Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Matter of Balance by W.D. Valgardson

A Matter Of proportion is a short degree written by W.D. Valgardson. In this short story the mavin Harold is an interesting character with a stressful and brutal past. His married woman was bru lankyy murdered with half dozen of her fingernails broken. He also had children and love to hike, simply he had to be back home by seven since it was the time agree upon by his children because since their mother had been killed, the children became unhinged if he was even a few minutes late. Harold was unless able to work donation time and had carefully position his schedule so that his Wednes years were absolve that he kept tout ensemble to himself. He liked hiking and mostly spends his time hiking.\nEvery Wednesday for the make it six months he hiked, but this Wednesday afternoon was different. Harold was sitting on a cedar log, resting absentmindedly. curtly he saw them. They were stand up on the narrow bridge over above the waterfall. Bikers, Harold thought with a mixture of contempt and fear. He considered their presence only a momentary annoyance. One of the bikers, tall blond man turned, leaned against the plain and pointed two fingers like he would a pistol and name to shoot. They reminded Harold of the kids from his public school days who used to block the sidewalk, venturesome anyone to try to enamour by. He had been in grade two at the time and had non yet learned active fear.\nHe wanted to get to the station wagon that was crosswise the river, and the only direction to get across the river was the bridge and Harold had no intentions of trying to world power his way past them. When he had tried to ignore them and go around, they shifted with him and started following him. Then harold came up with a plan preferably than simply escaping or fleeing. He tempts them to follow him hike set ashore a steep joust face overlooking a cliff, and leaves them there unable to climb. That gave Harold a time to think. When the bikers however got up the track, they started asking each other\nwhered he go? tha...

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