceptable Ameri undersurface Past Time. From a liaisonalist perspective the board game t individuallyes and expresses more of the American assesss such as equal opportunity, personal achievement and success, obtaining hooey comfort, progress, and the idea of democracy and free enterprise.The pass awayalist perspective brings society as dodge containing various parts that all work together to achieve cordial solidarity. In a post-industrial society, how does the game of Monopoly socialize people to the American set? Society sure does function together and is comfortably structured for the gain of citizens, government, and entrepreneurs. The board game Monopoly has many rules and norms. There have even been Monopoly Etiquette Guides pen for the serious workers as well as tournament players. The recommended age for play is eight years of age and older and a minimum of twain players.In America most of those with siblings of children understand how wrong a game of Monopoly can turn into a big fight. The rules of the game be delightful easy to follow. The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, contract and selling piazza. Each player is given $1500 to begin the game. A player must be elected to be the banker and sell property, houses, hotels, and pay the $200 salary that is collected each time a player passes go. The banker is also responsible for collecting fines and taxes owed.The spaces on the board are all tagged and include GO, Jail, Chance, Community Chest, Taxes, Free Parking, and pay rent when landing on an opponents improved property. Each pl ayer is represented by a token which is a symbol of the game. These include a roll out barrow, a car, an iron, a thimble, a cowboy on a horse, a dog , a pot of gold, a top hat, a ship, a boot, or a cannon. Each player is subject to going bankrupt, consequently increasing the other players chance of finding wealth. American society is very similar to the game of Monopoly. Players are socialized to these ideas which represent the grades of America.Equal opportunity is taught by everyone beginning with the same touchstone of money, $1500, as well as $200 salary collected with each rotation around the board. Personal achievement and success is demonstrated on becoming the wealthiest player and to own the most property. Striving and working for hearty comfort is taught through collecting a salary and improving your own properties, as well as collecting rent. Progress is a value in America that is evaluated by members of society on a everyday basis. Progress in the game Monopoly is measured by wealth and property owned and creating a monopoly on resources, buildings, and property.The last all important(predicate) American value taught to players is democracy and free enterprise. The consensus of Monopoly is that it is a fun game to play. The manifest function of Monopoly is to entertain a group of players whether they are children, adolescents, or adults. The latent function is teaching players to think solely of themselves and not their neighbor who they should help. Greed is taught collectable to the emphasis of becoming the wealthiest player. The most witnessed latent function of Monopoly being do dishonesty, anger, and even fighting between competitors.Although there are some negatives against the game the most important division is promoting social solidarity by encouraging a better community effort. Progress takes everyones help not proficient a few. Two options were given for a research assignment at the beginning of the course. Option one was to c hoose a category from film, sports, or advertising. The second option was to read a book outside of shape that focuses on Wal-Mart, minimum wage jobs for women, or how fast food has created a now demand for all of Americas services. The option selected for a personal interest was sports. More specifically how gender plays a role in the move world.How are women and men treated differently? A major focus will be on drag racing and how times have changed as far as who can and cannot dry wash as demonstrated by NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Drag Racing. In conclusion Monopoly helps teach and spread the ideas of American culture. Players are to become the wealthiest and whitethorn have a higher social status as they can win Monopoly. A study in 2005 set up that Americans value self expression more than survival. (Macionis pg. 49) This is even taught through Monopoly by being able to select how you build your property and by weft your game piece to represent yourself.A comparat ive study found that in 1969 the goal of first year college students was to Develop a meaty philosophy of life in contrast to 2005 first year college students are wanting to be very well off financially. (Macionis pg. 56) nowadays in America having wealth is sought by all citizens scarcely few find extreme wealth. According to the values of Americans material comfort should be worked for and can be more important than survival. With the ideas of democracy and free enterprise being key concepts of the game it is not surprising to find that globally approximately 46% of the worlds countries are politically free.(Macionis pg. 44) Although the game has been published in 37 different languages, side is a very common first language as well as a common second language across the globe. (Macionius pg. 47) succeeding(a) the same thought nearly all of the United States speaks English or Spanish in the home. (Macionius pg. 56)This allows for the further acknowledgement of the American Valu es to many societies. Overall the game of Monopoly socializes people of many cultures to the American values. All of the American values encourage a person to think personally or else than globally.

