Monday, January 28, 2019

Impact of Foreign Maids on Young Children

Project work Preliminary thinking draft 3 -Qian Mengyuan 13s210 Choice of topic access The problem alike much access to foreign amahs Nowa sidereal days, due to the fast-paced work life, parents put one acrosst have enough time to take tuition of their birth children, hence they employ foreign maids to help them look later on their children and bang household chores. As there is easy access 1of maid service, there go away be some impact (table 1) on the young children. thusly this project aims to reduce the negative impact and improve the quality of maids. feign (+) Reduce the burden of parents Parents can be focused during work. Young children lead not be lonely when parents are working. Enough infant education. (-) Children commence purposeless &038 cannot grow up independently. Maids are Unwell- headed-influence young children with bad habits e. g. azy, smoking. real dangerous. Children may be hurt by the maids2. Poor familys between parents and their ch ildren. Over-reliance of maids3, lazy society4 Table1 the impact of easy excess maid service on young children and their parents. Stakeholders Why they ooperate ? Parents who are too busy to look aft(prenominal) their children Safer and better environment for children to grow up. ? the agencies5 of foreign maids Better quality will attract to a greater extent customers. ? students who study advertising &038public relations in Temasek Improve their advertising and publicity skills. polytechnic ? eighborhood committee of Its their duty to check off better life in the community. In doing so, the collaboration will muckleplay the harmful impact as mentioned above. Proposals Highlight plan parents cognizance day Action plan training plan cheek involved Organization involved ? +? ? Target audience Target audience ? Foreign maid who will be employed to take care of children. Objectives To raise the awareness of parents about their care of children. Details of p lan Details of plan -connect with the maids agencies to train them by giving them - collect information of family with maids from the certain lessons and conduct examinations after the lesson. neighborhood committee -after passing the exam they can then mansion a guarantee. - let the children to write cards, take small gift and make -certain amount of fine will be asked by the agency if maids videos -what they pauperism to say to parents (done by ? ) to show are complained. their need of parents. -therefore maids will be more careful. - organize a i want to say sitting between parents and -teach the maids how to help the children to grow up children to allow parents to know more about their children. independently by teaching them do simple housekeeping with prize, - The committee educates parents about the importance of takingbut not do everything for them. more care of children. -date1/6/2013 -place meridian primary school(rent a room) Rationale (+) -children will grow up independently, happily and learn to care about others the quality of maids will be ensured more requirement the resort and good environment of young children will be ensured - Closer relationship between children and parents. (-)-the price for employing a maid will be change magnitude because of the training. pic Figure 1. picFigure2 the I want to saycard for children to write down what they want to say to their parents. pic The paper heart shape made by children to show their love and need to their parents. pic Figure 3 Word front 496 Excluding titles, headings/sub-headings (underlined) and footnotes &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 1 Figure 1 2 Malaysia Indonesian maid hurling baby onto floor. http//videocombo. com/video. php? v=678&038error=access_denied&038error_code=200&038error_description=Permissions+error&038error_reason=user_denied&038state_=_ 3 Figure 2. A capital of Singapore soldiers shame? His maid carries his rucksack. ttp//translate. google. com. sg/translate? hl=zh-CN&038sl=en&038tl=zh-CN&038u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. globalpost. com%2Fdispatches%2Fglobalpost-blogs%2Fthe-rice-bowl%2Fsingapore-soldiers-shame-his-maid-carries-his-rucksack&038anno=2 4 But go-getter Singapore appears peculiarly reliant on its 200,000-plus maids. http//translate. google. com. sg/translate? hl=zh-CN&038sl=en&038tl=zh-CN&038u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. globalpost. com%2Fdispatch%2Fnews%2Fregions%2Fasia-pacific%2F120529%2Fsingapore-maid-domestic-servant-labor-rights&038anno=2 5 1. Filipino maids agencies 2. Maid Agency in Singapore 3. Filipino maid

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