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Tragedy of Mariam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Tragedy of Mariam - Essay ExampleToday many wives ever necessity to have same position with their husband, so that they al slipway have conflict with each other. Why they always have conflict? There are number of answers for this question, but it very difficult for us to mystify on a final conclusion. When we look towards sixteenth centurys society or even before that measure it is seen wife and husband lived together very salubrious. They had lesser conflicts. Many wives would obey their husband when their husbands order them to do everything. What different images of the wife between sixteenth centuries and today? In most societies during the twentieth Century, new ways of analyzing traditional gender roles have begun to evolve out of a mix of movements both deep down machination and culture studies and communications. Semiotics, or the study of signs has emerged as one of the most powerful cultural analysis tools of the twentieth Century. Semiotics has been used to documen t and support traditional gender roles within a variety of cultures. The signs of Husband and Wife respectively, have undergone huge ideological shifts in some parts of the world, however within American society they still often used to represent a system of values and a distribution of power that have remained relatively unchanged despite recent eras of social progress. This is illustrated fairly well in the image Amores Perros as the terms Husband and Wife are utilized throughout the movie as signs that represent and suggest traditional values and gender roles that are still based on signified characteristics from the time of the Conquistadors.

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Community Impact And Practice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Community Impact And reading - Research cover ExampleReflective arrange as a concept has been extensively used as utilize to education for a considerable amount of time. Its success in education has seen it being adopted by health workers and other professionals over time. This has played a pivotal role in causing pensive practice to become widely regarded as being one of the key defining features marking competence. in that respect are a number of different Reflective Practice models available and their use and applicability is seen to be largely varied from one organization or writer to the next one (Smith and Roberts, 2011). The different models of thoughtful practice in use have caused what is understood to be pondering practice to be rather different within a number of different disciplines and intellectual traditions. It is now quite common to uncovering a number of multiple and contradictory understandings of what exactly are reflective practice within the genuinely same discipline. ... In addition to the examination of the assumptions made in everyday practice, Eng ripening in reflective practice is also seen to superior generally involve causing the individual practitioner to become self-aware and touch on to critically evaluating their very own responses to the practice situations. The main objective of this is to attempt to recapture practice experiences and by and by mull them over so as to be able to gain relevant new understandings and thence be in a general position to improve future practice. 1.1.1 Importance of Reflective Practice Reflective practice is generally promoted as being a key element in the general delivery of effective services to the rather diverse cosmoss of children, infants and families. Reflective practice has been touted as improving the elaborateness with clients as well as aiding practitioners in seeing a number of strengths and differences that they might normally not be able to perceive (cacenter-ecmh.org 2 013). It helps individuals access the how of how things are supposed to be done and includes both the unarticulate and spoken processes. Reflective practice has been variously described as being the bridge from theory to practice (Hirst, 2005) as it offers processes that aid its various practitioners in taking concepts that they happen to believe and know and effectively confine them to the myriad real-life situations that are normally seen to be fraught with complexity. 1.1.2 Reflective Practice in the Enhancement of CPD and PDP The population changes seen to be affecting most of Europe and the United States that have mainly resulted in an increasingly aging workforce and ever decreasing pool of highly qualified professional talent is seen to be critically affecting the modern day workforce. It is

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Strategic Initiatives Required of easyJet plc to maintain its Dominant Dissertation

Strategic Initiatives indispensable of easyJet plc to maintain its Dominant Market Share in the United country - Dissertation ExampleThe impale failed, being squeezed out by the established airlines, but the concept remained and was revived in the 1980s, when deregulation in the airline industry in the U.S.A. witnessed Southwest airlines using this strategy to gain dominance in the internal mart. Liberalization in the airline foodstuff by the European Commission resulted in this concept recuperative in the European sector in the 1990s. Consequently, no frills airlines sprung up by the mid-1990s in the United Kingdom and began dominating the European Market. easyJet came into being in 1995 as the brainchild of the Cypriot barterman Stelios Haji Ioannou, having a background steeped in the shipping industry. The early days of easyJet did not witness much success in proving to be a take inable venture. However, between the period 1998 to 2002 easyJet demonstrate the hunger and d rive for larger grocery store administer and profitability through an impressive record of raising its 77 million pound disturbance and 5.9 million pound profitability to 582 million pound turn over and 71.6 million pound profitability over this period. Strategic initiatives in the form of mergers and acquisitions of competitors and brand extension resulted in easyJet rising to a dominant market position in the United Kingdom market (Homer & Swarbrooke, 2004). ... Such a study would add to the corpse of knowledge of strategic management, providing insight into sustaining competitive advantage. 3. Literature Review easyJet has its headquarters in Luton England, providing direct craft to 7,300 people that include 1,900 pilots and 4,300 cabin crew. It has revolutionized the manner in which people in Europe travel for business or for pleasure. It has led the way in utilizing the Internet as means of providing convenience in ticketing and readily dissemination of information. It op erates on more than 540 routes in Europe with its 196 aircraft. In 2010 it carried fifty million passengers. It has strong market positions in key markets in Europe. It holds the dominant position at Gatwick, Milan and Geneva and is a strong contender in Paris (easyJet plc, 2011). The business and financial highlights of easyJet for the year 2010 shows a total revenue of 2,973.1 million pounds, profit before tax of 154.0 million pounds, return on equity of 8.6% and return on capital of 8.8%. easyJet has demonstrated continuing growth, with passenger numbers up by 7.9% and total revenue per seat up by 5.1% (easyJet plc, 2011). With the passing of each year easyJets market position in the European short force aviation sector has only grown stronger. In the first half of 2010 it increased its market share from 6.5% to 7.6% (easyJet plc, 2010). easyJet has demonstrated how to use the resource based model to attain competitive edge and success in the business world. In its initial days it imitated this business model used by Southwest Airlines of U.S.A. which was characterized by use of one type of aircraft, the Boeing 737 catering to short haul needs no

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Networks and System Administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Networks and System Administration - test Example participation entanglements serve to facilitate communication processes in the ships comp whatsoever and facilitate centering processes done the use frameworks such as the company intranet. In addition, connectivity to the internet comes with added advantages through which the company can hap with the outside world. This implies that the implementation and the configuration of a computer network depend on the needs of that particular proposition organization (Bagad 2009). For example, desktop layout is primarily determined by the office arrangement and the need to host a web site warrants the use of a web server in the overall network substructure of the company. This paper provided a description of the computer network implemented and management for Target Company (will crab it X Company). 2. Part 1 Network Evaluation of the business needs is the initial step of the convention methodology focusing on business needs, goals a nd objectives provides an avenue for the purposeing of a network that will stupefy the business meet its requirements. The steps of the foundation methodology argon outlined below. 2.1 Business requirements For a network design methodology to be effective, it must put into consideration the business needs. Business needs are the key drivers towards the implementation of any project. Understanding the organizational and corporate culture and the business processes of the X Company will play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of the design methodology. The design should be tailored so as to facilitate the realization of the business needs of the company (Barnick 2006). whatsoever of the business needs of the X Company are outlined below. Enhancing employee productivity the present IT infrastructure at the X Company does maximize on the potential of its employees. Reduction in overhead costs currently, the company incurs a lot of expenses due to lack of proper comm unication and network infrastructure. To establish effective management strategies. To enhance customer satisfaction through increased employee productivity and increased efficiency in the performance of business processes. To enhance profitability through increased market share. 2.2 Design requirements The network design requirements are based on the business needs. The network design should facilitate the realization of the business requirements. Specific design standards are implemented basing on the design in accordance with the network and information needs of the X Company. The business needs and technical needs of the network play a significant role in determining the network infrastructure to be implemented (McCabe 2007). The X network rational is designed to bring home the bacon the following design requirements management & security, scalability, performance and availability. 2.3 Analysis of network design The network design of any company cannot be effectively accomplis hed without proper security design if it is public as closely as Intranet. Certifications on audit and certifications were written by the company and they are reviewed on regular solid ground to make sure that at all times altogether genuine employees with authority are the only ones being allowed to have access to their respective applications at any particular time (Caslow 1998). The first atom of the network at X is a

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The Cold Fusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Cold Fusion - strain ExampleThe assumption was that the environment of transitional metal deuterides makes fusions of two deuterons realistic, increasing their probabilities by a original magnitude. The research drew a lot of criticism about its reality making some(prenominal) cypher researchers and engineers around the world dive into the issue. The future of energy resources had been a bother among the industrial nations on how to strike energy for industries and households. If Fleischmann and Pons hypothesis was true, it could solve the energy issues. Cold fusion is hence a proposed role of nuclear reception that is believed to occur at relatively low temperatures un analogous hot fusion. However, its destiny is unreadable (Kozima 11-16). Nuclear fusion occurs at super high temperatures, super high environment and requires big sets of weapon which are extremely expensive. As a new type of nuclear reaction, common cold fusion was proposed to pardon reports by experimen ts of unusually high generation of energy under specific laboratory conditions. Researchers have proceed to conduct investigations of cold fusion and have found out that the interaction of hydrogen or heavy hydrogen with Palladium, Nickel or Platinum produces excess heat effects under extreme conditions. The original reports failed to double up consistently and reliably causing the rejection by mainstream media. Fleishmann and Pons discovery eventually became invalid as it had not actually detect the by products of nuclear reactions (Fleishmann, and Pons 301-308). Trombay initiated experiments in 1989 to verify the claims of cold fusion. Large busts of neutrons were detected with a Pd-Ni electrolyte cell. Significant amount of neutrons and tritium were found to be produced in gas pixilated Ti and Pd samples. D2 loaded Ti disc targets have also revealed some hot spots indicating an uneven scattering of tritium production in the near surface region. Trombay experiments have confi rmed the occurrence of cold fusion reaction in both Pd and Ti metallic lattices loaded with deuterium at certain temperatures. Neutron emission has also been observed even when the electrolytic cell is switched off or when there are no externally induced processes like heating, cooling and evacuation are effected (Kozima 11-16). Findings The main product of cold fusion reactions is Tritium. However, its presence inside the palladium electrodes has not been quantitatively evaluated. Cold fusion can be characterised as being aneutronic with a neutron to tritium channel branching ratio of less than 10-8. Neutrons from electronically loaded Pd and gas loaded Ti are emitted one at a time. It is hence unclear whether the neutrons are generated in the D-D fusion itself or produced in a secondary reaction involving energetic protons or tritons. Autoradiography of loaded gas loaded Ti targets demonstrates both the occurrence of cold fusion and tritium production. The estimated tritium to de uterium isotopic ratios is several orders of magnitude higher in the initial stock D2O. There is a high concentration of tritium on localised regions or hot spots on the target surface as well as along the periphery of the disc. The high probability of tritium branch in cold D-D fusion reactions indicate processes of neutron maneuver across the potential barrier (Report on the workshop on cold fusion, June 3). Some departments of energy like the U.S Department have reported on the inadequate conviction of experiments done by earlier scholars. base on the review of published reports, reprints, journals and many communications, the results of the experiments of excess heat with the calorimetric cells do not donation convincing evidence that useful source of energy would result from the results attributed from cold fusion. Similar

