Saturday, February 8, 2014

Media and Terrorism

The media played an important role in releasing the in style(p) terrorist act situation after the 9/11 attacks. Usually, they be the most convenient and direct source for ordinary the great unwashed to accomplish terrorism instruction. Consequently, how the media describe and analyze the terrorist activities and terrorism move on the line greatly affect the overt experience of danger. Although the four donnish articles discussed terrorism attempt in respective(a) angles, they all prefigure that the media should be responsible for misleading the reality about the original national security problems after the crisis. To marrow up, the media unconsciously overstate terrorism attempt after 9/11 when they provided enormous factual nurture to the public, yet the public generally underestimated terrorism risk, since they lost focus in the overpowering information. Identifying this interesting rebirth can help people add-on a to a greater extent accurate and fit cog nition of current terrorism risk in the U.S.A. In the beginning, the media covered numerous aspects of the terrorist attacks, which gave sufficient information on the dangers of terrorism but raised the risk take in society. concisely after the 9/11, the public were terrify and eager to endure what had happened in New York. As the media report more expand about the attacks, the public suddenly know that they had ignored such(prenominal) a dangerous problem for years. Joshua timberland (2007) indicates that the public perception of terrorism risk increases when the media describe the risk as crude and dread in many articles with current period. Actually, the more information the media provide on the terrorist activities, the less adept the public impression about the situation (Stevens, 2008). 17% of Americans residing immaterial of New York urban center reflected their symptoms of post-traumatic stress because of the constant reports of the 9/11 attacks on word netwo rks (Rosen, 2004). According to Jeffrey Rose! n (2004), people who watched a pack of television suffered more pressure after the traumatic...If you want to get a safe essay, order it on our website:

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