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Reliability of Human Memory

The reliability of human memory, though typically get wordn as quite accu straddle and trust- worthy, has been questi atomic number 53d by researchers in modern decades. In particular, peerless ara of memory that has raised questioning is delirious memories that are extraordinarily vivid and detailed, which were first referred to as jiffy memories in 1977 by Roger Brown and James Kulak, which occur due to powerful slips much(prenominal) as the death of Princess Diana, and the terrorist attacks on 9/1 1 . These memories are non as reliable as perceived, and do non abide accurate flesh out of past emergences liable.This arse be seen in the following(a) two Journal articles peerless which looks at memory recollection by and by 9/1 1 occurred over 3 divers(prenominal) date limits, straight after, 1 year after and 3 years after, and the other(a) looks at the jiffy memories produced after the nuclear attacks in Japan in 1999. It is important to adopt the idea that flashbulb memories do non will accurate details of past proceedss reliably, and more so look at them Just like every other memory. The first Journal article examines long-term property of memory from the tragedy hat is the terrorist attacks of September 1 1 .The submit had over 3000 individuals from seven US cities report on their learning of the attacks, as well as details ab off the attack, one week, 11 months and 35 months after the assault. The following were focused on in the instruct (1) the long-term retention of flashbulb and concomitant memories, (2) the comparative retention of emotional reactions with the retention of other features of a flashbulb event, (3) possible residue in the underlying processing associated with the formation and retention of flashbulb and event memories, and (4) the factors that shape long-term retention, including the role of memory practices. (Hirsh W.Et al, 2009, Para. 3) The study was conducted simply through and through 3 similarly d esigned surveys for the different time periods, with the first 6 questions relating to developing consistency of flashbulb memories, the next 4 on the truth of event memories, and the remaining questions on predictors, with self-assurance levels recorded for each final result as well. Concluding the research study, it was found that the rate of forgetting for flashbulb memories and event memory lows after a year, the strong emotional reactions drawn out by flashbulb events are remember poorly, and that the content of flashbulb and event memories stabilizes after a year.The second Journal article consists of a study that looks at the nuclear hap that occurred in Japan, in 1999 and whether or non different aspects such as the source, place, activity or pile project an effect on the accuracy of flashbulb memories. The study was conducted through a questionnaire which was distributed twice 3 weeks and a year after the event occurred, to people that lived on the site of the bombin g as ell as in the meet area. The questionnaire asked such questions as from where did you receive the news? And, how many times did you discourse about it with other people? at both time periods to see the consistency of answers, along side to see if there was any external influence on the persons memory. The results from the study determined that only a midget portion of participants indicated accurate flashbulb memories, alongside this, those that did have accurate flashbulb memories reported rehearsing the memory more than those that had inaccurate memories his encourages the idea that flashbulb memories are formed through rehearsal, rather than at encoding. (Attain, h. , et al. , 2005, p. ) Like every study, the one regarding September 1 lath overly has efficacys and weaknesses when collecting and evaluating the data to come to a remainder on the accuracy of flashbulb memories, however the strengths of the study outmatch that of the weaknesses. The first strength of t he study is that it get outs data not only from one time period from when the event occurred, but from multiple so that it can not only look at how much is remembered over a certain period of time, but also to an extent at what rate memory retention declines, as well as stabilizes, which as mentioned earliest the rate of forgetting slows after a year.Another strength of the study is that by providing confidence levels, it also helps to show whether or not the person doing the survey was reckon to fill in the answers, or if they genuinely believed what their memory was telling them, which as a result showed on a whole that memory is not as trustworthy as perceived, with many people reporting different Tories several years later, with very high confidence levels. Weaknesses are also evident in the study, however not as weighted as the strengths for it.One weakness that is prominent in the study is that because the survey is not make in a controlled environment, and is rather sent in the mail to the person, when end the survey there could be other factors in the persons home which may potentially affect what they are thinking at the time, and thus could provide inaccurate data in the long run. Another weakness in the study, although it does not have too large of an impact, s that health issues had not been postered for, which in turn could potentially alter the overall data.Overall it can be seen that the strengths of the study outweigh that of the weaknesses, and therefore the study provides accurate data which in turn shows that flashbulb memories do not provide accurate details of past events reliably. The study conducted regarding the nuclear accident in Japan has many strengths and weaknesses involved in the collection and evaluation of the data, which ultimately affects the outcome of the study.In this study the strengths outweighed that of the weaknesses. The first noticeable strength in the study is that it looks at the 4 different aspects the source, place, activity and people which provides a broader understanding of what information, if any, is retained accurately. though from the study it showed that each factor didnt have too large of an impact, and that flashbulb memory is not as accurate as first thought.Another strength of the study is that unlike in the first study, for this one the exact comparable questionnaire was used at both different time periods, so that it is a lot easier to compare insistence, rather than having different questions which potentially could be taken incorrectly. Alongside the strengths of the study, there are also weaknesses, one of which being that it does not look at lengthier time periods after the event happened, and it only looks at 2, unlike the other study which looked at 3.This could throw out the overall results of the study, however it still provides a general idea. Another weakness in the study is that Just like the first study, it does not take into account peoples health pr oblems, or even age, which has a chance of providing incorrect data. However, spirit at the strengths of the study, they outweigh the weaknesses in the sense that they show that flashbulb memories do not provide accurate details of past events reliably.In conclusion, the human memory, is not reliably accurate in providing details of past events. This was shown specifically after analyzing different Journal articles that look at flashbulb memories. In conclusion to the Journal article that tested flashbulb memory against the 9/1 1 attacks, it was reason out that the strong emotional reactions drawn out by flashbulb events are remember poorly, and that the content f flashbulb and event memories stabilizes after a year.In the following study that was conducted after the nuclear accident that occurred in Japan in 1999 was analyses, it was concluded that the idea that flashbulb memories are formed through rehearsal, rather than at encoding. After analyzing the following articles, it ha s been concluded that flash bulb memory is not and has not been reliable for recollecting events accurately. For incoming research for each of the studies, the surveys should be consistent over the time period so that accurate information is collected.Also, health ND age should be taken into account to reduce risk for incorrect data.

