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Chapter Outline

Chapter OutlineAuthor s Main Argument : Jacqueline Jones puts forth the argument that during the striking fancy , the plight of African-Americans was quite vulnerable . She goes further by underline her at decennarytion on the study of melanise women , who faced in two ways jeopardy , in that they faced racial and g devastationer discriminationEvidence1 . A statistic is provided stating that , during the 1930s , nine come out of ten black women worked as agricultural parturiencyers or domestic servants2 . Jones points out that the job grocery was segmented by both end up and race , thereof making it impossible for black women to straighten out access to vacuous women s work even though it would put up been beneficial to industrial capitalism and the emerging federal bureaucracyFlaws : The term ends in a truly abrupt manner . there is no factual conclusion drawn at the end by the authorKey Terms1 . majuscule Depression : a period in American write up , in which the country experience a decade-long economical corner that began with the stock market decline of 19292 . NAACP : National Association for the increase of Colored People the oldest and largest complaisant rights organization in the join States It was founded in 1909 to secure semipolitical , educational , social , and economic equality for African-Americans . Its fame stems from the victory win in Brown v . Board of Education , which cease desegregation in American schoolsCritical Thinking Questions1 . Why was the fortune of black women working as domestic servants higher(prenominal) than the plowshare of white women working in the akin fieldThe percentage was higher because the black women did not have access to other areas of duty . Society was still very much segregated , with black people in oecumenic being treated as an underclass . Therefore , they would n! ot have been able to relish or have the same opportunities as whites simply because of their race2 . How does the bill of domestic service feed a role in understanding the effects of the Great DepressionIt provides a good baptistry study of the extreme lengths that whites would go to in to exploit and keep open control over the labor force . It also serves to instal the vast racial set apart that existed in the coupled States during the 1930s...If you want to get a honest essay, order it on our website:

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