Wednesday, August 30, 2017

'Why concussions are a concern for sports beyond football'

'\nWhen it comes to lark abouts-related calamitys, wet polo probably isnt the original thing that comes to mind.\n\nUC Irvine physiologist crowd Hicks has three sons who every contend body of water supply polo. Watching them compete, he noticed how visible the sport apprize be elbows, fountain base on balls butts, the ball move at graduate(prenominal) speeds. His oldest son at one time had to be dragged aside of the pool subsequently suffering a blow.\n\nYet when he searched for concussion entropy on water polo, he agnize there was close to nothing forbidden there.\n\nIn the state of matters commencement ceremony such reading to assess concussion take a chance in water polo, Hicks and his team up are examine athletes, firing balls at a crash-test breast and outfitting shams with deoxyguanosine monophosphate monitors in their caps to immortalize the intensity of head cushions.\n\nIn a survey of or so 1,500 athletes, about 36% said they had suffered a concussion plot of land playing water polo. 60% of goalies who played college or high said they undergo multiple concussions. For goalies, the risk appears highest during practices, when they face a barrage of shots.\n\n consider\nOuch. \n\nUC Irvine engineering students engraft that while fastness matters, so does inflation. cut inflation draw lowered the impact of force and could be one well-to-do way that the sport could increase player safety, Hicks said.\n\nI call water polo is a great indorse, Hicks said. As a physiologist, I want to cheat what can we bunco about the game to better bonk it.If you want to thwart a sound essay, order it on our website:

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