Friday, January 24, 2014

George Washington Research Paper

Levi Zacharyasz Mr. Haferman United States History 17 October 2011 General George working majuscule said that cypher can be more detrimental to the service, than the neglect of theater of operations; for that discipline, more than numbers, gives one forces the transcendence over another. (General George majuscule a Military Life) As any(prenominal) commander of a single group would know, without discipline, in that locating would be no structure, and without structure, there would be anarchy. capital letter learned, believed, and use this way of leadership by dint of all of his years of world involved with the military. majuscule came up through the military ranks right away in the S even so years war, armed combat for Britain and America, and later in the American Revolution, fighting for the Americans. In these wars, Washington proved himself worthy of ascendant the Colonial army by showing great leadership attributes, applying different tactica l turn to the battlefield, and perfectly training his army. In the Seven past period War Washington was a Major in the British army. He was well respected and well want amongst the workforce in the British army. Washington was later regurgitate in charge of the Virginia regiment. Although George Washington and his men were captured at fort up unavoidableness (and humiliated by being sent back unarmed) George Washington still found favor in the eyes of higher(prenominal) rank officers along with Governor Dinwiddie. Washington developed a commanding presence along with gaining a respect from his peers and even those in command over him. Soldiers treated him as a essential leader and they followed him without question because of his strength, bravery, and the ability to refuse to be shaken on the battle field. Washington learned the fundamental convention of battle field tactics by closely lawful and having conversation with professional officers. He took not e on when to take over and when to push fo! rward, when to attack and when to observe their position, when to change formation and when to bewilder their lines. He applied...If you want to get a full essay, disclose it on our website:

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