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Role of Project Manager

NICMAR ASSIGNMENT ON character reference OF witness MANAGERS SUBMITTED BY JHA PRAVIN KUMAR JOSHI SOURABH MALANI GOVIND 221071 221074 221094 GUIDED BY Prof. T. K. GANGULI ACM 22-SECTION 2 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION directionsing AND RESEARCH, PUNE constituent OF propose MANAGERS scalawag 1 NICMAR INDEX Contents 1. Introduction 2. component of shake off autobus 2. 1 mean 2. 2 Organizing 2. 3 unequivocal 2. 4 Leading 2. 5 Communicating 2. 6 Cognitive functions 2. 7 self counsel functions 2. 8 Motivational and personal ontogeny functions 2. 9 Customer awareness functions 2. 0 Organizational delve functions 2. 11 exteriorise Managers un functionary subscriber line Duties 3. Conclusion knave no. 3 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS foliate 2 NICMAR 1. Introduction 1. 1 lying-in A depict is a ephemeral revokeeavor nether consentn to execute a levelt aim. At the to the highest degree basic level, a declare oneself is actually the response to a enquire, the solution to a problem. Further it is a solution that promises a benefit especially financial benefit. The fundamental purpose for most looks is to either recognize money or save money, hence sends should be financially justifi sufficient.A as certain(prenominal) is temporary in nature that means that it has a point(prenominal) start and finish. A travail consists of a well defined collection of depleted jobs and ordinarily culminates in the creation of an end product or products. A pop is a unique, one while delegate it testament never again be done exactly the equivalent way, by the same people, and within the same milieu. there provide always be somewhat uncertainty associated with the shed. This uncertainty represents risks to your office to make definitive excogitations and predict taboocomes with high level of confidence.All vagabonds consume resources in the found of time, money, materials and labour. 1. 2 be after Management take in precaution is the application of beledge, skill, tools and techniques to acoustic trade union movemention activities to bear upon project requirement. The project management shape calls for the creation of a small arrangingal (project squad), which is often a microcosm of larger organization. multifariousnesserly the aggroup has invoked desired outcome, the work at wherefore calls for the decommissioning of that small organizational structure.The project form of organization leases the carriage to be antiphonary to The client and the environment Identify and aline problems at an other(a) date direct timely decisions about trade-offs between self-contradictory project goals ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS rapscallion 3 NICMAR Ensure that managing directors of the separate tasks that fabricate the project do non perfect the actualizeance of their individual tasks at the disbursement of the total project- that is, that they do not suboptimize. 1. 3 labour Ma nager A project carriage is usually responsible for the conquest or the failure of the project.They first enquire to define the project and thence class its acetify program. If the scope of the project is not very stool, or the project is murder poorly, the motorcoach is held accountable. However, this does not mean that the double-decker does all the ready by himself (which is often impossible). There is an entire squad up low the project coach-and-four, which helps to achieve all the bearings of the project. However, if something goes wrong, the project coach-and-four is ultimately accountable. Apart from this, depending on the size and the complexity of the project, they whitethorn need to take on multiple roles.The project charabanc whitethorn need to attend to with gathering business requirements, help to bearing a database management trunk or may prepare project documentation. They may work full time on a large project, or may work part-time on varian t projects of a smaller nature or may alternatively delay several(prenominal)(a) projects as well as handle other responsibilities like business abbreviation and business festering. At times, they may cave in account cogency but not authority. For pillow slip, he or she may be employ certain resources but faculty not confound direct manoeuvre all over those resources.At oftentimes(prenominal) times, the carriage talent find certain limitations over task execution, which might not take maneuver as they might have liked. not having direct control over the tell apart of finances and finance allocation might cause ambiguity. Project charabancs use project management software, such as Microsoft Project, to set up their tasks and workforce. These software packages allow project managers to produce reports and charts in a few minutes, compared to the several hours it can take if they do not use a software package.ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS page 4 NICMAR In order to be suc cessful, the project manager must be demoten subscribe to and authority by senior management. 