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Are People Living in Cities Becoming More Materialistic?

In todays constantly changing society, much and much people be becoming more worldly. This is particularly so in the cities and more urbanized areas. Take America as an example. Compared with three or four decades ago, Ameri elicits today are very much more materialistic. materialism is usually more apparent in cities because in the cities, people are constantly exposed to new inventions that make life easier. These new inventions a lot summon with a hefty price tag attached to them, plain because they are new products.Human beings being what they are will constantly screen to attain the newest and best things in life for themselves. Moreover, metropolis living is much(prenominal) that everyday, you will come into contact with some(prenominal) other(a) people, as city dwellers live within close proximity of one another(prenominal). As such, on seeing that their neighbours or friends beat a certain new product, they likewise will want to have that, new product as it impl ies that they have the money to buy the new product. With the massive industrialization programme of the American government over the past two to three decades, America has come a long way.We are now a modern city. industrial enterprise has improved the living standards of most Americans. as such, our buying ability is great and we are thus able to enjoy more of the luxuries in life. This and has caused many Americans to become materialistic. Nowadays, people tend to judge one another by their turn upward appearance than their character. If a person is well-dressed and drives an valuable car, he tends to get better service and more respect from the people near him. In the argument market. , materialism is also evident..In recent years, employers have complained to the highest degree young graduates who job-hop. These young graduates have no loyalty whatsoever to the troupe they work for. As such, when another company offers them the same job except with a higher indemnify , they simply resign and take up the other offer. Some young graduates have even held four or more different ,jobs within two years. The reason for their job-hopping is simply because each job offers a better pay and nothing else. materialism is also seen in the shopping habits of people nowadays. People feel that their status comes from what they wear.As such, the budget corners of many department stores are often shunned by the younger more materialistic set. Instead, they flock to designer boutiques like Ralph Lauren and Emporio Armani to get their outfits. Materialism is not confined to the younger adults. Even teenagers are becoming more materialistic. Materialism in teenagers is due mainly to peer pressure. Many teenagers feel the need for expensive things because their friends have them too. Moreover, as the family size gets smaller and more mothers work. parents often try on to make up for the time not spent with their children by loose them more money.Materialism in tee nagers can be clearly seen just by looking at the school property of most students. The traditional Bata shoes have been abandoned for the more prestigious Reebok, Nike or L. A. Gear. These teenagers experience the power of money at a very young age and hence grow up having a very materialistic outlook of life. Materialism in America or in any other urbanized city cannot be blamed on anyone but society. It often arises out of peer pressure and also because of a better standard of living. Materialism, therefore, can be considered as a price people have to pay for industrialization.

Easy Guide to Smart Shopping Online Essay

Holiday chasten is here and everyone is making a beeline to buy appropriate gifts to suit the occasion. At terms like these the stores ar almost filled up with commodious crowds and deals that make it almost impossible to get what you want. It is comparatively easier to go obtain online to save time and get repair deals quickly. However, online obtain is convenient merely at the resembling time, it dope also be potentially insidious to shop online. It is during festival occasion hackers are on the prowl to err or tamper with maximum user information. Nevertheless, one evokenot altogether revoke shopping online as it has to be through. Here is an easy guide to dexterous shopping online to admirer you proceed safe.BrowsingInitially you need to actualise that using a reliable browser is the best option age deciding to shop online. You abide use either Chrome or Firefox the best option is using these browsers inter agitateably. If you are using two browsers at the sam e time then you minimize your chances of online security threat from hackers. For example, you can use Chrome for transactions login and Firefox for casual look for. Another inborn degree is to sum up for the URL that is displayed in the address bar above the browsing window. While opening websites that fill sensitive data transactions or user login details for shopping you need to check for the URL. Check for the HTTPS backstage at the beginning of the URL. This indicates that it is safe to browse. Remember if you are about to check into a legitimate shopping website and it does not contain HTTPS then it is better that you do not log into it as you risk falling a prey to Phishing.PasswordsOften we have a habit of continuing with the same password for a long time, this compromises your security. In order to be safer online it is essential to keep changing your passwords at a given interval of time especially during the holiday season. You need to change the passwords of your b anking operate, e-mail accounts and online shopping services that are similar to Amazon. Another thing to keep in thought is choosing a password that does not admits phrases or words. A password can be a composition of random words that can be separated by comas or spaces. However, you need to keep in header that only websites like Microsoft accounts accept spaces within passwords including Amazon and Google. To be on the safe side, when you are done shopping you can again change your passwords to ensure the safety of your account.Log OutMany times, it so happens that you draw a blank to either log out of your account or just take a crap the X to close the window. This way your account is still logged in and it becomes dangerous as the cookies are stored that might be used for hacking your account. Make it a habit to log out of your account after you are done shopping, after using your e-mails or other such services that require login details along with passwords.VPNVPN or Vi rtual Private Network can be utilized to encrypt the web traffic. In case, if you do not downloading software like LogMeIn Hamachi or an option like a hot spot Shield suited to Mac and Windows users are good alternatives. These programs will keep you safe while you shop or make transactions online via shopping website.Paying optionsDuring the holiday seasons, the web traffic is large and there are many opportunities for hackers to get their hands on the financial details of a user. However, you can stay safe by utilizing a credit card to pay for your online shopping. This will also keep you safe from any winning of online fraudulent practices. Comparatively paying with a debit card is relatively risky as your PIN, other details can be compromised, and you whitethorn lose a lot of cash. Implementing all the above tips will help you stay safe while you indulge in shopping online.As a senior tech tin engineer at Brandon Malcolm smith has been offering online tech suppo rt to global customers for issues related to laptops, desktops, Mac and devices including iPods, tablets, iPhones and more. moreover he is an avid writer of articles and blogs that are aimed to help Internet users. His areas of interests include computer support, tech support, emerging technologies and awareness on tech support scams.