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The Financial Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Financial Crisis - Essay ExampleBankers blame the public for their sufficient enthusiasm that created the fragile real estate bubble that was destined to burst. The people blamed the Congress for their inaction, darn Democrats blamed Republicans and Republicans blamed the Democrats. No matter where the weakness in the system was, it was the governments failure to act in a prudent and timely fashion to stem the rising tide of waste, abuse, and corruption.At the core of the stinting problems that are facing the US today is the weakness caused by an escalating national debt and the political reality of a public that has a growing concern over their scarce tax dollars. Had the government implemented a balanced budget in the recent years, or if money had been wisely invested to create jobs in the economy, taxpayers and conservatives aptitude be more willing to manage a multi-billion dollar loan to the auto industry. However, a failed policy in Iraq has left the people with a bill t hat could top $3 trillion in the rise future (Bilmes and Stiglitz B06). This is money that cant be used for building infrastructure or investing in much(prenominal) needed education. The government has failed by squandering trillions of dollars on what amounts to a handful of magic beans.The government merely allowed the economic system to go into decline by failing to adequately regulate the banking and insurance systems that had operate rife with abuse and

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It has been said that modern developments such as ABC are sometimes Essay - 1

It has been said that novel developments such as ABC are sometimes implemented beca social occasion they are fashionable and not because they fork up extra information to perplexity. (Discuss the above statement) - Essay ExampleJob costing is another modern development, where the guidance gets information concerning the cost for each job order, their specifications and scope. Contract costing is yet another development that provides the management with information concerning heavy expenditure which takes a long period of time (Brimson, J. A. 1991).Historically, most of the companies placed their concentrate on the creation of value rather than investing in assets and organization. The dramatic development of companies led to the recognition of the need to have practical accounting governing bodys. The development of the ABC system has led to a validating change in productivity by espousing the identification of inefficient products, the tryst of more profits on resources, an d cost reduction (Gosselin, M. 2005). However, most firms are experiencing problems ascribed to the implementation of ABC and in extreme cases the implementation of the system fails to work out. For instance, in highly developed countries, some of the companies fail to grow and became stagnant owing to the use of ABC. Most companies that carry out a cost-benefit analysis on the use of ABC discontinue the implementation of the system since it is costly. The management should get constant updates on a companys cost carrying out (Grieco, P. L., & Pilachowski, M. 1995). In using ABC system, some of the overhead costs are difficult to separate and the allocation of the cost on a product unit poses difficulties. An example of such an overhead cost is the pass Executive Officers salary this does not provide the management with appropriate reports on costs (Hansen, D. R., & Mowen, M. M. 2000). The ABC method allocates business costs to its products on a proportionate basis or found on a ssumptions. This translates into the generation of inaccurate reports on costs by the management. Affording the management accurate information

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A health needs assessment of a community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

A health needs assessment of a community - Essay specimenHounslow is the ninth largest borough in London with an area of twenty two square miles. Chiswick lies to the east and Bedfont to the west. The borough has one meter two hundred and thirty eight hectares of open space in the form of seventy quatern parks and recreation centres. The rivers Thames, Brent, Crane, Longford and Duke of Northumberland run through the borough. Hounslow has been historically related to transportation and related services. Hounslow has hotels and guest houses that action passengers travelling via the Heathrow Airport, located nearby. The Hounslow residential area caters to diverse tastes. It has parks, nature reserves, leisure centres, a pedestrianised high street, facilities for obtain and entertainment, and theatres for lovers of drama, music and comedy. The town centre offers amenities such as the Treaty Center, cafes and the local library approximately the high street. The economy of Hounslow has been benefited by redevelopment around the region, especially by the creation of new wrinkle parks in Chiswick and Bedfont. This has attracted media, pharmaceuticals and technology companies to the borough, besides existing businesses such as GlaxoSmithKline and BSkyB. Residents are employed in the airport supply chain, in industries such as retail, catering, freight, transport, logistics and security.212,341 people were living in Hounslow in 2001. 104,239 were males and 108,102 were females. The race density (per person hectares) was 37.93. 99.14 percent of the people were living in households. 6.71 percent of the people were less than 4 years old. 12.6 percent of the people were in the climb on group 10-19. 58.88 percent of the people were in the age group 20-59. The mean age of the population was 35.42 years. The median age of the population was 33 years. 166,863 people aged 16 and over in households. 53.2 percent of these were living in a couple. Among 168,609 people aged 16 and over, 37.7

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Bank of America Acquisition of Merrill Lynch Essay

shore of the States Acquisition of Merrill lynch - Essay ExampleThe investing and securities perseverance in the United States is quite successful with its level of harvest-festival before the recession being astronomic over the past couple of years. The country maintained a distinct difference between commercial and investment banks before 1999. This in effect means that the industry enjoyed massive benefits as the banks concentrated only on certain banking activities without competing much with the players in the investment banking industry.On the other hand, the industry accommodates approximately 3000 companies which have total revenue of close to 200 billion dollars (Hoovers comparison 1). The investment banking industry is much concentrated with the first 50 major players accounting for close to 90% of the industrys earnings according to Hoovers (par 1). The investment banks commonly target those who have property which include land, buildings and other fixed assets the ma in customers being the middle class (Perkins 14). Some of the main competitors of Bank of the States in its acquisition of Merrill Lynch include Wells Fargo and Company, The Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated and JP Morgan Chase and Corporation, and Citigroup.Bank of America Merrill Lynch is considered the worlds largest brokerage having at least 15000 brokers and a client asset tie-up of about 2.2 billion dollars. In this regard, it fairs competitively compared to its main competitors both in the investment and brokerage ventures. Bank of America in itself has remained for long the second most capitalized bank in the United States. The bank serves much than 150 countries and has relationships with many Fortune 500 companies (Matthew, Carrick and Dan 14). In terms of total revenue, the Bank of America is fifth largest in the USA. There are several small brokerage firms that are far less capitalized in the US which little threaten the establishment of the Acquisition.The main competi tors in the market including Wells Fargo

Principles and strategies that apply to the limousine business and Assignment

Principles and strategies that feed to the limousine caper and that can apply to each members business - Assignment ExampleThe Landslide Limousine Company go away have to kindle knowledgeable and innovative employees and provide incentives to them. Hence, it will be significant to utilize the performance incentives to stimulate appendage and remain competitive in the competitive limousine service.Limousine service entails offering the customer the outdo service. The employees are important in service delivery, and the employers should accord them the privileges such as rest as contained in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety. In order to avoid the high employee turnover, the Landslide Limousine Company will have to utilize merit have to motivate employees. The company can utilize the number of referrals, as well as, customers surveys as a basis for offering the workers pay on merit package. It is noteworthy that the captious goal of merit pay entails linking the pay to the perf ormance in a way, which is reliable with the operations of the business (2011). The compensation of the workforce will encourage the individual employee to work to attain greater performance. In essence, the pay on merit will stimulate the engagement levels of the employees, as well as, keep them satisfied with the

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The Best Accounting Software Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Best Accounting Software Systems - Essay ExampleThe software product is trump out for small and medium-sized businesses because first of all, it prides itself with a very easy to use system where you can do rough all accounting job done from calculating payroll department checks with correct federal, state, and local taxes, keep treat of employees pay records including vacation and sick leaves, produce accurate payroll register reports, calculate and print employees W2, W3, 1099-M at the year-end, create direct deposit files and a lot more Computer specifications to get the most of the software would be at least 1gb RAM, 600 MB of free disk space, and preferably Windows Server 2003. What is great about this is that prices start at $249 only depending on the package you need (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Direct Deposit, n.d.)The second alternative to payroll accounting system would be Andica software manufactured by Andica which is suitable for all types of business es because it complies with the latest giving medication legislation that would be sure to allow payments of salaries and at the same time be able to observe the deductions by allowing you to do statutory calculations without being an accountant. Also, what is great about this software is that you can immediately stead employee data on the screen and would give you an organized file in easy to follow reports. both(prenominal) of its essential features are as follows calculation of PAYE, National Insurance Contributions, statutory Payments such as Statutory Sick Pay SSP, Statutory Maternity Pay SMP, Statutory Paternity Pay SPP, Statutory acceptation Pay SAP, students loan deductions and perform a range of other payroll functions.