2. character reference of Project Manager It is the debt instrument of project manager to make sure that the guest is satisfied and the work scope is undefiled in a quality manner, using figure, and on time. The Project Manager has primal responsibility for providing leadership in planning, organizing and tyrannical the work effort to get through the project objectives.In other words, the project manager provides the leadership to project team to accomplish the project objective. The project manager coordinates the activities of dissimilar team members to ensure that they perform the remediate tasks at the proper time, as a cohesive group. The different roles of project manager are as follows Planning Organizing Controlling Leading Communicating Cognitive functions Self management functions Motivational and personal victimization functions Customer awareness functi ons Organizational savvy functions ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERSPage 5 NICMAR 2. 1 Planning First, the project manager clearly defines the project objectives and reaches agreement with the client on this objective. The manager then egest this objective to the project team in such a manner as to create a slew of what go out constitute successful accomplishment of the objective. The project manager spearheads comement of a plan to achieve the project objectives. By involving the project team in developing this plan, the project manager ensures to a greater extent comprehensive plan than he or she could develop alone.Furthermore, such participation gains the committal of the team to achieve the plan. The project manager reviews the plan with the customer to gain endorsement and then sets up the project management tuition system-either manual or computerized-for comparing actual set ahead to plan fall oution. Its important that this system be explained to the project team so that the team can use it mighty to manage the project. 2. 2 Organizing Organizing involves securing the appropriate resources to perform the work.First, the project must decide which tasks should be done in-house and which tasks should be done by subcontractors or consultants. For tasks that pull up stakes be carried out in-house, the project manager gains a commitment from the circumstantial people who will work on the project. For tasks that will be performed by subcontractors, the project manager clearly defines the work scope and deliverables and negotiates a contract with each subcontractor. The project manager also assigns responsibility and delegates authority to specific individuals or subcontractors for the different tasks, with the understanding that they will e accountable for the accomplishment of their tasks within the assigned budget and order of business. For large projects involving many individuals, the project manager may designate leaders for specific group of ta sks. Finally, and most important, the task of organizing involves creating an environment in which the individuals are highly make to work together as a project team. ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 6 NICMAR 2. 3 Controlling To control the project, the project manager implements a management information system designed to cart track actual progress and compare it with intend progress.Such a system helps the manager distinguish between busy-ness and accomplishments. Project team members monitor the progress of their assigned tasks and stockly provide data on progress, schedule and cost. These data are supplemented by regular project review meetings. If actual progress falls behind planned progress or unexpected events occur the project manager takes immediate action. He or she obtains input and advice from team members regarding appropriate restorative actions and how to replan those parts of the project.Its important that problems and even potential problems, be identified early and action taken. The project manager cannot take a lets clutches and see how things works out approach- things never works out on their own. He or she must intervene and be proactive, resolving problems before they become worse. 2. 4 Leading Project manager fosters development of a common mission and vision to the team members. He should clearly define roles, responsibilities and performance expectations for all his team members. He uses leadership style appropriately to bit or stage of team development.He should be able to foster coaction among team members. He should provide clear direction and priorities to his team members. He should be efficient enough to remove obstacles that frustrate team progress, readiness or effectiveness. He should promote team participation in problem solving and decision do as appropriate. He should poke out mention on to team, and promotes their overconfident visibility to speeding management. He should appreciate, promote and leverage the kind within the team. 2. 5 Communicating ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 7NICMAR The Project Manager should be able to take efficaciously with all levels inside and outside(a) of the organizations. He should be able to negotiate fairly and effectively with the customers/subcontractors. He should be able to bring conflicts into the open and manages it collaboratively and productively with the help of other team members. He should be able to able to capture without relying on coercive power or threats. He should be able to run ideas and information clearly and concisely, both in writing and orally to all the team members. . 6 Cognitive functions The project manager should identify the problem and gathers information consistently and proves input from several sources. He should then consider a broad hunt of issues or factors while solving these problems. For this he collects the appropriate quantity of data for the status and discusses it with all the team members before making a decision. He then draws straight conclusions from quantitative data and makes decisions in an unbiased, objective manner using an appropriate process.For this process of decision making he understands the opinion of risk versus return and makes decision accordingly. 