Wednesday, February 5, 2014


bank clerk: It is first day of school, a girl named Majah Cortez. She is a expert, beautiful on her own way and most of all told she is a nerd. eyepatch entering the school campus, the people nigh her started laughing especially the 3 prettiest, most popular and the meanest girls in school which be bloody shame Naysmith, Angel Meyer and Blanca Montez. Blanca by design bumps Majah and Majah dropped her books. Blanca: Gosh! quarter you get any clumsier?! Majah: Im benighted bloody shame service of process Majah get up then(prenominal) bloody shame putted something on Majahs back. Blanca: Why did you help her?! Mary: Look at her back Blanca: oww... nice one(a) Mary! Narrator: Majah went to her first home, when she was about to sit, one of her best friend axiom a paper slowly her back and said Anne: What is that on your back? Majah: A paper. Anne: I make love thats a paper, but who put it there? Cheska: I run Blanca or one of her friends putted that! Majah : Lets estimable slue them. Maybe they dont have anything to do. Blanca enters the means with her both best friends. Blanca: Oh My Gosh! I cant count youre my schoolmate! This is going to be so oft sport! Majah: Yeah, Im glad that youre my classmate likewise! The teacher enters the classroom. instructor: Okay class, Good Morning. I am Ms. Kristen Ley. Lets start. Anne Nacario? Anne: present instructor: Mary Naysmith? Mary: present Stephen: Excuse me Maam, were sorry we are late. teacher: Where have you been? Stephen: Somewhere, over there Maam (The whole class laughs) teacher: Are you making athletics of me Mr.? Stephen: Morales No Maam, were sorry. Teacher: Okay you deuce may make for your seats. Angel Meyer? Angel: present Maam Teacher: Cheska Ortega? Cheska: present Teacher: Luis Lyford? Luis: present Teacher: Stephen Morales? Stephen: present Teacher: Blanca Montez? Blanca: Im here Teacher: Majah Cortez? Majah: present While the teac her is discussing the bell rang. At the mob! ile canteen Blanca: Oh My Gosh!! You know girls, earlier, Stephen is so cute....If you want to get a lavish essay, order it on our website:

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