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Argue that Austen's novel is a reflection of its revolutionary age Essay

Argue that Austens novel is a reflection of its revolutionary age - Essay ExampleSandwiched between her older sister Elizabeth who stands in for her mother in her widowed fathers esteem and centre and her younger sister Mary who has made and advantageous and fruitful marriage to a young homophile due to inherit his own landed e differentiate, Annes curious mixer maculation allows her a hypothesis of social mobility that echoes the social shifts taking place across Europe. As a woman, Annes social position would be inherently precarious, dependent on her father first and then on the man she married. The indefinite nature of an unmarried womans social standing gave young women a certain social mobility that was universally acknowledged. A young woman could marry her way into improved social standing as Austens two Miss Bennets do with their marriages to Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice or, as Lady Russell warns Anne Elliot in Persuasion, a bad marriage could plu nge a poor young woman into a state of most wearing, anxious, youth-killing dependance. (1158) As a member of the early-nineteenth century aristocracy, Anne is a member of a landed aristocracy that makes dubious claims about the inherent nobility of birth. For every prudent, thoughtful aristocrat like Emmas Mr. Knightley, there is an equal an opposite aristocrat in the style of Annes father. Sir Walter takes inordinate pride in his self-command of Kellynch Hall and his storied family tree, but he himself has frittered away his family fortune to the point that he must prosecute his ancestral home in order to maintain his lifestyle. Tellingly, Sir Walters lessee is no landed gentleman or wealthy second son of a gentleman but a professional man, an admiral in the British navy, who can afford the rent and upkeep of the estate. Perhaps most interestingly, as a rational person, Anne is willing to be persuaded, as the novels title suggests. Though she has a healthy compass for traditi on, Anne appreciates and responds to plain good

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Pathogenic and non pathogenic microorganism Research Paper

Pathogenic and non pathogenic microorganism - Research Paper ExampleNonpathogenic organisms be organisms that do not cause disease to hosts with normal defense capacity. However, most non-pathogenic bacteria tend to be opportunistic in that they can cause diseases if the host defense mechanisms or defense in deficient or compromised. The Session Long Project will discuss Escherichia coli (E. coli) as the non-pathogenic bacteria and Mycobacterium terabit as the pathogenic microorganism.I choose E. coli because it is one of the most common bacteria found in humans. On the other hand, I choose Mycobacterium terbium since it is a pathogenic bacteria that causes tuberculosis, which is a common opportunistic disease in immune-depressed disease. However, the causative agent is considered pathogenic. Moreover, tuberculosis causes several case of destruction especially in third world countries.E. coli is a common type of bacteria that is found in the human gut but is generally non-pathog enic. The bacterium is found as normal intestinal or bowel flora and has numerous strains. Moreover, Escherichia coli in the human intestines act as a source of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin K. The bacterial inhabits different regions of the body such as the lower and upper respiratory nerve pathway and the intestines where it is harmless. However, E. coli become harmful if it enters the blood system (Grover-Lakomia & Fong, 1998). Moreover, in immune-compromised individuals, E. coli is capable of producing toxics, which are harmful to humans. The bacterium is as well as harmful if taken from foods or contaminated water. Although cases of E. coli poisoning are rare, successful control of the pathogen poisoning would button up be considered a significant accomplishment in the field of microbiology and public health (Funnell, Koutoukidis, & Lawrence, 2008 Grover-Lakomia & Fong, 1998)Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a non-motile, rod shaped bacterium, which causes tuberculosis.

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Three information technology topics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Three teaching engineering topics - Essay ExampleThree information technology topicsWhen we remind ourselves that it is we who decide how to keep technology busy, we shall be better (Turkle, 2011, p.296). The Turkle comments criticize the current bit where people cannot survive without technology. Children prefer staying indoors. While inside, the children prefer playing computer games, surfing the internet and online relationships. The children moderate discarded the anterior setup where children prefer face to face games with their neighbors, classmates, and relatives. Turkle insists that people should use computers and other technology devices as tools for increasing face to face communication, relationships, and other physical activities like basketball, volleyball, baseball, chess, and the like. Its difference from her findings in the past. canvas her findings in the past, Turkle preferred that man cannot survive without technology, especially robots. Sherry Turkle emphasiz ed that her 1984 position was for authenticity. Thus, a psyche is a better analyst, calculator, decision maker, and creator, when compared to a computer. The computer only follows what its software instructs it to do. On the other hand, the human creation can insert other alternative procedures to one question, predicament, or activity. Authenticity is, what sex was to the Victorians threat and obsession, proscribed and fascination. I have lived with this idea for many years (Wilks, 2010 p.9). Turkle was initially obsessed to come up with crude technology that will reduce the individuals physical exertion. ... During the good old days, people would go the nearest store to buy a pen, paper, and envelope. The person would scribble messages on the paper. Next, the person would seal the letter inside the mailing envelope. Consequently, the person would ride the bus or train to the nearest can office. Upon arriving, the person will line up a long queue of people mailing their envel opes. After the post office clerk receives the persons envelope, the person returns home. The entire sour may take deuce to four hours, depending upon the traffic situation and the distance between the persons home and the post office. In addition, Turkle prefers that all persons email their messages. Emails reach their intended receiver with a split second. The entire encoding and emailing process may take less than ten minutes. During the entire email process, the person is hiding behind the unlikable doors. Similarly, the person can order goods and services online. The person can click the McDonalds website, and the McDonalds crew ill deliver the hamburgers to the persons home. Consequently, the person reduces face to face encounters. This is the essence of Turkles prior stand. 2. WHO DID IT? (Isaacson) Steve Jobs, more than anyone else, is responsible for todays digitech culture. Steve jobs created Apple computers. Before his untimely death, Steve Jobs orchestrated the user f riendly computer environment. Steve Jobs was the wordy of product perfection, paving the bright and widening path of computer world conquering. Steve jobs would burn the midnight oil crafting tonic computer technologies. With infighting brewing up, Steve Jobs left the company that he had founded, Apple. After several years, Apple was on the room access of financial destruction. Consequently, Steve

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The Importance of Authority in the Military Essay

The sizeableness of Authority in the array - Essay ExampleFrom this discussion it is clear that earlier exploring how potency is utilise in the military, it is important to understand what the word means and the ideas that it implies. The Collins English Dictionary offers up a variety of definitions, such as the power or right to control, judge, or prohibit the actions of others, or such a power or right delegated, especially from one person to another, or the ability to submit or control others.This study highlights thatauthority can only be gained through power, mostly due(p) to the position that someone holds. A high up position can give someone authority everywhere others because of their job description, which likely allows them to offer guidance to subordinates. Another component of the word authority is that it is delegated or assigned, typically from one person to another. Authority is often found in a chain of command, with those towards to coronate of the tree affo rded more authority than people lower down the food chain. Also, authority usually is a two-way street between leaders and followers. There has to be a alliance between each(prenominal) set of individuals and both should know where they stand in the relationship only in an equal relationship will there be no need for either party to have authority over the other.In nut relationships are often like this, whereas in formal situations authority is necessary in collection to preserve some sort of organization within large groups of people.... In less formal situations, a leader will look to influence his or her subordinates but not control them. Controlling a group of people allows little room for them to be creative and think outside the box. In formal organizations, control is the preferred action because organizational structures are rigid and admit compliance rather than creativity. In taking into account all of the definitions mentioned above, authority forms a key part of the success of any military. Military organizations by nature can be heated environments with little room for failure. Because of this, it is important that everyone remains on the same page, particularly when it comes to military strategy. Whenever a new batch of recruits is hired to work for the military, one of the start things that they go through is a type of boot camp. The reason for this is to shape the mind so more than that it will almost do anything asked of it and not question why an action is relevant. Boot camps often require new recruit to work themselves into the ground so much that they lose all ability to snip and think on their own two feet. Likewise, getting every solider to wear the same uniform and quiescency in the same quarters helps them to understand that they are part of a team, but a team that has no standout individuals and almost requires every solider to be a clone of the other ones. Forcing soldiers to wake up before dawn and go on treks into forests a nd jungles makes them mentally tough but it also prepares them to be able to do anything that is asked by their superiors. On the part of the leaders, they are only doing what is best for the success of the military, which is to produce a super skilled but

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War of the Worlds Essay Example for Free

state of war of the Worlds EssayWar of the Worlds is a book which was written by H.G Wells in 1989, the book depicts the end of mankind at the peril of Martians. The main fears at that time where highlighted in this book.H.G Wells was a man of science, when in learning he received many a(prenominal) science awards and he liked to write science fiction novels. most of his well agnisen novels where The Time Machine and The Invisible Man these where some of his well k straightwayn books unless War of the Worlds must be his most popular as it is still read over a hundred years after he wrote it. At the start of the book an object is seen flying towards cosmos by the narrator and his friend who ar both scientists, this object was a metal cylinder which get on Horsell common, a crowd gathers and theyre all amazed at what is lying in front of them. afterwards a short while the cylinder starts to unscrew, this is when the crowd start to realise that there may be someone or som ething inside the cylinder, maybe it was men from mars thought the narrator.With the first sighting of the Martian, many pot on Horsell common are mesmerised be the visitors. They appear to be like a mass bulk of wet leather. The Martians do not move around, as it is thought that they will be helpless as the force of gravity is much stronger than that on mars. But little do they know that the visitor is more positionful than them. This can be shown when the Martian fires the Heat Ray on the people around the pit. This causes disar jibe, with which many flee the scene. The narrator says an ungovernable terror gripped me as he witness the Martians answer of devastation.A short while after the cylinder had landed one of its ends started to unscrew, when the end had fully unscrewed a brown leather like tentacles appeared. At the same time as the tentacles appearing the crowd started runnel in all directions. The Martians didnt move anywhere as the scientist seemed to think they woul dnt because of the difference in gravity on mars and earth, on earth the Martians would be heavier. With the Martians not moving the humans thought that they wouldnt be very(prenominal) stiff, still little did they know about the Martians light rays. When the Martians first use there light ray the crowd go into a frantic rush to leave the common. When the narrator see the immense power of the Martians he says an ungovernable terror gripped meThroughout the book there is an unbalance of power, this is with the Martians having there immensely powerful light rays and the humans only having there guns. The main quote which shows the imbalance of power is its bows and arrows against the lightening anyhow. When the imbalance of power is realised by the humans they start to flee there house when the Martians get closer. When the Martians are in capital of the United Kingdom there are only a few of them against all of the population but only one of the Martians get injured, although two of them where washed-up by the Thunder Child.The civilisation of London is destroyed by the Martians black gas. The black gas forces people who are living there to flee their houses so they dont die. With this black gas covering London the book quotes that it is like an ink splodge on a map. H.G Well adds a religious side to the novel when he introduces the curate, also the exodus in London can be compared with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.The book also highlights many of the fears of the people at the time when it was written. maven of the main fears at that time was of the industrial revolution, with machines being invented and utilize many people where afraid that machines would ultimately take over the world. Also at that time the British where colonising many countries, one of these where Africa. The quote which was used in the book about bows and arrows is also linked to countries like Africa having basic weapons when the British had guns etc. well-nigh that time many people believed that there might have been men on mars.H.G Wells manages to corporate some of the fears of mechanisation through the way which the Martians are portrayed. The way which the Martians treated the humans is identified by the way which the British was treating the countries which they where colonising.Today people never have the same fears at what people had sand when The War of the Worlds was written, this is mainly because scientist have managed to prove more things and technology is much more advanced now days. Although the main fears of today are nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction.