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A Tragedy Averted

On the 2nd of November, form 2006, an almost-tragic event happened in the roads of Kalipayan, here in Tacloban City. I was in the 6th grade at the time and it was All Souls Day. My relatives and I went to the burying ground to visit the grave of my late grandfather, who passed away in June of the same year. We arrived on that point in the late afternoon. After offering prayers for the eternal repose of my grandfather, as well as exchanging stories with my cousins and aunts, my mommy resolved it was time to go home. It was already getting late, the time indicating it was almost midnight.We waited for several minutes for a jeepney to settle and when we were able to get one The vehicle was moving at take for speed and everything was going well. My mom was busy conversing with my aunt about Copernican matters when the jeepney came to a halt, letting a passenger off near the kink on the road. All of a sudden a man, out of nowhere, snatched my moms bag and immediately jumped off t he vehicle. It seemed ilk time was halt and everyone was left(a) in a trance. Not wasting any more precious time, I jumped off the vehicle and chased the kidnapper who was carrying a small knife until I came to a dead end.I got a little frightened for the path where the snatcher ran off to was narrow and looked like a takege and one small step would have led me drenched in the water. I ran back to the main road and finding relief in the presence of light posts, I jogged to a passing play and tried to absorb my breath. Going back to the jeepney where my mom, sister and aunt were wait all the while anxious about my sudden departure I found men and bystanders gathering around my moms bag. Turns out, the snatcher dropped the bag and only stole my moms mobile shout and didnt touch the other paraphernalia in the bag.Thankfully, my mom was lovely clever in keeping our passports and other essential things in a plain-looking plastic bag. The snatcher probably thought it was j ust trash and decided to discard it. We went back to the jeepney and arrived safely in our house. My sister was in a state of shock while my mom was truly grateful for the essentials that were left unharmed. I was mainly disappointed that I wasnt able to catch the criminal but nevertheless thankful that I was given seemly courage by God to chase the snatcher and got out of that mooring without facing any threat or danger.

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Oppisition Arguments Essay

Animals merit the same rights as people because they bottom sprightliness pain therefore, everyone in the world should become vegetarians. Animals do not deserve the same rights as humans. If so then we should give plants and vegetables rights as well. We slaughter a lot more plants then we do animals, so I believe that everyone should eat strictly meat only. America should not make believe as a World Policeman because it has enough domestic issues of its declare to deal with. Even though America has a lot bases end-to-end the world, this does not mean that we are the world Policeman. We are just support our allies so we could keep trading with these countries for natural Resources. Immigration should be allowed without any caps because it brings in skilled workers and increases the cultural variety of American Society. If we fixed to take the cap off on immigration then we can see a lot more businesses hiring cheaper labor which means the unemployment parting will go up an d cause us to have some other great depression.Parents should never be held obligated for the crimes of their juvenile children because children should be held liable for their own actions, even if it means trying them as an adult. Parents should be held responsible for their kids because it is their job to raise them and look after them. If they were watching their kids then their kids in all probability wouldnt be committing crimes. violator pageants are a fantastic demeanor for young girls to increase their self-esteem, practice public speaking and cultivate their talents. Beauty pageants are one of the worst places for young girls to increase self-esteem. Youre in a competition were all the contestants are trying to be the near beautiful of them all and will try to put you down to win.

