Friday, December 21, 2018

'English speaking and writing assessment the stress factors that affect teenagers\r'

'Do you immortalise when you were a teenr? Perhaps time curb changed since then; nowadays at that place ar about a speed of light and one things that young adults have to puree about. Now you may be persuasion that is a nonher long rant by a moody teenager kick about how unfair their life is, except its non, this is much(prenominal) telling you the realities of what teenagers go by means of.\r\n mavin of the main issues is stereotyping, we cannot seem to go anywhere without at to the lowest degree one soul stereotyping what our life and personality is handle. Only 30% of typical stereotypes made on adolescents, such as drug abusing, shallow, rude or violent behaviour, be actually true.\r\nWhilst you top executive believe your teenage years were the prosperous years in your life, this is not the wooing for this generations young adults, however many p arnts are oblivious to their teenage childs worries, insecurities and problems.\r\nNow cerebrate youre a fifteen year archaic girl, when you wake up in the morning you need to spend at least half an hour in drift of the mirror, maybe even more on bad days, in front of the mirror. bonnie you just cannot get your hair to be straight enough or for your plunk for to look smaller. Once you arrive at school you have to organization classmates â€Å"subtly” bitching about you like you do not even exist. It makes you feel even worse about yourself as you do not know what you have done misemploy or how to make people like you.\r\nWhen lessons start and as per usual your teachers are comparing you to students in older years, pressurising you to do well in the tests and repeatedly reminding you that your GCSEs are drawing nearer. You just cannot escape this faculty member pressure set on you. They distinguish that you should just do your silk hat, however what if youre best is not good enough? What if your best does not make your parents proud of you? You identify your classmates te lling each other how inebriate they got at the weekend; youre wondering whether youre the lonesome(prenominal) one who does not get invited to these parties and gets drunk with the rest of your class or the save one who has not gone outlying(prenominal) with a boy. This makes you hate yourself more and wish you could be anyone else, but you.\r\nLunchtime arrives, and its the uniform old dilemma in the canteen: sandwich or pizza? coat or salad? How healthy is it? How much make out is there in it? How many calories does it deem? Youre afraid to indulge, in case you master weight, get called the class pig and belong even more of a social reject.\r\nThen you get home, time to face your rude, obnoxious parents who try to understand what is spillage on in your mind, you want to wow at them everything that is worrying you and ask them for dish out but you know that they will not understand and will just be even more ashamed of you. They accuse how you act towards them to ho rmones and bad attitude, when really its obliterate to them; their constant comparing, shouting and criticising.\r\nThis is just a minute part of a teenage girls life; now imagine you have to go through this every angiotensin-converting enzyme day. The real difficult thing to procure is however, is that issues much older people go through seem to be adventure to younger and younger people. So just regard before you judge or stereotype a teenager you see, think about what they could be going through and if you were in their shoes how you would be feeling.\r\n'

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