Global war wine Essay Example for Free

castetary war wine-colored EssayThe global wine industry is being influenced by a come up of factors including consumer deal and changes in the way wine is produced and sold. There has been a shift in the perception of wine in the past half-century as consumers and producers have migrated away from the Old World philosophies to the modern-thinking the New World has brought about. By the 1990s the average consumers palate changed especially here in the U. S. where consumers were more apt to come across for the premium ($7-14) and super-premium (+) wines. By this time, there was a drop in consumption in countries that traditionally consumed a great deal (France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Chile) while demand in other countries increased (U. K. , Canada, Belgium, and some Asian countries). drink consumption was now becoming truly global and New World producers had the means to handle demand. transfer overseas was now a cost-effective way to transport wine around the globe allowing consumers tear down more choices of quality wines. Therefore, one of the most important factors in how the wine industry is changing is in the education of the wine consumer.And consumers now can look at a bottle of wine and declaim the type of wine and the region they came from along with the date bottled. 2. How did the French become the dominant competitors in the more and more global wine industry for centuries? What sources of competitive advantage were they able to develop to incite their exports? Where were they vulnerable? French wine producers became the dominant competitor as a result of four reasons. First, their geographic and climatic featuresplayed momentous role.As France is in the middle of Europe culture with suitable climate and soilcondition for harvesting grape, had accrued first-mover advantage and established its place as thedominant competitor in the global wine industry. Second, they became the first high-quality winemarket and gained a thron e experience. Especially, the negociantstraded wine between France and othercountries and this worked as word-of-mouth effect, increasing the reputation and dominance of Frenchwine. Third, they used the latest innovations such as mass production of glass bottles, the use of cork stoppers and pasteurization.These innovations increased the stability and longevity of wine whichallowed the transportation of wine to distant places, and birth of global wine market. Lastly, the government support made probatory effect on the reputation and improvement of French wineindustry. The sources of competitive advantage that they were able to develop to support their exports is to keen to taste and tradition in the production of wine (strongly tight to the French culture), artistic and historic talent and expertise in wine making and well located as to the high demand markets such as England,..The main vulnerable aspects of French wine industry were highly fragmented vinery and wine production, increasing vineyard prices per acre, complex distribution and sales system, long multilevel value chain, essay of bad weather and disease and poor roads and complex toll and tax system. Also, they lack of sharp-witted assessment of their place comparing to other countries and they do not have any marketing plan or strategy.

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The characters in Of Mice and Men Essay Example for Free

The characters in Of Mice and manpower EssayMany of the characters in Of Mice and Men have conceive ofs. What be their ambitiousnesss and how near be any of them to achieving what they want?Many characters have dreams and aspirations in the story Of Mice and Men and picture to hand them in contrasting ways. Many characters have dreams and I ordain be discussing the dreams of Candy, Crooks, Curley and his married woman. Candy, Crooks and Curley wife all in all have similar dreams, which is to have freedom and equality. All three characters are tracked with in truth short(p) respect and are seen as lower class collectible to race, gender, age or disability. Dreams are very important to the characters as they help them to escape from reality however if only for a short while. Their dreams are also signifi dropt as they are hope that things will fail better and are vital to keep spirits high. However, piecey spates dreams were change by the economic downfall that America experienced.The story is behave in the 1930s, which was when America experienced the Wall Street crash. This was when the stock market collapsed and many Americans lost thousands of dollars they had invested. This caused deal homelessness and led to the great depression. During this era there was lots of prejudice and discrimination against black people, wo men, the elderly and the disabled. This affected them the worst as any time when life was getting tough they were hit such(prenominal) worse and were the first to experience suffering.This tough lifestyle encouraged people to dream as many people believed in the American Dream which was that everyone deserved a piece of prosperity if they worked hard enough. So a dream helped people to get by as it encouraged people to work hard and preserve optimistic that they can succeed and it also helped people by temporarily escaping from reality. One character in the story called Candy had a dream tho it was crushed when he busted his dedicate and he gave up.Candy is the first person George and Lennie meet on the ranch and he was the swamper. Later on in the novel Candy overhears George and Lennie speaking of their dream and he be puzzles involved as when he busted his hand he received compensation and offers his money and says he would cook for them. For drill Candy says I aint much erect, but I can cook and tend the chickens. This dream is very important for Candy as he is getting old and needs to retire soon so he becomes very intense and optimistic ab fall out the dream and starts to realise that he may be able to retire and stray out happily. This is raisen when Candy interrupts George and the way that he is being inquisitive.Candy then talks of the dream to Crooks even though George said not to talk roughly it to anyone else. When Candys dog dies there is a sense of dramatic caustic remark as it is almost foreseeing a bad event is about to occur. Later Candy goes into the barn to take a im on Lennie but instead discovers a shocking sight, Curleys wife laying dead in the ticker of the barn and he sense it is the end of the dream for typesetters case he says Oh Jesus Christ this shows his show and despair as he knows its only the beginning of bad events.However, Candy doesnt want to let the dream go and shows he wants to carry on dreaming as he says You and me can get that infinitesimal place, cant we George? Candy feels very strongly about the dream as he starts yelling at Curleys dead wife that she ruined their dream. This is shown when he says You God dam tramp and You done it didnt you. Although Candy does get quite close to his dream with George and Lennie I do not think he will achieve his dream as his hope has now gone as he faces reality that he can not work on his own and make his dream come true. Candys hope did inspire Crooks to dream and at one stage Crooks was thinking about joining their dream.Candy thinks that Crooks is a nice expletive for a black man and that although he is black they get on well. Candy also says The boss gives him hell when he mad. This shows that if the boss is angry he will take it out on Crooks due to his minority ethnicity in the 1930s. Crooks has lots of possessions including law of nature books. This is shown in the followers quote And he had books, too a tattered dictionary and a mauled copy of the California civic code for 1905. This shows us that he has an pursuance in law and his own rights. This gives us the impression that Crooks dreams of freedom as he keeps a law book on him so he knows what rights he does have even though there are very few.Crooks had a daydream about the past when he did not know of racism as a child and played with the white children unaware of the discrimination he was later to face. People treat Crooks with no respect yet he does not react but he doesnt have a choice as he is outnumbered and treated unfairly. Crooks does not mind Lennie and Candy visiting his room as they are similar to him as they are both treated with less respect due to rational or physical disabilities. When Crooks first hears about the dream he laughs at Lennie and says he is crazy. This is shown by the following quote Youre as crazy as a wedge. What rabbits you talking about? This simile shows how crazy Crooks thinks Lennie is. . However, afterwards Candy explains it all to him Crooks gets involved with it and says If you guys wanted a hand to work for nothing just for his keep, Id come and lend a hand. Then Curleys wife comes along and ruins the dream for Crooks by insulting the three of them.For example she calls them A Nigger an a dum-dum and a lousy ol sheep Curleys wife then goes on to belittle Crooks even more by saying Well, you keep your place then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny. This make Crooks go silent and he no longer wants to be in the dream. For example Crooks seemed to grow smaller. This shows that Crooks has no w been silenced and has to accept that he has no say once again. Crooks is nowhere near close to achieving his dream of freedom and equality, as there will be racism and intolerance for a long while. Crooks hope was shot down when Curleys wife came in and ruined his dream.Curleys wife is described as very purty but jail bait. This is because she is very pretty but she is very promiscuous so Curley gets suspicious when she talks to an new(prenominal) guy and he would start a fight if he caught her. Lennie thinks that she is very irresistible and this worries George as he has a history of going for attractive girls as he held a womans dress previously and caused trouble. I think Curleys wife is exactly how the men think of her, that she is a tart. This is because she goes around giving other men the eye and is always flirting with other men. However, she is only like this because Curley gives her very little attention and treats her with no respect so if she had a good husband she wo uld act appropriately. Life is very tough for her on the ranch because all she wants is some have intercourse and attention what Curley does not give her and the other men do not either, as they are afraid(predicate) of Curley.I think she turned nasty in Crooks room because they were reluctant to talk to her and she just flipped out of frustration. Curleys wife dreams of being in the movies and being a famous actor as she met a man who said she could be a star and ever since then she hoped for the best. This is shown when she says An a guy told me he could of put me in pitchers. Curleys wife needed to have dreams as they kept her going and made her fell as though her life would one day get better and she could be a movie star.When Curleys wife was found dead it ruined everyones dream. George and Lennie could no longer get their own place as Lennie was about to be hunted down and Crooks and Candy could no longer get out of the ranch and choke with them as the dream was fuelled ent irely on Lennies enthusiasm. Curley was a terrible husband to his wife as he paid no attention to her whatsoever and maybe she was better off dead than living with him. For example Curleys Wife says swell guy, aint he? this shows that she is being sarcastic and really telling them hes a bad husband. So far most of the character we met, apart from the boss and slim, have dreams however, it is unlikely that anyone will fulfill these dreams as one small event could end on big dream.Contrasting dreams are important to different people and when the novel was set dreams were more significant due to the corrupt way of society rear then. So dreams were hope, inspiration and optimism to those who were disliked by society and were at a disadvantage. The title of the novel Of Mice and Men was derived from the poem To A Mouse. John Steinbeck may have chosen this, as the meaning of to a cabbage is that no innovation is foolproof, which is what fleets in the story as the dream was not definit ely going to happen and it did not. He may have also done this as in To A Mouse Robert burn says The best laid schemes o mice an men Gang aft agley. This translates as the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray. This is an overview of Of Mice and Men as the dream was well planned but it went wrong. No Matter how much you plan and how near you get nothing is set in stone.

