Thursday, July 18, 2019

Coert Voorhees Bio

Coert Voorhees Biography Coert Voorhees is an author and I am going to talk about his life, his philosophy and his hobbies. Voorhees was born and raised in New Mexico, where he developed a weakness for Hatch green chile. He still lives with his family in Huston. A former Fulbright Scholar, Coert has lived all over the world and now resides with his family in Houston, Texas, where he received an MFA in Fiction from the University of Houston.Coert made a web site called www. grammaropolis. com were parents can help their children learn faster and better at English. Next, Coert philosophy is an author. He graduated in Middlebury College and a former Fulbright in Chilean theatre. His screenplays goes on different competition, and went in the semi-finalist in final drafts 2008 big break, and his a 2009 new American voice nominee. Coert has currently received his MFA in fiction at the University in Huston.He is has written two books his first novel is â€Å"The Brothers Torres† and â€Å"Lucky Fools† a second book he made in 2012 it is also book I just read. Voorhees was a smart adult in college he was always trying to get in to collage since he was little. This relates to a book he wrote called â€Å"Lucky Fools†, a quote from the book stated â€Å"it turns out the an act of defiance such as the one I perpetrated makes for the subject of a spectacular college essay, so long as one’s narrative coach is able to frame it the right way. (Coert Voorhees pg. 290). Then, come his hobbies Coert Voorhees that are quite interesting his favorite NFL team is the DENVER BRONCOS, baseball team is ALBUQUERQUE ISOTOES. Favorite things about Coert, first his favorite movie the REAL GENIUS, native dwelling HOGAN, government agency NASA, role model OPTIMUS PRIME, burger BEACK PRIME, Latin America country is Chile, mexican food is stuffed sopaipilla, operating system he uses is OSX, singer/songwriter RICH PRINCE.Authors that Coert has always liked Denis Joh nson, George Saunders, Don Delillo, Antonya Nelson, Tim O’Brien, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Marion Downs, David Wolman, Sara Voorhees, Will Clarke, and finally David Yoo are his best author and book writers. Second Voorhees went to PINEWOOD high school in California. To conclude, after reading about Coert Voorhees I realized that it takes hard work to get to where you want to be.

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