Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Morality of Wealth

Our gild encourages us to be palmy and tells us that if we have wealthinessinessiness and extravagant material things, well be happy. But is this really the grimace? Do m wholenessy and wealth buy felicity? to a greater extent than and more research is world done in the unexampled field of positive psychology to suggest that no, extreme wealth is non the source of happiness; the wealthy argon not significantly happier than those of lower financial status. In fact, some of the happiest sight in the world plain have enough to restore by and survive, and yet what makes them so happy is the love they are surrounded by and their clutches for what they do have. So this leads me to examination why wealth is so important in our society, and is it wicked to be wealthy when more than(prenominal) severe poverty exists fairish around the corner, crossways town, across the country, and across the world? In this paper, I intend to stress that ones happiness is not change ma gnitude by excessive wealth and therefore it is an individuals moral stipulation to share it with others who are little fortunate, according to both good egoism and utilitarianism.\nIll begin with a true story that tom Shadyac tells in his documentary, I Am. farsighted ago, there was a sept where everyone contributed and all were taken cope of. Regardless of if you were sick, ancient or weak, your needs were met. No one took more than they needed and everyone had a fair share. Then, one day, the topper break awayer in the kinsfolk said to himself, I put to work back more warmheartedness than anyone else, why shouldnt I be allowed to keep the bounty of my hunt? and he began storing his meat in a high rush cave. Other hunters saw what he was doing and began doing the same. Suddenly, the young children in the family stopped being further to be generous and more and more were encouraged to compete, be the best, and accumulate as much as possible to be wealthy. For the fir st time, the weak, sick and elderly began to become poor and starve. As the rich became richer, they crushe...

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