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Finding a Large Problem as an Idea and How to Implement It to Achieve Success Essay Example for Free

Finding a Large Problem as an Idea and How to Implement It to deliver the goods Success EssayIdeas can and do tilt the world. Ideas are important to bring innovation and change in this world. Ideas can be used by students to achieve success in their academic life. through the power of ideas, students can revitalize their sagging prospects and boost their grades. Of all the ideas mentioned in class, I was rattling impress by the idea of finding a large problem and working to rectify the problem. Its homogeneous in my mind to finding a root cause or a deeply entrench issue that is preventing success. To cure a problem or to enhance performance, one has to begin at the scum bag roots level.To find a problem, one has to look in hindsight and do a back defend analysis as to where one was found wanting. By identifying the problem, alienating it from other issues and after generation of ideas and solutions for the problem, the topper solution is selected (International Developm ent Experiences, Applications Systems, 2004). So, in order to prevent future occurrences, one has to begin by looking at the past. I can use this approach to solve a great deal of the issues in my academic and personal life. I will discuss academic solutions here.One of the largest problems that I face as a student is that my grammatical and vocabulary skills are not very refined and need a lot of work. I identified this problem by looking at past comments of my teachers. I project understood that there are a number of alternatives to solving this problem. Firstly, my spoken English remains very satisfactory, so my focus is on my written communication. One of the alternatives is to read various items, such as books, journals, magazines and newspapers. other alternative is to practice piece of music essays and summaries.The final alternative is to do a combination of both the higher up alternatives. Since reading is not sufficient to increase writing skills and similarly writin g with my current vocabulary demonstrate is also not nearly enough. Therefore, the best alternative is to allot time to both reading and writing every week. List of References International Development Experiences, Applications Systems. (2004, November 1). FAQs. Retrieved 2 2, 2009, from IDEAS Problem based learning http//celt. ust. hk/ideas/pbl/faqs/index. html1

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National Food Marketing Report Essay Example for Free

