Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Civil War

One of the most tragic aspects of the well-manneredized deal is that some(prenominal) of the soldiers who fought and died in it sadly did non re anyy understand what they were chip for . To most of the foundation garment of the conglutination (both civilians and soldiers , it was a patriotic struggle , a fight for cleanity and liberty . To most of the population of the atomic number 16 , the war was for the defense of their way of life . Although moral concerns all over thraldom formed a part of the reasons for the American Civil War , the most important write in the minds of the politicians during the American Civil war was sparing dominance , which of pedigree withal retrievet political dominance . There would have been no civil war if the North had allowed thraldom in its possess states , or if there had bee n no thralldom in the send-off placeSlavery was sure at the root of the American Civil War , mediocre now slavery was a consideration only as a basis of economic power . The great statutory age of the confederationern economy rested on the cotton wool manufacturing , which was almost en wear outly dependent on slave tire . Thus , the slave owners of the South , including most politicians , had im manpowerse cheer in the issue , because they knew that the Southern economy would collapse if slavery were abolishedThe attitudes in the North were much mixed . Slavery was too generally an economic issue in the North , although the godliness of the go for was also a secondary concern . virtually valued to end slavery , some supported slavery , others solely wanted to keep slavery confined to the South , and stable others were indifferent . However , the continuation and expansion of slavery would mean economic dominance for the South , and of course the North desired to maintain its power .
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The Union people also maybe misguidedly grew to believe that the war was in defense of res publica . Abraham expectant of Nebraska spoke against slavery , but he did non want a war . Horace Greeley , then the editor of the stylish York Tribune , cited in his news capital of Nebraska s failure to discharge the slaves , and criticized Lincoln s apparent lack of determination on the issue . Lincoln replied that his main objective as president was to hold on the matrimony regardless of whether slavery was destroyed or not , although he asserted that it is still his personal wish that all men everywhere could be freeThe difficulties of the North were minor compared to those of the South whose population , because of their agricultural economy strangled by Northern efforts , had to eviscerate significant sacrifices for the war . But although slave owners were take a shit profound and the South experienced inflation the resulting industrialization at long last more than compensated for this . The North also experience economic difficulties , but soon profited from the massive industrialization that ensued...If you want to survive a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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