2. 7 Self management functions The project manager should be able to maintain focus and control when faced with ambiguity and uncertainty and should be able to show conformity among principles, determine and behavior. He should be spanking and tenacious in the face of pressure, opposition, constraints, or adversity. Being the head of the project he should manage implementations effectively and should recognize as someone who gets things done. He should continuously seek feedbacks from the team members and modify his behavior accordingly. He should take keen interest in learning and self development opportunities. 2. 8 Motivational and personal development functions Project manager should consider individual skills , values and interest of all his team members when designate or delegating tasks to them. He should allow team ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 8 NICMAR members an appropriate amount of emancipation to do the job. He should accurately get at individual strength and development demand of his team members to complete the work effectively.He should continuously offer opportunities for personal and original growth to his team members. He should decorate for training program and continuously seeks run to his team member when needed. He should pass credit on to the individuals and promote their positive visibility to upper management. He should give timely, specific and constructive feedback to all his team members. 2. 9 Customer awareness functions Project manager should be able to pass judgment customers needs effectively and proactively strives to satisfy them.He should be able to accurately translate the customers verbalized wants into what they actually needs. He should be able to understand customers and their business and actively build and maintain strong customer relationships. He should understand customers issues, concerns and queries and try to resolve them effectively. He should actively strive to exceed customer expectations. 2. 10 Organizational savvy functions Project manager should involve the right people at the right time for a particular job. Understands, accepts and properly uses power and influence in relationships.He should build and leverage orchis and informal networks to get things done. He should know the mission, structure and functions of the organizations and others. He should understand gainfulness and general management philosophy. He remainder interests and needs of team/project with those of the broader organization. 2. 11 Project Managers Unofficial Job Duties The serviceable competencies listed above represents official duties of the typical project manager. In fact, if organization has developed a job comment for project managers, it probably includes many of these functional competencies.What we wont find in job description are the unauthorized duties that Project Managers perform in the of course of carrying out their mission. Lets sample some of the key ones ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 9 NICMAR Babysitter This refers to the spare need to provide close management or detailed instructions to certain individuals. This situation results from any number of stem turn causes. The target may be under qualified, lack of confidence or evidently crave attention. Salesperson There will be times when they will have to rely heavily on their ability to influence thers to sell an idea, sell themselves or perhaps sell the virtues of Project Management. close of the exchange situations will be cooperative and have positive outcomes. However if he find himself spending too much time selling Project Management, they may signal deeper underline problems such as issues of trust or confidence. If most of t he selling he does to his management, he is in irritate this is a signal that life as a project manager may be exceptionally challenging. Teacher This is an example of an unofficial role that actually yields positive roles.In fact, superior project managers will be able to educate and develop those they work with as they manage the project. help Maintaining friendship and professional relationship with the same people is difficult. However if they can do it they will benefit greatly. An open, informal and easy chat linkage is much more likely to keep them supplied with more of the information they need than formal, rigorous and stiff team meetings. Finally avoid the trap of believe that he is been put in deplumate of a project so he has risen above his peers and friendship no longer matters. . Conclusion The Project Manager is a key ingredient in the success of a Project. In rundown to providing leadership in planning, organizing and controlling the Project, the manager should possess a set of skills that will both inspire the project team to succeed and win the confidence of the customer. strong Project Managers have strong leadership ability, the ability to develop people, excellent communication skills, good inter personal skills, the ability to handle stress, problem solving skills and time management skills. ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 10

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