issue nutrient market Report EssayPakistan is known for spice in the world, as it has brought s perpetu every last(predicate)yal sub continental audition from India after independence. interior(a) Foods is the leading sub continental recipe masala friendship of Pakistan with distinct market administer as compare to the competitions. guinea pig Foods began its journey in 1970 as a Spice company, with a ultra product that popularized the concept of having clean, healthy food. subject foods initiatives were, to make food that is hygienic, reduce time spent in the kitchen by women, foster health and contri bute towards personal attractiveness, so that nation who use our products would be fitting to experience a much rewarding life-style. This was long before the phrase Corporate military mission had til now been invented. However, founders philosophy remains unchanged everywhere time. Even if their language and the notion of exactly women doing the housework slan g become outdated, in this age of rapidly changing lifestyles, dischargeled by the rampant knowledge of technology consumers are compelled to alter their eating habits. bailiwick Foods responds to this ch anyenge of developing innovative food products ground on convenience and pronto preparation in line with modern lifestyles and yet retains traditional nurse finished its diverse collection of food products. In a history that now crosses trey decades, matter Foods success has been influenced by the major events of the day economic boom, depression, wars, changing consumer lifestyles and technological advancements.Even after three decades the companys focal point still remains on customers inescapably through with(predicate) product development in line with the changing market trends. COMPANY PHILOSOPHY bailiwick Foods must focus on customers needs and serve them with quality products at cheap prices at their doorsteps. Our products must be pure and conform to intern ational standards. Our research must continuously provoke clean adventurous products scientific whollyy tested, hygienically produced in safe and attractive packaging. We must create environs in our offices and factories where talents are groomed and have opportunity to advance in their careers.We must prove to be recognized as good corporate citizens, support good causes-charity and bear fair share of taxes. militia must be built, impertinent factories created, sound profits made and fair dividend paid to our stock holders through building a reliable instigator. national Foods Ltd. must get itself recognized as leader in Pakistan and abroad. With the help of almighty God, the company can achieve its targets in years to come. VISION STATEMENT The mental imagery of subject field Foods Ltd. is To be a Rs.50 billion food company by the year 2020 in the convenience food segment by launching products and services in the domestic and international markets that upraise lifestyle and create order for our customers through management excellence at all levels. BUSINESS PRACTICES NFL believes in conducting its operations with strong ethical and moral standards. NFLs statement of code of conduct production line practices aims to provide counselor-at-law on carrying out its business related decisions and activities. We wish to achieve excellence in all spheres of our operations for which code of conduct form the basis.Any party entering any form of contract with NFL is brim to comply with the given guidelines. NFLs statement of code of conduct business practices has the follo earng seven guidelines 1. Unfair way Any use of bribery, kickbacks or any form of payment in cash/kind to disc everywhere business related or separatewise gainful benefit for the company is strictly prohibited. Excessive business gifts and entertainment too hold the same meaning and NFL does not approve of such payments. 2. Respect and ace NFL believes in giving respect to indivi duals.We aim to operate in a manner that discourages discrimination, harassment and/or influence. Discrimination refers to favoritism based on a particular aspect of an individual personality. 3. Conflict of please NFL prohibits actions that are in conflict with the company business interests. This may include but is not curb to providing assistance to the competition or holding ownership interests in a customer, supplier, distributor or competitor and reservation personal gains at company expense. 4. Confidentiality NFL believes in confidentiality of information related to company business activities.The company expects engrossees not to disclose or divulge by any means the confidential and commercially crank information except to the authoritative personnel requiring it. 5. Statutory Compliance NFL believes in providing total support and cooperation to all the governmental and regulatory bodies irrespective of the extent of prevalent enforcement. 6. Financial Integrity NFL be lieves in complete conformance with the accepted accounting rules and procedures. This includes but is not limited to Transparency NFL discourages any illegal activity for the endeavor of any benefit to the company or others.All information supplied to the stake holders and/or auditors must be authentic transparent and Disclosure All transactions must be adequately disclosed and must be for the purpose stated for. 7. health, Safety and Community Responsibility NFL is fully committed to safety, health and state towards environment and community.All activities of NFL must portray responsibility towards the community and nation as a whole. NFL seeks to employ procedures that are safe, healthy and environment friendly. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS This year brought a series of challenges and transformation for the Sales team up.As the magnitude of the socio-political upheavals increase in the country, the Sales Team was not only determined to face all the adversities, in the face of the law and order situation, but also introduce valuable changes which would be cordial for the overall growth and development of the company. In spite of the prevailing conditions of strikes, shutter downs and political turmoil, the Sales Team delivered its targets. In certain paint categories like recipe and salt, we even over delivered. These categories have a world-shaking impact in volume growth and bottom line as well.The Channel Specific glide path implemented is beginning to yield results, where the Sales Team capitalized on the market gross gross revenue potential in areas of Public Account, Local Modern Trade, International Modern Trade, Food Service Division, Special Category and ecumenical Trade. Sales growth in Public Accounts (USC-CSD) has more than doubled this year. In Special Category perplexity (SCM), sales of salt was at an all time high. The 2013 environment was once again challenging on account of deteriorating law and order situation, high inflation, coun terfeits and energy shortages.However, in the wake of such challenges, we delivered 20% sales growth (Volume 15%) with an improvement in trading operating margin and EPS growth thereby demonstrating the value of strong alignment of our people behind our strategic priority to become Rs. 50bn business by 2020. sozzled posture in international markets is at the core of our vision statement and in line with our intake we established a subsidiary in Dubai NFL DMCC to strengthen our export operations and plan to set up more subsidiaries in Europe and North America soon.The sustained business growth that we have evidence in subject area Foods as well as strategic alignment provides framework for accelerated innovation, increased engagement with consumers and enhanced operational and fiscal capabilities. This will enable us to remain fit to win in more intense environment in future. Pakistan is the part of sub-continent, which is known for the high spicy foods and subject field Foods is the leading recipe masala of the country. But subject Foods faced tough competition from the founder of the recipe masalas in the country that is Shan Foods expression Masalas. discipline Foods has contrastive food categories and in each family unit they faced different competitors. bailiwick Foods school principalted their operations with Jam, Jelly, Marmalades and Pickles and became a major competitor to Michelles and Ahmed Foods. National Foods are perceived as Pioneer in catsups and Sauces by competing with Shezan and now Shangrilla too. Following is the SWOT Analysis and Matrix as per National Foods Strategy Formulation Strengths Cultural Image Developer Largest Food Exporter last Advertising cipher International Recognition.Weakness High Pricing Strategy Limited Products Conventional Packing Stuck with Tradition Opportunities High Food Entertainment Fond to International Tastes Multi-Cultural Lifestyle Technological Communication SO Strategy National Foods should i ntroduced International conventions WO Strategy Associate National Foods Brands with Interactive Social Media Threats Increasing Dine-in resort hotel Low Priced Masala Brands Ready-to-Eat Food Availability Chefs TV Demonstrations ST Strategy Sponsored the Cookery Shows on Leading Food TV Channels in Pakistan WT Strategy.Cobranding the National Foods with Leading Fast Food Chains for building connector Proposed and Designed by Afnan Khan OLD VERSUS NEW BRAND LOGO OLD LOGO For over 40 years, weve been known as the one brand women all over Pakistan count on, but fairish like people grow and change, were growing too. And now its time for a change. any year were growing bigger, brighter, more global, and our NFL spirit of adventure which has been the energy behind every new and innovative product is now the encouragement behind our new logo.The new Pakistani homemaker is thin-skinned and vibrant and our new image is helping her regain just as we have generations of food lovers fe el completely at home. NEW LOGO At NFL, freshness is what keeps us going. We keep life updated with new recipes, new products, and now weve got ourselves a Transformed logo. As with everything we do, we took a careful look at what we had, unbroken the best of the past, and introduced elements that were exciting, appealing, and yet always true to our soul. Were still caring, optimistic, and reliable and now were livelier than ever beforeMARKETING MIX Product Categories National Foods Limited has Fourteen Product Categories 1. Chinese 2. Desserts 3. Health foods 4. Jams 5. Ketchups 6. Pickles 7. Raj masala National Foods expression Masalas are the high revenue generated product, competing with Shan Foods shoulder by shoulder. National Foods launched Rivaaj Pastes in last decade and received acclaimed response from the market by having a competitive good in product line. National Foods Chinese Recipes are pressured by the Knorrs Chinese Recipes and failed to receive estimated targe ts.National Foods Ketchups are the followers in the market despite of being founder in the ketchup attention because of Shangrillas Chinese flavored ketchups. National Foods another product category of Pickles are the second most sales generated product and successfully beating the competing brands of Ahmed Foods and Shangrilla. National Foods launched harvest-festivalily instant drinks around four years back but failed to receive the customers response because of mismanaged distribution and high advertising of competing brand of Tang Fruit Juices. Product Growth as per National Foods Annual Report 2013Recipe Mix National Recipes sales grew by 25. 2% further establishing its market leadership. Gross margin improved, thereby further strengthening the financial health of this important category. The National Recipe Princess contest was conducted in fifty colleges across six cities in Pakistan targeting college going female students. The Karachi Special launch was a laser focused act ivity to cater to Karachi by launching the recipe mixes keeping in mind the Karachi taste palette. Ketchup The Sauces Category recorded star performance of 39.6% growth underpinned by super successful consumer offering of Ketchup and Chat Masala jazz group Pack during peak seasonal period of Ramazan. Gross margin also improved momentously in this category. In addition to well-planned and tightly orchestrated advertising and promotional campaign, penetration, availability and visibility provided the brand fuel for growth to register impressive growth. Fruitily Despite strong competitive environment in this category, Fruitily recorded 5. 6% growth, gained market share with noticeable improvement in Gross margin.As this is new addition to National Foods portfolio, we will continue to invest in this category to accelerate growth for the future. Salt Sales grew by 26. 5% with Gross margin improving significantly thereby delivering healthy bottom line. This category has significant pote ntial on health platform as it serves the human bodys requirement for Iodine. Pickles The category grew by 18%, despite stiff competition. However, Gross margin was diluted on account of high material cost as we did not pass on inflationary pressure to consumers.The manufacturing process has been redesigned to fully exploit the potential of automation and further upgrade the safety standards. Pricing Strategy National Foods launched their brands with shrill marketing strategies especially for Masala Recipes, Pickles, Jams but found to be involved in skimming strategy for their brand Rivaaj. National Foods Masala Recipes are following the same pricing of Shan Recipes Masalas, but after the recent launching of Mehran Recipe Masalas and Nice Recipe Masalas at high priced strategy, National Foods are counted as on the skimming pricing.As National Foods are following the international quality standards with high marketing budgeting, they compel to be on their well settled prices instea d of getting down, but to tackle the competition raised by Mehran Recipe Masalas and Nice Recipe Masalas, National Foods introduced Sachet at half price. Distributional Sales Force The National Foods sales team has also made a significant development toward farming(prenominal) penetration and coverage through a dedicated Rural Development Force (RDF). RDF has extended its operations up to 370 uncovered rural settlements and expanded its distribution to more than 4,000 outlets.To improve our distribution operations in Balochistan, they have appointed muser and Phipps (MP), which is expected to enhance our sales performance in this geography. They have also taken initiatives to deploy IT solutions to maximise the benefit of information management in sales. A new software was implemented across Pakistan with key distributors to capture information on real time basis that will assist NFL to take quick action, provide analysis and assist in decision making. Promotional Activities Nati onal Foods is pioneer in developing state of the art promotional ideas in the food industry of Pakistan.Due to extra ordinary devoteeciful marketing and advertising campaigns, National Foods is perceived on the priority level as compare to their involve competitor i. e. Shan Foods in recipe masalas. Following are the leading marketing and advertising campaign Rang Bharti Jao National Recipes celebrated its smart persona with a two minute TVC, bursting with colors, emotions and sensorial shots of rich home-cooked food. In the background, the majestic voice of Tina Sani singing Rang Bharti Jao added to the surreal delicacy of the video.The Rang Bharti Jao campaign was a neat success, as it won over the hearts of consumers receivable to its emotional appeal, and impressed the jury at the PAS awards. The amazing response led to National Recipe acquiring the Best Campaign Award in the Culinary Category. Karachi Special tack together after(prenominal) National Recipes great succe ss, the Marketing Team was set out to cater to Karachi by launching recipe mixes especially made keeping in mind Karachi taste palettes. These recipe mixes have five different variants that are fierier and more flavourful to accommodate and satisfy the bold taste buds of Karachiites. campaigning for these special recipe mixes was also in full throttle with a TVC, hoardings and a massive BTL campaign, where the NFL botch would go to different apartments and cook for the people there (trial activity). Moreover, Chef Saadat in support of National Foods would go to the ramble and cook for consumers all across Karachi. All this information was shared on our Facebook page for added hype. The Karachi Special Launch was a great stepping-stone for the brands aspirations of having long-term National Recipe loyalists in Karachi.National Ketchup Campaign National Ketchup experienced a huge boost in sales due to creative campaigns that coined the product as 100% tomatoes, making it synonymous with real tomatoes. Consumers highly appreciated the pre-emptive fundamental link to freshness and made the campaign, which ran on ATL and POS, very effective. The campaign also back up Ramadan season, which provided added exposure. National Recipe Princess Hundreds of college students were given a chance once again by National Foods to showcase their culinary skills.The National Recipe Princess contest was conducted in fifty colleges across six cities in Pakistan, with the aim of searching smart young girls who have a flair for cooking to compete for the title of Recipe Princess. This activation was highly successful as electronic media and digital media (Facebook page) gave it a huge boost. College students could keep track of the competition through photos, maps of the contest route, and group discussions and comments, resulting in colossal exposure of over a million views of the competition nationwide. distinction guest judges were also invited to the competitions for added h ype and brand publicity creating the ideal recipe for success National Pickles Campaign The attempt to reinvent the brand image of National Pickles proved to be a great success. The aim was to reposition it as a happening brand with an added zing, along with set off the pure, delicious and rich ingredients that make National Pickles the best. From the hummable tune to mouth-watering food shots and sensational ingredient shots, the campaign spoke to audiences of all ages, and increased the number of National Pickles fans in no time.National Ka Pakistan Pakistans culinary diversity and vivid culture are its joy and pride. National Foods sent out televisions renowned Chef Saadat on an exciting journey to discover the culinary gems hidden in the countrys nooks and crannies. Being the prototypical ever attempt by a food company to create exciting episodic subject field that reflects the rich fusion of tradition and taste, this series was an attempt to showcase a safer and softer image of Pakistan along with highlighting Pakistans unparalleled love for food.The episodes were aired on 9 channels and were heavily supported by digital media as well. The show attained top ten ratings on news and entertainment channels, making it incredibly popular. National Ka Pakistan also bagged the prestigious Passion for Pakistan Award in the PAS awards 2012, triggering overwhelming success. Taste Of Pakistan National launched Taste of Pakistan, a unique cookbook that captured Chef Saadats journey from National ka Pakistan, and also celebrated Pakistans wonderful cuisine with 50 mouth-watering recipes from all across Pakistan.The response to this book was extremely supportive because of the fact that the informative cookbook was not only a source for scrumptious recipes, but also a travel log, which helped consumers discover different regions of Pakistan and their delectable cuisines. Facebook Page Support By creating a presence on Facebook through the brand page, National Foods was able to interact with consumers on a much more consumer-friendly forum. It encouraged engagement as National Foods fans could now be updated about all the latest launches, BTL, contests, recipes, amongst other activities.Likes skyrocketed from a mere 15,000 to 60,000 within only eight months which resulted in an increase in the National Foods fan following, while setting sails to rising success for the brand. One-Minute Recipes In the fast-paced world of todays times, people are always looking for quick solutions to everything. Taking the growing digital users as a base, National Foods launched the first ever one-minute video recipe cards in Pakistan. These one-minute videos were the quickest way to view a recipe with ease, and therefore, they gained a great deal of popularity, especially among the younger audience.The videos are now available on Google Play for Android cell-phone users too. To date, these videos have been viewed more than 55,000 times and the application softw are has been downloaded more than 6,000 times, thereby demonstrating its success. bailiwick FOODS AS LEADING EXPORTER BThe wide range of National Foods products enjoys unparalleled acclaim across the world as we believe in providing nothing but the best. National Foods products are famous globally for their freshness, taste, hygiene and value for money.Providing you the exotic taste of Pakistan, National Foods products are distributed in over 35 countries in 5 continents, through our strategic partners. And with our continuous success, we are rapidly making inroads into new markets worldwide. NATIONAL FOODS IN COMMUNITY lading to CSR has been a part of the NFL strategy since its inception. Different initiatives reflecting our values are undertaken to give back to the society that has supported our business throughout the years. At NFL, we believe that CSR starts with providing the highest quality of products and services at the least cost and with the least environmental impact.Fr om this foundation, our CSR aspirations continue to grow, incorporating processes and activities that aim to strengthen society and ensure sustainable social delivery. Sustainability underlines the foundation for NFLs business endeavors, where we especially engage in strategic social investments, working to empower and uplift communities. The CSR Mission of National Foods is Our CSR commitments must reflect all facets of our corporate personality NFL as a manufacturer, an employer, a consumer in itself and as an industry leader. We uphold these commitments through our values, policies and our practices.

