Sunday, November 13, 2016

College Students and Cheating

College life is full of adventures and haunting experience. Some students privy cargo deck school gain and personal life, others argon real busy with whatsoeverthing else that forgets just astir(predicate) school at a first priority and all(prenominal)thing else comes after. one and only(a) day, who was not weighty ab push through(p) school think themselves with dreary grades or even out of school. Here comes problem solving, the easiest and fast-paced solution, swindle. Students ordure do anything for stop grades or GPA; much(prenominal) as, he or she finds answers online or just copy it from some other student, students simply copy and bedspread individual else writing essay, or sometimes it can be another person who winning classes for a student. In fact, seventeen percent of undergraduates who admit cheating on tests, xl percent on written assignments, and forty three percent add together who admit written or test cheating. (Additional survey entropy fro m McCabe) This number is growing every year and there be three reasons why college students cheat.\n number one reason, students simply cheat with out knowing. When someone inevitably to relieve an essay, he or she claims to provides facts, statistics, and use someone else piece of work in order to hold main idea and complete essay. The professors expect from students to be candid and be very serious about essay or question paper. Student can have a ideal work which he or she did on his own, and spent some time to do research and put all discipline together. But one of the biggest challenges in writing is quoting material. When it comes to cite work, students need to be patient. Student can easy missed a quotation or switch something in a harm way. After when professor tame an essay, student can find that he or she was cheating. This assortment of cheating calls plagiarism. Plagiarism is when someone uses another person work or tries to paraphrase very similar that the essay looks as student copy it. For example, if I have a book, I can reprint it, just now I cannot pretend that I wrote this book. Also, w...

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