Humor within Leadership Theory Essay

The key to the success of either venture is strong good dealing cards (Howe 1994). Courage, vision, and mood ar key ingredients in the formula for success. Service to the community or communities as sanitary plays a critical role in the railing of leadership potential. The importance of vagary in this model is fundamental. E precise leader has some selfdoubt, but using brain and spiritual authenticity to suppress self-doubt go out lead to success and prosperity.And what is said for leaders in any case pile be said for those who atomic number 18 led. Moslem humour is famous all over the Western world. There is an al close to rarity slight count of collections, anthologies, and treasuries of Islamic humor, bulging with tens of thousands of Muslim jokes and anecdotes. That the humor of every ethnic conclave mirrors its conditions of life, its economic, political, and social circum offices, its impersonate vis-a-vis separate population groups, is so axiomatic t hat it demands but passing mention.What is perhaps non so plain is that the jokes, the anecdotes, and the former(a) aspects of humor be keys to under behaveing the life of the race in incertitude and drop serve as peepholes by means of which we nookie facet into otherwise hidden corners of existence. As far as Moslem communities are concerned, treasuries of Muslim humor can and should be utilise, and humor should be utilize to nock the West to a great extent likable and admired by the untried muslim communities of the world. The techniques and strategies of humor are equally relevant at some(prenominal) levels of living systems, as well as among levels.Thus, the study of humor in multiethnical society is interdisciplinary and is becoming a field of honor in its take in right. The current work is toward methods of negotiation with humor in which the objectives are to obtain a much(prenominal) than cooperative long-term affinity and a more than than rewa rding substantive out deign for young person muslim communities. Muslim humor is second to no other product of the Muslim mind in revealing the mental state of the Muslims in any given place and at any given time.Whether it contains selfcriticism, directing its barbs at a Muslim group from which the humorist wishes to di position himself, or whether it compares the Muslims and the Gentiles, to the highest degree often to the latters detriment, the Muslim joke is a manifestation of Muslim thinking and intuitive feeling close the in-group and various categories of out-groups. For example, the goor Sasha Cohen in the movie Borat chance ons young muslims laugh by making fun of Israel, contempt him being Muslim himself. It would be ridiculous to pre run that n wholeness of the people who prime Sasha Cohen funny were laughing at him for the wrong reasons.Some would welcome been laughing at what they took to be his imitation, others at 1 further remove, were plausibly laughing at the black parts of his monstrous hybrid. They laughed brasslikeer and longer because he revealed it to be alien, eccentric, and absurd in its snobbery, stupidity, and perverse attachment to numerous forms of evil hierarchy-class, race, religion. Those dismal qualities were not being exposed from the outside by a stranger but explored from the inside in a daring act of patriotic love. That laughter does not intersperse loathing and self-hatred with phrenetic elation.It helps instead to cultivate the everyday, usual virtue included in managing disclose relationships with otherness that are not deformed by fear, anxiety, and violence. The about healthy weapon for creative mind stretching and therefore for reconstruction is humor, particularly when it is self-directed rather than outward bound. climate directed at some other(prenominal) serves to break the lifelong habits of a sickly (symbiotic) relationship between people. independent humor is a real mind healer By flood the anxious mind with grotesquely exaggerated fears, it banishes phobias and obsessions.In general, it drastically corrects in the mind and in deportment habitual neurotic (self-sabotaging and destructive) patterns. Humor is a technique involves any action wholeness take to cause the proposals, ideas, or values of another to be rejected in favor of own by getting group members to laugh at, ridicule, or scorn the other persons proposals (Duncan, 1990). Rationalization is ensnareed on trust and rate, and if respect is lost, so too is much of power. While power whitethorn abhor a vacuum, it equally abhors scorn. Without respect, dominance cannot be maintained.Getting others to laugh at or denigrate in any stylus the proposals of others that maven oppose is another way to exercise power in the organization. Perhaps the supreme in withdrawal of consent is laughter. Nyberg (1981) proposes that laughter, not revolution, is more super acid in overthrowing a regime. Authority fears rejection more than any other threat to its legitimacy. Especially in informal organizations, if the leader loses the respect of the fellows he or she is incapable of securing their obligingness in however nominal organizational transactions.Humor is a actuate wreak of communicating between living systems with the goal of r from apiece peerlessing contract about certain joint or reciprocal acts. These acts may involve management of conflict, ex lurch of resources, or cooperation on actions directed at the common environment. Behavior within a system is normally regulated by the guidebook of that system. Internal conflict may indicate a need to amend the template. Humor can be used to modify the template so as to remove the source of conflict.For instance, when negotiation occurs between comp one(a)nts or subsystems of a system, as in talks to manage conflict between two divisions of a corporation, the aftermathing humor may modify the template with respect to the roles and required behavior of the divisions. Three general stances facilitate reflexive pronoun humor not-knowing, left(p), and collaborative. They provide a way for individuals to explore, express, and cover the views and meanings of situations that, otherwise, can drive them apart. allow us examine all(prenominal)(prenominal) in turn. Not-knowing Stance This stance involves victorious the nonexpert position of not knowing.Taking this stance encourages humor by levelling the hierarchies of position and knowledge. While hierarchies exist in all organizations, emphasizing them discourages humor deemphasizing them encourages humor. reflexive humor emphasizes equal participation rather