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Phychology paper on cognitive developmental stages Essay Example for Free

Phychology paper on cognitive developmental re-creates EssayDuring Piagets stages of cognitive development, he introduces four different stages that baby birdren go through all the bureau up to adolescents. Piaget states that none of these stages earth-closet be skipped. These stages show how a childs mind is intellectually developing over time as they grow. Their cognitive abilities progress and they begin to have a crack understanding of the world virtually them.Throughout this paper I will explain the four stages of cognitive development sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and orb operational. The first stage of cognitive development that Piaget states is the sensorimotor stage. This stage is initiated at birth and lasts normally through when the child is 18 months. Everything in this stage is take careed from the child exploring different things the best way they know how, whether by putting things in their mouth, or learning how to falsify the toys m ove on their play mat. Also, early language development occurs during the early part of this stage much(prenominal) as coo-ing.Then language progresses into lyric towards the later part of this stage where the child starts forming actual words such as No, and Mine. The second stage of cognitive development is the preoperational stage. This stage starts slightly 18 months, and lasts until about the age of 7. Children start being able to grasp symbols. For example, they can draw a series of squares with a triangle on top to represent a house. They also start to learn the alphabet, which is, of course, the set of symbols we use to read and write.On the other hand, they dont understand knock off concepts interchangeable amounts, speed, or weight. In one of Piagets most famous experiments, he showed that children at this stage cant comprehend that if you pour unruffled from a short, wide glass into a tall, narrow glass, its still the same amount. The third stage of cognitive develo pment is the concrete operational stage.This stage starts around 7, and lasts until 12 years old. In this stage children comprehend ideas like weight, amount, and speed, and can understand that the amount of liquid in the two glasses is the same. For example, a younger child in this stage would explain what would eliminate if you hit a glass with a feather based on what he knows about feathers, whereas the quondam(a) child reasons from the previous statement and answers according to the logic proposed. They can also understand causal relationships though not necessarily explain the reasoning behind them. The last stage of cognitive development is the formal operational stage. Thisstage starts after about the age of 12. At this stage children begin to understand abstract concepts and reason logically. If you ask them what justice means, they can explain it. In this stage formal operational thought is being illustrated.

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Summer Reading Response Essay Example for Free

Summer Reading Response Essay1. His mannerThe quiet tune around.When he turned the light on in the small, callous washroom that night, Liesel observed the strangeness of her foster starts eyes. They were made of sympathy, and silver. Like soft silver, melting Liesel, upon observeing those eyes, understood that Hans Hubermann was worth a lot. The conditional relation of this passage is the description of Hans Hubermanns eyes as the color represents his worth and personality. It contributes to the characterization of Hans Hubermann. His eyes be expound as made of kindness and silver. Silver represents riches and valuables and as seen later in the story, Hans Hubermann is someone that is very valuable and close to Liesels heart. He also demonstrates a quiet kindness as he agrees to take in scoop shovel regardless of the dangers that lie within harboring a Jew in those times.2. She remained on the steps, waiting for Papa, watching the stray ash and the corpse of collected bo oks. Everything was sad. Orange and red embers looked similar rejected candy, and most of the crowd had vanished. Shed seen Frau Diller leave (very satisfied) and Pfiffikus (white hair, a Nazi uniform, the same dilapidated shoes, and a triumphant whistle). Now in that location was nothing but cleaning up, and soon, no one would even recollect it had happened. The colors in this passage, orange, red, and white, signify the destruction and death that was happening all around them at the implication even though the destruction was to a pile of books.It represents the turmoil in Liesels life and to a immenseer extent to come. The corpse of collected books seems a ilk a sort of foreshadowing as in the end, piles of corpses from Himmel Street. whence how everyone was completely ignorant to the burning of precious books, they are ignorant to the mistreatment of the Jews. The authors use of similes united together with tough diction such as rejected, corpse, sad, and dilapidated le aves behind a mood of unyielding regret.3. After a few seconds, he manages to scratch his head (the rustle of kindling) and he looked at her. His movements were fragmented, and instantaneously that they were open, his eyes were swampy and brown. Thick and heavy. The author decides to focus on Maxs eyes and uses the adjectives swampy, brown, thick, and heavy. It gives the touch sensation of a person who has gone through much in his life. Also shown later in the book, brown represents a kind person who is close to the earth.Max al carriages has Leisel give him the weather report as he cannot leave his hiding place to see outside. He is always kind to Liesel and even writes her a book for her birth twenty-four hour period. His swampy, heavy eyes describe him as a person who has gone through sadness and suffering for the sole reason that he is a Jew. 4. They keep triggering inside me. They harass my memory. I see them tall in their heaps, all mounted on top of each other. There is a ir like plastic, a horizon like setting glue. There are skies manufactured by people, punctured and leaking, and there are soft, coal-colored clouds, beating like black wagon. And then.There is death.This passage is especially powerful in the way the author creates the mood and tone through the diction and description. The simile that describes the clouds as beating black hearts gives the feeling of death and evil. Black as a color represents death and evil. There is air like plastic gives the picture of the air suffocating the people that dwell within it. 5. As he stood, Max looked first at the girl and then stared directly into the sky who was wide and blue and magnificent. There were heavy beams-planks of sun-falling randomly, wonderfully to the road. Clouds arched their backs to look behind as they started again to move on. Its such a beautiful day, he said, and his voice in many pieces.A great day to die. A great day to die, like this. The sky was set forth as blue and magnif icent although the situation juxtaposes with the brightly described day. The author successfully adds in a piece of irony through the contrast of making the day beautiful while Max is think about what a great day it is to die. The cloud described as looking back gives the feeling of something of immense importance that is about to happen. The colors give make the mood of happiness and the imagery going with the sun create an image completely wrong for the situation.

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Describing and Pursuing Essay Example for Free

Describing and Pursuing EssayBased on these two clauses, we can say that according to Wheatley a attracter should be fearless in face of challenges a leader should lead change and be willing to take the first step to help and influence a situation. She also believes that lead is non about being at an important position. According to her, anyone can be a leader precisely by refusing to take things lying down and by standing up to do something about a problem and try and change the situation. In comparison to Wheatley, Paul Thornton, in Leadership- Seeing, Describing and Pursuing whats feasible, believes that a leader should be able to accurately analyze the current situation and then design into future to envision the possibilities. A leader can envision the future by victorious proper(postnominal) steps such(prenominal) as studying the best, asking questions, traveling and learning from the businesses of different countries and separate such methods. Once a leader has di scovered these possibilities he must describe these to other people in a way that catches their attention. And then deliver it in a passionate, ener braceic and animated manner.Finally, a leader pursues his dream in order to fasten it come true. In other words, a leader must work hard in order to become a successful leader. Thus while Wheatley believes that leading starts at the very basic level and anybody can be leader simply by pickings small steps towards bringing about a change, Thornton believes that leaders bring change through punctilious planning which starts with envisioning the future. Thorntons second article, Management Styles, Directing Discussing and Delegating, discusses three management entitles Directing, Discussing and Delegating.In the directing style the theatre director tells a group of employees what to do, how to do and when to have it completed. In this management style, the manager does everything, letting the employs only follow the directions and is suitable when employees lack experience. In the discussing style of management, the manager asks questions before vocalizing the employee what to do. The discussing style of management is about learning from the employees before assigning them a job. In the delegating style of management, managers discuss the problem with the employee, than tell them what to do, but let the employee decide how he completes the job.Thornton discusses these three management styles in details, explaining what to do and what to avoid in each of the three styles. When we compare this article with the other three articles, we go on that this article covers a completely different topic than the rest. While the other articles chide about leadership, this article is about management styles. The article talks about the relationship between a manager and an employee. However, a manager need not necessarily be a leader and the article does not talk about leadership.If we compare the writing style of Wheatley and Thornton, we find that Thornton has a more formal writing style. He uses bullet points to express himself and summarizes in the end. Thorntons articles have the look and feel of a lecture note. Also, the articles get directly to the point, talking about the issue at hand without getting into background stories. Wheatley, on the other hand has an informal writing style. Her articles are written for the layman and are full of stories to illustrate her point. purely from a writing style point if view, Thorntons articles are more engaging.However, the point she is trying to make has a tendency to get lost in all the stories she writes. This problem is avoided by Thornton, as he talks about the issue clearly and concisely and summarizes it all in the end to ensure that ref gets the point. both Wheatley and Thornton have thorough knowledge of their subjects. However, Wheatley speaks from a practical viewpoint while Thornton is more theoretical. As far as their advice on leadership is concerned, once again Wheatley advocates a more informal style, stressing the concomitant that every individual can be a leader.Thornton, however, seems to feel that leadership should be learnt and he gives exposit commentary on how to be a better leader. There are many definitions of leadership. For Wheatley, it is about taking small steps to make a difference. For Thornton, it is about planning the entire process of change carefully. Both the definitions have seen the test of time and have thrown up successful leaders. But while Wheatley suggests these leadership styles, Thornton takes the pain to explain what leadership is and how to be a successful leader.

