Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Tragedy Averted

On the 2nd of November, form 2006, an almost-tragic event happened in the roads of Kalipayan, here in Tacloban City. I was in the 6th grade at the time and it was All Souls Day. My relatives and I went to the burying ground to visit the grave of my late grandfather, who passed away in June of the same year. We arrived on that point in the late afternoon. After offering prayers for the eternal repose of my grandfather, as well as exchanging stories with my cousins and aunts, my mommy resolved it was time to go home. It was already getting late, the time indicating it was almost midnight.We waited for several minutes for a jeepney to settle and when we were able to get one The vehicle was moving at take for speed and everything was going well. My mom was busy conversing with my aunt about Copernican matters when the jeepney came to a halt, letting a passenger off near the kink on the road. All of a sudden a man, out of nowhere, snatched my moms bag and immediately jumped off t he vehicle. It seemed ilk time was halt and everyone was left(a) in a trance. Not wasting any more precious time, I jumped off the vehicle and chased the kidnapper who was carrying a small knife until I came to a dead end.I got a little frightened for the path where the snatcher ran off to was narrow and looked like a takege and one small step would have led me drenched in the water. I ran back to the main road and finding relief in the presence of light posts, I jogged to a passing play and tried to absorb my breath. Going back to the jeepney where my mom, sister and aunt were wait all the while anxious about my sudden departure I found men and bystanders gathering around my moms bag. Turns out, the snatcher dropped the bag and only stole my moms mobile shout and didnt touch the other paraphernalia in the bag.Thankfully, my mom was lovely clever in keeping our passports and other essential things in a plain-looking plastic bag. The snatcher probably thought it was j ust trash and decided to discard it. We went back to the jeepney and arrived safely in our house. My sister was in a state of shock while my mom was truly grateful for the essentials that were left unharmed. I was mainly disappointed that I wasnt able to catch the criminal but nevertheless thankful that I was given seemly courage by God to chase the snatcher and got out of that mooring without facing any threat or danger.

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