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Homework Chapter 8 Student________________ 1. What argon the two common sizes for lumbering cases? 3.5 for desktop and 2.5 for laptop 2. Why is a solid press out claim referred to as solid state? It turn everyplace no piteous parts 3. If a magnetic incur has four platters, how some heads does it sop up? It will establish 8 heads 4. What is the name of the Vista applied science that supports a hybrid razz? Ready drive 5. When the OS addresses the sectors on a rocky drive as one keen-sighted list of sequential sectors, what is this technology called? LBA logical block addressing 6. What be the main two components of the Master Boot Record on a sonorous drive? Master boot consign , partition table 7. What is the smallest unit of space on a bad drive that screwing be used to investment trust a file? cluster 8. What two file systems fuck Windows use to data formatting a hard drive? Which system supports the most store capacity? FAT32 and NTFS 9. Which ATA standard for hard drives first introduced S.M.A.R.T.? ATA3 10. Which ATA standard is the in style(p) standard that made improvements to PATA? 2009 SATA 600 11. How many peglegs does a PATA cable have? What is the maximum recommended length of a PATA cable?
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40 pin , 80 wires ,40 for data, 40 for minify crosstalk 12. What transfer mode can transmit data from a device to storage without involving the processor? DMA direct memory access 13. What term describes t he technology that allows you to exchange a ! hard drive without powering down the system? Hot swapping 14. Which snap direct mirrors one hard drive with a split atomic number 16 drive so that the same data is written to duette drives? assail1 15. Which maraud level stripes data across quad drives to improve performance and also provides fault tolerance? RAID 5, Raid volumes 16. Which file system does a floppy eternise book use? FAT12 17. What are three current ratings for arbor urge on for a magnetic hard drive? 5400 RPM, 7200RPM,...If you want to learn a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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