Case Study - Motivation Essay Example for Free

Case make Motivation EssayIntroductionIn this brief introduction, advice for pile on how to move his course of instruction 5 teachers leave alone be framed by explaining the nature of tendency, the dimension of the remainder and how it should be counterbalance. Secondly, suggestions of the selection of Year 5 teacher will be habituated. Furtherto a greater extent, assorted ways of rewarding the inclination movement will be concerned musical composition evaluating the role of jam during the academic year and the application of goal readyting. In addition, accidental consequences of the goal scope methods will be discussed and follow by a conclusion. Nature of goal, Dimension of the goal and how it should be set Refers to Locke (1990 and 1996), goal is an object or aim for an action is the definition of goal and it is or sothing consciously want. Goal piece of tail be explained by internal and external factors , goals argon thoughts with desired end internall y and object or conditions sought externally darn a job to be stark(a)d is as known as task (Locke 1990 and 1996). In this case, the goal of James is to boost his school average head in NAPLAN test (i.e. the 5 reporting sector ) on that pointfore it is supra the national average date the task is to select an appropriate teacher that is open to improve the results of the 5 reporting factors. Dimension of goals can be separate capacitance and intensity and they are not easily separated (Locke 1990). Goal content means the actual object sought and psychological goal that an singular have (Locke 1990 and 1996). Content differs in qualitatively and quantitatively and degree of peculiar(prenominal)ity (Locke 1990). A positive relationship between goal difficulties and performance is founded, the harder the goal is, the break dance the givement (Locke 1996).The second factor is intensity. Intensity refers to the depth of the goal, such(prenominal) as scope and desegregation of the goal setting process and the importance of the goal, etc (Locke1990). Goals can be set according to S.M.A.R.T. which means that goals must be specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related (Rouillard 2003). A specific goal should be details enough to mention what is to be achieved and accomplished, too general statement is insufficient to motive workers (Rouillard 2003).A goal should be measurable which is quantifiable and appropriate a standard for comparison while indicate whether the goal is reached (Rouillard 2003). Thirdly, an attainable goal should be able to achievable while challenging, a goal with extreme low andhigh expectation is insufficient to motivate (Rouillard 2003). Realistic goal means it is practical, possible and achievable (Rouillard 2003). Time-related means to frame the goal with a given period, an out-dated goal has no effect on motivation (Rouillard 2003). In this case, James can set a goal like improve 75% of year 5 students results with a bod improvement in the factors of reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and numeracy within one semester (6 months). Access of candidatesIn this case, the aim is to improve the students results therefore teacher force is the main consideration. Teacher effectiveness is a measure of teachers ability to produce an academic growth in a given context and situation (Stronge and Hindman 2006 and Bailey 2006). Various sectors are needed for evaluation. (i) companionship/ Teaching certificationRichard has the highest degree discriminate to others and Richard is passionate intimately upgrading him egotism to a higher level. muchover, Richard is familiar with the updated bringing up syllabus as he has completed his bachelor degree few years ago. No specific information about Janices educational background is mentioned it is assumed she has the lowest degree among candidates. Although Janice had attended some teacher training, she is not familiar and active about the up dated educational sorts and practices which makes her less competitory. Ivar has deep knowledge about psychology and enjoy high degree of reputation and he is a high achieving student which shows Ivar has up to(predicate) intelligence level. Refers to Mandeville and Liu cited in Campbell et al (2012), students who are taught by higher levels of teacher certification have better thinking skills and performance than the lower level of knowledge. From the above evaluation, Richard and Ivar are more than knowledgeable. (ii) PersonalityRichard is young, enthusiastic, active, ambitious and competitive Janice is mature, sociable with good personal skills, passionate exactly less active than Richard and Ivar is logical and rational but not good at communication. Personality is not suggested as a standard for selection as there is no direct relationship between personality and achievement of pupils (Borich cited in Campbell et al 2012 ). More factors should be considered. (iii)Experienc eRichard has few years of teaching year 2 and 3 but leave out of jazz on teaching year 5 and 6 Janice has the most visit among 3 of them and she has 5 years experience on Year 5. Comparing to others, Ivar has the least experience in teaching. Teaching experience is a valuable access however there is no direct relationship between experience and student achievement and teaching experience is only a predictor of student outcomes occasionally (Anderson and Doresett cited in Campbell et al 2012). More factors should be concern. (iv) Self capacityA belief in ones capabilities to organize and execute the course of action required to produce given attainment is called self talent (Bandura cited in Campbell et al 2012). Richard and Ivar are very confident about teaching year 5 while Janice is less confident about her skills. It is suggested that students that taught by higher self efficacy perform better on standardized test and teachers with low self-efficacy have lower expectation of students (Moore and Esselman cited in Campbell et al 2012) . To improve the grade of NAPLAN, advancement of languages and maths are necessary and a teacher with higher self-efficacy is critical as there is positive relationship between self efficacy and the performance of languages and maths of the students (Anderson et al cited in Campbell et al 2012). From the perspective of goal setting theory, an individual with high self efficacy is more willing to set and accept a harder goal while commit to the goals with effort (Locke 1996). Richard and Ivar are the better choice. After accessing the above criteria, Richard and Ivar are the better choice since both of them are highly educated and with high self efficacy but Richard is the best choice. Ivar is not specialist in education which shows concern of insufficient knowledge of educational practices while Richard has a better educational knowledge. Refers to Darling-Hammond cited in Campbell et al (2012) , the strongest forecaster of relative achievement compared to others is teachers certification therefore Richard will be a better choice taild on the element of knowledge.Methods to reward goal achievementThe goal cannot be reached by one partys effort therefore Richard and students should be rewarded. Financial rewards and non- monetary rewards are suggested and James should integrate them as a complete reward process in order to work more effectively (Armstrong and Murlis 2007). (i) Financial rewardsMerit knuckle under program can be used once Richard reaches the goal. Merit pay is a system that increases the base salary of the employee who achieves the objectives of the business (Snell and Bohlander 2012). James should raise Richards salary with a range of 7 to 9% in order to be motivate (Snell and Bohlander 2012). Financial rewards have no significant in students achievement thus financial reward is more appropriate for teachers (Robin 2012). From individual aspect, the increased salary take ons Richard to satisfy various needs, such as help his school fee for his tame degree. Richard is competitive, while the financial reward is a tangible form of achievement recognition that satisfies his needs of ego and self- actualization (Armstrong and Murlis 2007). For school, the financial rewards enhance motivation, Richard is more willing to stay in the school and this benefits the school from retaining talents to teach Year 5 students (Armstrong and Murlis 2007). (ii) Non financial rewardsNon financial rewards are more effective in motivating (Armstrong and Murlis 2007). James can reward Richard by providing recognition, such as verbally reward with positive feedback, promotion and training and relegatement. James can reward the students by praising the classes and providing unembellished-circular activities for students to relax and learn. Richard has his own mind in career progression, rewards such as promotion, allows him to reach his individual goal (to have a better career).If R ichard is rewarded with training, more knowledge will be received and allow him to have a well preparation for his master degree. Non financial rewards shows recognition which reinforce Richards self esteem and self actualization. For the school, non financial rewards bring lasting motivation which maintains Richards motivation to work in the school and dedicate more effort for his teaching of Year 5 students. (Armstrong and Murlis 2007) The rewardsmotivate the Year 5 students to study hard in order to get a better result in NAPLAN. Jamess roleAccording to managerial competency framework by Quinn, several roles from the framework are selected for James in the application of this case. James is a director, he has to develop a vision and set a clear goal and objectives for his teachers moreover he has to organize and design the whole plan to achieve the goal (Quinn et al 2003). Secondly, James is a mentor, he has to communicate effectively and share his knowledge of NAPLAN with Richar d to develop his ability in teaching Year 5 students (Quinn et al 2003). James has to think creatively as he whitethorn have to draft peeled teaching strategies with Richard therefore he has to live and mange the change and his role in this process is innovator (Quinn et al 2003). James is also a co-coordinator, new ideas may suggested by Richard and James has to manage the projects and across the functions to ensure the Richards works can run swimmingly (Quinn et al 2003).Finally, James is a monitor, performances of students should be reviewed regularly to keep the process on track while teaching styles should be monitored, for example, James can be a guest teacher in Richards class to see how the class runs and provides feedback to Richard (Quinn et al 2003, Mitchell, Ortiz, and Mitchell 1987). Feedback drives performance and motivation therefore feedback should be given frequently, James is able to check the progress of the goal while Richard is able to improve his limitations o r retain his advantages (Latham 2007). uncaused consequencesHarder goals drive performance therefore James may set a harder goal for Richard and his year 5 students to achieve (Latham 2007). A harder goal is associated higher risk which may lead to worse performance compare to lower goals, for instance, a harsher teaching style is adopted by Richard but students may face extra pressure and lost their motivation in learning (Latham 2007). Secondly, goal conflicts may happen, such as, the schools goal is vary from Richards individual goal which reduce the motivation and worsen the performance (Latham 2007). In order to reach the goal, James has to co-ordinate with other teachers with the class arrangement, this may lead to disagreement about the decision and conflicts between colleagues may result. With the new class arrangement, other classes need to adopt a newteacher or teaching style it influences the academic results and motivation. Others teachers also need to cope with the new goal and assist Richard and principal in some points yet they do not get any reward, it leads to the chore of unfairness and inequality. ConclusionTo conclude, goal and task are strongly linked and dimension of goal is divided into content and intensity. A successful goal should be set according to S.M.A.R.T. After evaluation, Richard is chosen as the teacher. James could motive Richard and students by financial and non financial rewards. Within the process, James has multiple roles as mention before to ensure the goal is achieved. However, unexpected results may happen therefore James should consider more theories application solve the problem and achieve synergy.Reference listArmstrong, M. and Murlis, H. 2007, Reward Management A vade mecum of Remuneration Strategy and Practice, 5th ed., Kogan Page Publishers, U.K. Bailey, K. 2006, Language Teacher Supervision A case base Approach, Cambridge University Press, U.K. Campbell, J., Kyriakides, L., Nuijis, D. and Robinson, W. 2012, Assessing Teacher Effectiveness Different Models, Routledge, Canada. Latham, G. 2007, action Motivation. History.Theory.Research and Practice, Thousand Oaks, U.K. Locke, E. 1996, Motivation through conscious goal setting, Applied and Preventative Psychology, vol.5, pp. 117-124. Locke, E. and Latham, G. 1990, A theory of Goal setting and Task Performance, Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Mitchell, D., Ortiz, F. and Mitchell, T. 1987, Work Orientation and Job Performance The Cultural Basis of Teaching Rewards and Incentives, Suny Press, U.S.A. Robin, G. 2012, Praise, Motivation, and the Child, Routledge, U.S.A. Rouillard,L. 2003, Goals and Goal Setting Achieving Measured Objectives, third ed., Cengage Learning, U.S.A. Snell, S. and Bohlander,G. 2012, Managing Human Resources, Cengage Learning, U.S.A. Stronge, J. and Hindman, J. 2006, The Teacher Quality Index A Protocol for Teacher Selection, ASCD, U.S.A. Quinn, R.E., Faerman,S.R., Thompson,M.P. and McGrath,M. 2003, Becoming a master manag er A competency framework, 3rd ed., Wiley, New York.