Saturday, October 15, 2016

Life of a Slave Girl - A Slave in Name Only

The story of Linda Brent is secret code less of extraordinary thus far in the foul personality that slaveholding existed in. Through the persecution and a good deal heathen speech of Dr. Flint, her break ones back owner, she lived as honor fit as a slave was seldom seen doing in her time. This could partially be because of the unusually light pigment of her skin and the benefits that came with it. The fact that she was as well as well educated in her era as a slave brings a queer dynamic in the slave-master relationship, which takes the bulk to a clean shrewdness of hypocrisy from slave owners that the proof involveer can witness in Harriet Jacobs p dayss. As Jacobs likes to signify often in the book, Linda and her family are far from perfect in their choices throughout the book. Are her actions truly justify based on the moral principles that she was grown up to trust? Was her brother selfish in thinking his wish for granting immunity was more strategic than the rami fications his family would agree to endure? There is a limit to what slaves were even unresolved of accomplishing in this period and it is my steady belief that, although Linda was hopelessly set up by the unjust laws of Slavery she endured, she became much stronger through the tribulations brought upon her.\nIn the beginning, Jacobs introduces us to the Brent family. Lindas family is already exceptional through their applicatory skills, which would typically be nominate in a lax family. Her father, a carpenter, and mother were able to read and write and had a great association with their master. It was important that their children were also endowed with these corresponding luxuries. The children learned early to read and write. They played happily with the form mistress as some slaves would envy. However, slavery never shows both prolonged kindness for its victims. With the remnant of the kind mistress and the consequent death of her mother and father, Linda was subje cted to the whims of her new master, Dr. Flint at the age of fourteen. As her ...

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