than hierarchical power, thereby carry about a shift from hierarchy to collaboration. Humor is characterized by mental object and relationship aspects. We all are aware of the content aspect of intercourse the data that a essence is intended to convey. The democratic ethic of reflexive humor elimina tes the positions of hierarchy and power in the humor.A not-knowing stance conveys the message that everyone is equally qualified to get under ones skin ideas, opinions, and perspectives about a situation or a problem. This means that the manager enters into the dialogue without any preconceived notions or ideas. The not-knowing stance also encourages hearers to attend to both the outer humor of others as well as to their own inner humor. This egalitarian approach encourages each participant to contribute to the usual exploration of ideas. Curious Stance The curious stance simply means that one expresses ones ideas in a funny manner.A dogmatic or assertive chemical formula of ideas often hinders the creative sour, but a comic mode of smell encourages others to take, leave, or progress ideas at will without vesting or territoriality. This climate encourages the disembarrass ex diverge of ideas on their own merit and without threat of penalty. Taking this stance helps to multip ly varying perspectives on a problem and, naturally, leads to an evolved solution. A concluding advantage is that emergent solutions are usually not only the trounce thought-out and most fitting but also explored and designed by the individuals who will implement them.Collaborative Stance This stance is the result of the two precede stances. The shared perspectives, ideas, and meanings contributed by the conversants evolve into common knowledge. This process filters more levels of perceptions and triggers abstruse involvement among participants making possible the co-construction of a jointly-owned outcome. They bring about better dread among individuals whose culture and gender may create varying perceptions of the equivalent reality. There is nothing simple about dealing with diversity.Diversity is one of the most complex and refracted areas of management because it involves the intimacy of the self with the impersonality. The first mensuration in implementing reflexive hu mor in university setting is to form small, voluntary, versatile groups. Participants can come from either the same class or a variety of divisions. There are only two rules for membership in the group commitment and confidentiality. unrivalled quickly comes to realize that the premises and stances of reflexive humor are not part of normal conversation repertoire. large number deem learned to function in the hierarchical worlds of home, school, and, the university. In these settings they do not always relate to one another on an egalitarian basis. Much slight accepted is the design of communicating with others, whether fellers or superiors, from a curious or not-knowing stance. Furthermore, assuming a collaborative stance in their dealings with one another is not an everyday occurrence either. bingle achieves competence in reflexive humor through learnable acquirements that require practice. one and only(a) trains individuals in reflexive humor by introducing each premise and stance and allowing time for practice. The individual being trained acquires the command of one skill before moving on to the next. It may be difficult to obtain the training by talking about diversity issues. To create a conducive climate, groups might approach by discussing study-related or other comparatively neutral matters because such topics are more familiar and potentially less(prenominal) explosive. Reflexive humor is a general theory that lends itself to any colloquy context.Therefore, in any setting or on any topic, the process of reflexive humor will evoke multiple points of view and generate coarse self-awareness for the participants. Jointly concentrating on common tasks is an excellent way to begin diversity training. With practice, the process of reflexive humor will engender a sensory faculty of trust among its participants. The structure of reflexive humor creates an environment wherein participants can freely exchange their views and, eventually, commun icate with one another on deeper and more meaningful levels. Trust and synergy. Trust reduces the amount of time and energy futile in suspicion and politics. This time and effort can therefore be better deployed on added-value activities that help to deliver the purpose and vision. When trust, competence and concretion come together we can achieve synergy, and unlock high performance. To develop into an at coursed team the members of the group have to be able to trust each other. Reflexive humor is a invigorated approach to face-to-face communication. It offers a process by which one can access the uniqueness of each individual as well as each individuals heathen paradigm.Through this approach, individuals can better generate information and co-construct those mutual realities that lead to enhanced problem solving. Reflexive humor is particularly useful to individuals from different cultures who wish to establish a common ground for mutual understanding and action. Humor is n ot yet joking, and management is not just the bloodless supervision of humans in the machine-like achievement of goals. Human emotions and feelings are involved in many issues, especially in culturally diverse settings. The reflection of feeling captures the emotional aspect of human nature.The purpose of this microskill is to let out and make explicit emotions that are often concealed allowing the listener to tune into the vocalizers emotional experience. While nothing attends more ordinary than to empathize with another, the reflection of feeling has a specific structure. The reflection of feeling informs the speaker that you are aware of his or her emotions. This in turn encourages the speaker to clarify further the issue at hand. The listener needs to be cautious about inaccurately labelling feelings. Adequate time and care mustiness be given to identify the precise feeling correctly.Mislabelling an emotion is a sure sign of misunderstanding the speaker. The reflection of m eaning may be the microskill that is most relevant to the diverse workplace. It has to do with how different racial, ethnic, gender, or cultural groups organize life and experiences as well as the meaning they draw from those experiences. This microskill may appear to be very much like the introductory ones of the paraphrase (which restates thoughts) or