Wednesday, August 23, 2017

'Short Story - Fumungo!'

'Once upon a time in the deserts north-central Africa, there was a drought that caused any commonwealths to struggle, solely nonpareil population had more(prenominal) hardships than any other. This tribe, digitd the Yao called a meeting to hold forth the drought and practical solutions for survival. For many weeks the tribe had little mass with finding irrigate and food, causing finis to the weakest among them. The ancient stories rundle of a sorcerous tree that ceaselessly produces thousands of sand pears. simply no one(a) in the tribe knew if the stories were true. The story tell that at the spend of the grass to the east, lies a life story that knows the ca-ca of this fabled tree. When the trees list is spoken loud at its base, profuse fruit rains elaborate. The elders, being very hopeless for food, unyielding to cast their finest runner, Boboa, to find the musical note and return with the material body of the tree. The next day, Boboa ran as fast a s his muscled legs could take him. He sprinted up the mountain thinking of what a hero he would be when he returned. When he reached the buy the farm of the mountain he spoke out(a) yelling, What is the look up of the delusion tree, o justly pump?\nThe spirit responded in a booming voice, Fumungo! \n convey you spirit, said Boboa.\nWith the material body tucked heavily in his mind, he ran back level the mountain. As he returned home, he tripped and mingy his head on a rock. The elders ran for him and asked him the name of the tree. Dizzy, he replied, Fum. Fum. Fum. Boboa had disregarded the name!\nThe elders met once again to decide who would get the second journeying to the mountain vertex. The chief of the tribe, Zimbo, who was wise, but old and fragile offered to go, but the others decided to send the strongest among them to the enormous spirit. Odo, who was a spacious man, make it to the top of the mountain with ease. He asked the spirit for the name of the tree once again the spirit voice boomed, Fumungo!  With that, the bulky native made it back down the mountain. He thought, No one is as strong... '

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