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Blah blah blah Purpose: The purpose of the lab was to piddle several inglorious samples from 2 different suspects and acknowledge push through which suspect shot the gun in which hand. Description: First, we were minded(p) a group enactment and our total to round was found on that group number. After we veritable our number we then took our ducking of the violet coloured liquid and preserve its absorbtion in the spectrophotometer. Once we recorded that number we then utilize the former(a) spectrophotometers in the room to record the poesy for our solution. Once we had foursome different numbers, which varied little by little, we then receive our 3 samples of the unknown core group submerging to and recorded the golden absorbed by using the spectrophotoers to learn which unknown had the slap-up concentration of the violet liquid. Materials: 4 10mL volumetric flasks stoppers tape 10 plastic disposable pipettes Cuvette rack 500mico litre auto. Pipe ttes Spectrophometer info. We started out(a) with 4 numbers that separated the four groups. These numbers were the concentration and the amount of the substance we needed. The numbers were 1mL = .000008 concentration, 1.5mL = .000012, 2mL = .000016, 2.5mL = .00002. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
For the teams first measurements to discover the absorbance of their substance the numbers were as follows. aggroup one, average absorbtion rate was .765. base 2avg. absorbation rate was 1.1000 Group 3 1.230 Group 4 avg. 1.776 Results: the results for the unknown were discovered using the spectrophotometer. Group As results for the unknowns were 1..760 8..815 9..806 Group B 2..! 774 7.728 10..802 Group C 3..885 6. 1.850 11. 0.825 Group D 4. 1.48 5. 1.51 12. 0.710 OBVIOUSLY #6 had the highest concentration of the violet liquid consequence he/she shot the gun.If you hope to get a all-encompassing essay, order it on our website:

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