the reflection of feeling (which reflects emotions). Indeed, the reflection of meaning combines thoughts and meanings.One should remember that both reflecting skills of humor deal with profound issues emotions, values, meanings, and the particular maven each one of us makes of the world. Neither skill should be used insincerely or manipulatively. In capture use can cause as much anger and distrust, on the one hand, as understanding and trust, on the other. However, used ethically, with a sincere attitude, no microskill is more useful, what joke one may make of situation, what values may motivate seemingly culturally different beha viors, or why an action or word that is unreal (or important) to you may be important (or unimportant) to a colleague.Patterns of nerve contact and gaze also play an underestimated role in sense of humor. White anthropoids have their own, unique, eye contact patterns. When speaking, a white potent looks away from the listener most of the time, making eye contact with the listener to emphasize important points. While listening, a white male looks at the speaker most of the time. Eye contact indicates that the listener is paying attention to what is being said. some other pattern of eye contact signals the moment when turn-taking occurs for speaker and listener.Generally, when the speaker is nearing the end of a statement, he briefly looks away from the listener. Then, upon finishing the utterance, he reestablishes eye contact to signal that it is the turn of the other person to speak. Major humor problems can result if eye contact patterns are not in synchrony. Without either conversant being consciously aware of it, at appropriate times in the white male musical mode a honest person looks in the eye, sequence an untrustworthy person does not. If both parties share this pattern, conversation flows smoothly.If the patterns are at odds, one may call the other shifty, while the other may feel uncomfortable. In such a situation, the humor becomes strained, and the participants are conscious of that fact. White males do not seem to employ or recognize the value of non literal communication, in general, or of eye contact, in particular. Yet, it is evident that eye contact patterns play a significant role in effective humor. The general white male pattern is for speakers to gaze less at listeners and for listeners to gaze more at speakers.This is how white male listeners demonstrate their intentional listening or tending behavior. One of the most significant characteristics of the Muslim verbal communication way of life is its oral tradition. Muslims were forcibly transported from traditional societies that were oral. The heritage of orality may be most evident in two areas of the Muslim verbal communication style the mode of listening, and the importance of expressing feeling during interpersonal interaction. Comparative studies have found that Muslims and whites have different verbal communication styles.Whites tend to make more use of the attending or listening skills in their face-to-face communication by using a forward lean of the upper consistency or asking contribute-ended questions. Muslims tend to be more leading by giving advice or confronting. An earlier discussion of microskills noted that open up questions are less direct and invite a conversational supply to provide more information on a topic while shut questions tend to retrieve specific pieces of information and limit dialogue. Depending upon the circumstances, each type of question is equally valid.However, a dialogue with predominantly closed questions can ta ke on the tone of an interrogation. Similarly, humor replete with open questions lends a less tenuous tone by giving respondents more room to provide information at their own pace. Therefore, the type of question sets the tone of a conversation. The Muslims expression of feeling may also contrast with white expression of feeling. Whereas emotions may be more openly expressed accord to the Muslim humor paradigm, they are more repressed by the mainstream white paradigm.According to the Muslim humor paradigm, one is more congruent when one expresses emotions. According to the norm of the white male humor paradigm, one expresses ones reason and logic dispassionately. For many Muslims, the expression of feeling is crucial to genuine humor between individuals. Therefore, in the Muslim paradigm one is credible when one expresses emotions one is more credible when emotions are expressed resolutely. Thomas Kochman, scholar of polyglotics, h rares that one achieves ultimate credibility when logic and affect harmoniously intertwine.Only then can there be congruence between ones thoughts and verbal communication. When one represses thoughts and feelings and expresses only logical thoughts, the discrepancy is likely to emerge through nonverbal behavior, such as moving away or fault eye contact. The meanings that may be attributed to such incongruencies according to the Muslim communication paradigm may range from deceit or hypocrisy to weakness. The Muslim style of greater and more open expression of feeling can result in behaviors that may seem overly assertive and even confrontational to many whites.In conflictual situations, Muslim nonverbals tend to include loud tones of voice, intense eye contact, and sweeping apparent movements. Verbally, Muslims may freely express their emotions and, according to Kochman, directly challenge not only facts or ideas but also the individuals who present them. Many may interpret such behaviors as not only confrontational but also pre ludes to aggression. However, for Muslims the expression of ones mind and spirit only mean being authorized to oneself. Whether one stands close together or far apart can make people feel more or less comfortable in dealing with one another.Some research indicates that, while conversing, Muslim children tend to stand closer together (Baxter 1973). In her analysis of research on proxemics, Halberstadt found that Muslims tend to stand closer to one another when young but farther apart when older Muslim primary school children stand closer together than Muslim junior high or high school students. Distances increased still more for Muslim adults. superfluous research indicates that Muslim adults tend to greet each other and stand somewhat further apart than other ethnic groups.Studies have found evidence that Muslim Americans greet each other (and Caucasians) at greater distances than white Americans greet each other. A comparative study showed that Muslim Americans interact at the g reatest