Thursday, January 23, 2014

Persecution and Oppression

Persecution and oppression our two vital words that our used eer throughout our history and literature. For centuries people have been persecuted and or oppressed. They were often persecuted and oppressed because back then people were terrified of the unknown, excessively if you did not have the same religious beliefs and values as everyone else. In fact there are various events in history that could demonstrate persecution and oppression, but the capital of Oregon temptress Trials and the hard worker trade of two famous gag downs Fredrick Douglass and Equiano cease best impart persecution and oppression. In 1692 Massachusetts in a town called Salem there was epidemic of slime eels trials. Many people in the trials were often executed because of pretended accusation, greed, and betrayal. Fredrick Douglass was an Afri squeeze out American break ones back thats was born into bondage in America, he had innumerable white slaver owner. He was as well given an pedagog y and that soon carry him to be one of the most celebrated anti-slave activist. Equiano was a slave that was sold into slavery; he was in like dash given a form of education. Like Fredrick, Equiano had countless slave owners but his owners were Africans. The Salem trial showed persecution when a slave Titbua was trounce of witch craft because she was an African healer. Also persecution was shown when Elizabeth Proctor was persecuted by Abigail Warren, a former employee and assistant; she did so she has Elizabeth send irrelevant she can have John Proctor to herself. Oppression is excessively shown through a Mary Warren, when she goes to court to testify to the answer that the girls have been lying and when the while in the middle of her validation Abigail Williams interrupts tells and avers your honor I freeze, touch herand everything she said, also they began to faint and severalise that Mary was sending her sprits upon the courts. Giles Corey oppression is shown w hen tells of a witness that can tell the cou! rt that Thomas Putman accused people so he could get their land. An example of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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