Monday, December 31, 2018

President Wilson Urges Support for Ideal of League of Nations Essay

After the completion of World contend One, President Woodrow Wilson sought national certify for his idea of a alliance of Nations. He took his appeal directly to the American stack in the summer of nineteen nineteen.The intent for the League of Nations was part of the ease treaty that ended World War One. By law, the get together States Senate would have to vote on the treaty. President Wilson believed the Senate would have to ap lay down it if the American people demanded it. So Wilson traveled crosswise America. He stopped in some(prenominal) places to speak about the need for the League of Nations. He utter the league was the only(prenominal) hope for world peace. It was the only flair to prevent another world war.Wilsons health grew worse during the long move around across the country. He was forced to fade to Washington. The Senate was completing meditate on the pact of Versailles. That was the World War One peace agreement that contained Wilsons plan for the le ague. It seemed authorise the Senate would reject the treaty. Too many Senators feared the United States would lose some of its independence and independence if it joined the league.Wilson wrote a letter from his eliminate bed, to the other members of the Democratic Party. He urged them to maintain debate on the League of Nations. He said a majority of Americans treasured the treaty ratified.The Senate Foreign Relations delegacy agreed to re-open discussion on the treaty. It searched further again for a compromise. Wilson refused. He said the treaty must be approved as written. Wilsons unwillingness to compromise helped kill the treaty once and for all. The Senate finally voted again, and the treaty was defeated by septenary votes. The treaty was dead. Yet history would prove him correct, and the Second World War would be far more destructive than the first. The debate over the Treaty of Versailles was the central do it in American politics during the end of Woodrow Wilson s administration. It also played a major part in the presidential election of nineteen twenty.

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