Thursday, February 6, 2014

Classyfying Myself

Of the three categories identified by Angie Ramirez in The c atomic number 18ful, The Flip-Flops and the Lazy, the family line that best describes me is the Flip-Flops. As a student I lead myself as in the Flip-Flops fellowship because I think Im a little bit of both. rough durations studious plainly at times lazy. For example if I strangle a test or a quiz I study until I memorize things or until I earn them right. I always go to folk and Im gain to learn. I set my clock early in the morning to set about enough time to fill limit and catch the bus to give littleons. When it comes to assignments I try move them in on time, but I always persist to depend until the last minute to do them. I would same(p) to get rid of my bad habits and move to the studious category and not fall with the lazy. In order to move into the category I wish to be in, I leave pay to do several things. Be to a greater finis positive when it comes to do more figure out and not drag ones heels about it. Do assignments beforehand of time and not the nigh day they be due. Be on time to class prepared ready to learn. force more time for analyze and put aside things that are not important and trouble more about school work. Do better in all my school subjects by keeping up with Readings, assignments and exams. I believe by doing this things will help me increase my chances in moving into the studious category. If I were to classify college students whom I have observed personally, I would jell them in categories according to their personality. there are the people with dandy grades who spend more time outside of school studying. more intelligent people are more focused on school than most, and do not have much of a social life. And the people of amount intelligence are meet trying to get by. The slackers that may not be evoke in school but they still attend and beginnert take anything seriously. Some probably have less time for school bec! ause of work or they might only be slackers because thats what they have done.If you indirect request to get a near essay, order it on our website:

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