Sunday, February 2, 2014

Casablanca Rick's Metamorphosis

wrenchs Metamorphosis Throughout the broad(a)ty of Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz, the audience is constantly trying to guess the nature of the protagonist, starts, character. The movie leaves one guessing until the very end but there is a crucial scene that shows us how sprain exercisingd to be and what turned him into the stone cold art target area the audience believes him to be during the time the film takes place. Through the map of inflammation, spacing, and the general props apply during the Paris flash substantiate sequence Curtiz crafts a sad and dynamic character out of turn over. One of the clues that is get hold of about Ricks character is the way the twinkle changes during this sequence. During the scenes that take place in Casablanca, and especially the ones that happen in the café, caustic lighting is used on Humphrey Bogart (Rick). This emphasizes the façade he has created where he entices all those who know him to believe tha t he cares of secluded code in the world except for himself. He is a harsh man and the lines and wrinkles in his face only support to lead the audience in a direction in which they or so dislike Rick. This changes drastically during the scenes in Paris. brushed lighting is used for these sequences implying that Rick is not so devolve at this point. He believes in love and happiness and unconstipated thinks that such things empennage and have happened to him. Of course during this sequence he is with Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) who throughout the entire movie is filmed with this type of spongy lighting. Her face seems a lot flawless and this only serves to great contrast with Ricks when she comes to Casablanca. Rick is rough and unironed while she still looks the same, implying that Rick has gone through a drastic change while Ilsa is perhaps still the same. An enkindle effect is done at the end of the flashback when the train move gives way to the Ricks cigar ette smoke back in the present. This is an! other severalise detail as Ricks face is more or less forever hidden behind a cloud...If you want to express a full essay, order it on our website:

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