distances, Mexican Americans interact at the close together(predicate) distances, and white Americans interact at intermediate distances (Baxter 1973). Another study cogitate that during interviews whites tend to sit farther away from Muslims than they do from other whites. Humor is particularly significant to Muslims.The heritage of humanism and person-oriented behavior as well as the tendency to express emotions freely inclines some Muslims to be more reliant upon humor. On the basis of her review of the literature, educator Janice Hale-Benson states that Muslims are more proficient than are whites in expressing and detecting emotions. Any sign of understanding what another person has told encourages him or her to say more. Paraphrasing more powerfully encourages go along the humor and elaborating thoughts resulting in more details about concerns and issues. One paraphrases by restating, in ones own words, the essence of what a colleague has said.Paraphrasing has three specific components beginning stem restatement and concluding, checking stem. Mens torso postures tend to convey messages of gender power and dominance rather than of affiliation. oft such kinesic behavior discourages rather than invites humor. In contrast, the relaxed attending posture of a forward lean of the upper body invites humor. Such attending nonverbal humor reflects an individuals openness and willingness to listen and enter into a friendly humor. The white male norm is for individuals to gesture with restraint less than Hispanics but more than Muslims.Wrists and hands are used much more than arms to gesture. Except at times of great joy or sorrow, elbows generally are not raised above shoulder level. Those who gesture more than this norm may be considered flamboyant individuals who gesture less than this norm may be considered uptight or cold fish. A new approach to managing diversity is necessary. Reflexive humor embodies the principles required for a second-order cha nge. Through the recursive feedback loops it engenders, reflexive humor induces individuals to move beyond the limits of old assumptions.Furthermore, by flattening the hierarchy, its egalitarianism encourages the participation that unfolds to find new and creative solutions. This new approach to humor delineates how individuals can come together to work on constructing mutual realities. The process of reflexive humor establishes commonalities rather than magnifying differences. It provides individuals with the opportunity to come to know one another through a continuous process of mutual interchange. Such an approach inclines to modify subjective meanings and to create the common grounds that are the bases for common understanding.The reflexive process of sharing information creates the recursive loops by which one clarifies and reduces the uncertainties that all have about each other. Therefore, the nature of this change is both organic and evolutionary. The second-order change ind uced by reflexive humor is not the result of external injunctions by trainers to change ones assumptions about groups, as may have been true of some previous training approaches. Rather, the change produced by humor is the result of a volitional, egalitarian, and mutually-induced process.The continuous interchange of humor creates the fertile ground where individuals canvas together co-create solutions of a second-order change. This change emanates from newly-developed assumptions based on newly-generated realities. In effect, humor induces greater product in the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and meanings of the individuals who engage in it. As Johns Hopkins linguist Lawrence Kincaid puts it, an effective humor logically leads to the state of greater uniformity, or the straight reduction of diversity (Lawrence 1988).Thus, applying humor in the diverse society can lead to a place where the construction of new realities is possible. This is where cultural issues and cultural diff erences meld, and a new reality ensues as a result of the information-sharing process. Hence, myths about differences begin to diminish and common realities begin to evolve. From these emerge the common ground, the convergence that is essential for the shared understanding that common action requires. Humor is the absentminded link of diversity training.It is the second-order process by which individuals can mutually change themselves and each other according to their own pace and direction. Humor is perhaps the least tangible aspect of organizational life, but it seems to have very powerful and tangible effects on people from different cultures. In a high energy gentle wind one can sense peoples excitement just by watching the way they move, the way they interact and go about their business, and even the expressions on their faces. When one walks out of a very positive atmosphere, one needinesss to go back.If the atmosphere is stifling, unwelcoming, filled with tension, and not m uch fun, then one does not want to return. If the place happens to be ones workplace, the effect can be very powerful. The microskills are specific tools that enhance the humor process. They are relatively easy to learn. The skills are best learned oneat-a-time. Following the presentation and discussion, practice provides a hands-on approach to the mastery of each skill. As one gains proficiency in one skill, another is added and practiced simultaneously.Thus, each be skill is added until the complete set of microskills has been acquired. The key to proficiency with the microskills is practice. While these skills are easy to comprehend and implement individually, making them part of students everyday behavior may not be as easy. Only through go on conscious effort in using and practicing the skills can we successfully make them part of our behavioral repertoire. They are skills that can be applied to any life setting to enhance understanding of one another and, hence, relationship s. References Baxter C. ( 1973).interpersonal spacing in two-person cross-cultural interactions. Man-Environment Systems, 3. D. Lawrence Kincaid. (1988). The convergence theory and intercultural communication. In unsalted Yun Kim & William B. Gundykunst (Eds. ), Theories in intercultural communication. Newbury Park, CA Sage Publications.Howe, Susan E. S. (1994). Exploring New Leadership Styles. atomic number 91 CPA Journal 65, no. 1. Nyberg, David. (1981). Power Over Power. Ithaca, N. Y. Cornell University Press. Thomas Kochman. (1981). obscure and white styles in conflict. Chicago University of Chicago Press.